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Lunatic Aka Fangirl  AAHHH TRACKER JACKERS 🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝 Co-owner off{@} on{} owner off{@} on {}

So apparently now I have no co-owner she never comes on so ya

Hai! I'm the new co owner Jess!! I hope you all like me and what I post. :P

I'm gonna have a co-owner so be nice to her :) and I know the pic isn't hg related

Guys if I don't get a c_owner I'm just gonna delete my account comment bellow if you want to be my cowner and if you do comment your kik and ill talk to you about it

I'm thinking of changing my name like if you think I should and if you have any suggestions comment below

Just LOVE this edit. Sorry I haven't been on lately u got grounded but I'm back now

Please don't delete my account @instagram

Chapter 6 his real name is (drumroll please) ...... ALEXANDER LUDWIG. I feel astonished and amazed I'm about to call my mom but right then I get a phone call from the blocked number I just ignore it and press the delete button and call my mom. "Hey mom I have just got to tell you my exiting new " I say. " mommys in the shower " says my little sister Zoe. "Okay just tell her to call back when she gets out. Okay? " "Okay" I hang up on Zoe and decide to go to bed. |||| feedback?

Hehe here it is you guys are gonna be sooo mad #if_only_imagine @heyitskatniss_everdeen @sage_the_ninja

Chapter 4 let me restate something this isn't a room this is a house. No no not a house it's a mansion a mansion inside of a boat. Well this is first class. As I head upstairs to put my clothes in my drawer I hear the door open. ~someone must've got the wrong room~ I think to myself. I go back downstairs and there's a boy I look at him a little closer and realize its the jerk who bumped into me earlier. He seemed lost so I asked him if he was lost or anything and he then looked at his room key number and said "oh sorry it's 192 not 282" I was about to escort him out when suddenly another man came in. It was a body I was about to call room service but then the man randomly blew me a kiss. ||| comment what you think will happen next

Chapter 3 as I start to head up to my room some jerk bumps into me. "Hey watch it" I shout they keep their head down in their sleeve and doesn't even say sorry I roll my eyes. I find my room and get my key out as I unlock the door I get a text message and its the blocked number again. The text said *sorry*. I just forget about it and open my room door. |||| feedback is äpprïćïätëd 👑👑

Chapter 2 as I'm driving to the dock I get a text message saying *meet me at the boat* it's a blocked number so I ignore it. I park my car at the parking lot and grab my coach purse and suitcase as I'm going onto the boat I see a humongous crowd then suddenly I see body guards then everybody leaves I just roll my eyes. ~some famous boy all the girls wanna date~ I think to myself. I check in and it turns out my dad bought me a 1st class private room. ||| fëëdbäčk ïś äpprïćïätëd 🎩🎩

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