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#seenonmyrun in #ParkSlope this morning 💜💚💛Feeling strong and fast after a 10K with miles 3-5 @ tempo pace --> I was able to hit a 8:59 for the first tempo mile and picked it up to an 8:32 for the second (in part thanks to the major downhill at that part of my route 😬) I've been listening to @kellykkroberts new podcast and she talks a lot about getting over self doubt, which I realized I have a lot of since I don't think of myself as a #runner who can #run sub 9-minute miles. But I can! And I do when I put my mind to it! So one of my goals is to work on reminding myself that I'm strong and I can #runfast when I work for it and to not freak out internally when I have a #workout with goal paces that seem impossible 💪🏻So there are your deep #runthoughts for the day 😜 Have a GREAT Wednesday, hungry friends! #hungryrunner #runchat #brooklynrunners #irunthisbody

5 chilly miles + 6 strides to kick off my Monday🙌🏻🏃🏼‍♀️SO looking forward to the warmer weather headed our way later this week ☀️Hope y'all have a lovely Monday and great week! #hungryrunner #runchat #runbrooklyn #runforlife #nyrr

There will be no fancy clothes wearing on the weekend 🙅🏼And yes, I absolutely 100% subscribe to this line of thinking #hungryrunner #realbrasareforworkonly #andtheyaretheworst (originally via "life-on-the-run" on #Tumblr)

YAY for 4 miles and getting to meet up with friends in #ProspectPark on a Saturday 🤗Unofficial finish time: 35:46. I'll have to check later whether or not that's a PR. Not really too concerned about it though, because I felt strong and fast and had a ton of fun out there! Great job to everyone who ran today! #hungryrunner #runchat #nyrr #runforlife #runbrooklyn

Flat Katie is ready for tomorrow's 4-miler 🙌🏻🏃🏼‍♀️See y'all in Prospect Park bright and early! (P.S. I love #Brooklyn and @nyrr, but I secretly wish I was in Disney with everyone running the princess races this weekend!) #hungryrunner #runforlife #onweekendswerace #nyrr

I haven't been into posting a lot lately, but I was planning on sharing this eggplant chana masala #recipe, so maybe I'll log on to share on the blog this weekend? What do y'all think? #hungryrunner #veggielicious #favoritefoods #happyfriday

The prettiest (and tastiest) #cupcakes you ever did see. And also one of the reasons I would NEVER give up carbs 😜#hungryrunner #cupcakeart #carbgamestrong

No, but at this point I wouldn't be surprised if I actually turned into bread 🍞🥖🥐#hungryrunner #nevergonnagiveyouup #carbsoncarbs (via @runtothefinish)

Squeezed in my #longrun this morning since I'm going to be traveling this weekend. Was it tough to get up early for a third day in a row when today would've been a sleep in/rest day otherwise? Of course it was! But was it worth it? I can't look at that #sunrise and say it wasn't 🌅😍Plus, now I get to rest for 4 days straight, that's a bonus for sure! #hungryrunner #runchat #instarunners #runbrooklyn

Post-run oats 🙌🏻 Loaded with banana, strawberries, trail mix and the new nut butter blend from #TraderJoes, which is SO SO GOOD by the way! Now I have a day and a half of work before I'm off for a long weekend in Boston! I'm totally ready for a few days of total relaxation 👍🏻#hungryrunner #runnerfuel #proteinoats #breakfastgamestrong

4 miles, 6 x 1 minute @ 5K pace w. 2 min. recovery jog between each --> This #workout HURT but during those uncomfortable intervals I kept reminding myself that change/improvement can only happen if you get outside your comfort zone. So I embraced the uncomfortableness of that 5K pace and tackled each interval one at a time. It defintely helped that there was a pretty spectacular sunrise to appreciate this morning 🌇👌🏻Hope y'all have a great Wednesday! #hungryrunner #runchat #runbrooklyn #sunriserun #instarunners

3 VERY windy miles + 3 strides to kick off my #Monday! A much-needed, feel-good #workout after a lazy weekend with lots of treats 👍🏻Feeling ready to tackle the week ahead now! What do y'all have one your workout schedule for the day? #hungryrunner #runchat #morningmiles #instarunners #irunthisbody