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Mash potatoes in a waffle cone?! 🥔🍦 I mean I guess 🙃
📍Lucille's BBQ at @foodbeast's Meat Street | Santa Ana, CA

Have you seen prettier toast?! 📍Kit | Newport Beach, CA

While America is going crazy over the unicorn frap, here's a mandarin mango frap from Starbucks Japan! The perfect color to welcome the warm weather 🌞
📍Starbucks | Japan

let's just talk about how beautifully layered this Matcha milk tea is from @milkboxbar 😍❤🙏🏼
Cool down at Coachella with boba, Weekend 2 festival-goers!!!
📍 Coachella

I know I've been MIA for a minute but that's cause Coachella was 🔥 and service was 😑 But this Spicy Pie pizza was seriously the best 🍕 for $7 compared to everything else that was ($10-$15) 👀

Waffles on a Stick ☺️
Enjoy this treat at @coachella!!!! 📍Coachella

The #hungrygirlsquad will be at Coachella this weekend! Stay tuned for some yummy festival food 😋
#throwback to last year's @aftersicecream 🍦
📍Coachella | Coachella Valley, CA

Okay but have you seen tokyo's convenient store food tho? that shiz cray 🔥🔥🔥 Their sandwiches are even on a whole 'nother level 🍞
📍Any convenient store in Japan

Chocolate & Vanilla soft serve with a cookie cone! The creamiest, milky-est ice cream everrrrrr 🍦
📍Silkream | Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan

if you love bread and brunch, you'll love this spot. with nearly always a line, Centre the Bakery attracts all the bread lovers in Tokyo to wait in line for 2 hours just for a loaf of bread. If you're not down to wait, go to the slightly shorter line, and try out their cafe! I seriously had the best madame croquet & shrimp cutlet sandwich in my entire life. /sigh now I can only dream about it. 😪 Thank you @hangrydiary for the recommendation! 📍Centre the Bakery | Ginza, Chuo, Tokyo, Japan

Although it may seem like all I had in Japan was snacks and crazy drinks, I in fact ate actual food too! This was a mushroom and cheese okonomiyaki and a house special okonomiyaki! Definitely flavorful 🙏🏼
📍 Mitsukoshi Department Store | Ginza, Tokyo, Japan

Matcha Pudding from Starbucks Japan! The perfect snack when you're on the go!! 🍵 It's mini, has a good matcha flavor, isn't too sweet, and has just the right density. 🙏🏼 This one's for all y'all that love matcha and are fans of custard/pudding. 😋
📍Starbucks | Ueno Park, Taito, Tokyo, Japan

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