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Ankita Khetwani  Munching on yummy food around Mumbai! Very new to this one so reviews and suggestions will be really appreciated :) Personal account: ankitakhetwani

Hey foodies πŸ™‹β€β™€οΈ
So Hungry Human was backpacking in the North last week. 8 days of trekking in the mountains, waking up in the middle of clouds and of course, hunting some awesome sauce food was an amazing experience!
While trekking to Kheerganga, we took a halt at Nakhthan, and woke up next morning to this sumptuous Breakfast!
The platter includes, Cheese Omlet, Tomato Toast Sandwich, Peri Peri Potato Wedges, Fresh Fruits bowl along with steaming hot masala Chai 😍
The omlete was fluffy and full of cheese, the fruits were very juicy and tangy twist of the potato wedges are sure to tickle your taste buds.
Place : Sahil Super Sonic Cafe
In the picture : Big breakfast platter 🍽️
Location : Nakhthan
Cost : Approx 300 for two

Here's some black ice cream to help you get through the rest of the weekπŸ–€
(Watch it till the end. Also, swipe to see the image)
With @icekraftindia launching it's black charcoal ice cream, we couldn't wait to get our hands on it!
They prepare an edible charcoal based black sauce and mix it with the ice cream you've selected. They roll this mixture right in front of you and set it on the black cone (if you ask for a cone) and top it with chocolate sauce and choco chips.
Priced at only Rs 235 (the cone) it was a mix of ice cream, brownie crumbles, chocolate chips and lots of chocolate sauce! You definitely need a helping hand (stomach in this case) to complete this master piece!
Recommend πŸ’―
Place : Ice kraft
In the picture : Triple threat
Location : Oshiwara
Cost : Approx 300 for two
Food partner : @7himanshu_manwani
PS. Instagram really spoils the quality of the video.

Bombay ki barish, garam garam chai (coffee in my case :p) aur chatpata vada pav πŸ’œ
Here's to all the clichΓ© stuff we do during monsoons in Mumbai!

Ending the Iftar Food series from Mohammed Ali Road.
Any meal is incomplete without desserts and here's our share of sweetness πŸ˜‹
The most famous Shahi Tukda was topped with a lot of malai (cream), Chocolate sauce and Pink sauce and was served steaming hot.
The other picture (swipe right) is matka bowls of Malai and Kesar Phirnis. The texture of these Phirnis were so soft and moist that it melts in your mouth at every bite!
Location : Mohammed Ali Road
In the picture : Special Shahi Tukda (INR 50) and Kesar and Malai Phirni (INR 40 and 50 respectively)
Food partner : @rugveda2604

Here's the second one from the series of Iftar food from Mohammed Ali Road!
These colorful Kebabs are not just an appealing sight for the eye but also excellent at taste.
We tried the Hara Kebabs (swipe left) and they were a perfect combination of crispy and juicy!
Roasted right in front of us the Kebabs were steaming hot and spicy and left us salivating till the time we indulged in the yummy goodness πŸ˜‹
#hungry_human_ recommend πŸ’―

Location : Mohammed Ali Road
In the picture : Hara Kebabs
Cost : 200 for one plate (fairly serves two people)
Food partner : @rugveda2604

The festival of Ramadan is around the corner and we couldn't resist ourselves from visiting the famous Mohammed Ali Street to indulge in some authentic iftar food πŸ˜‹
Here's a clip from one of the most crowded stalls at the beginning of the street near the Minara Masjid on Mohammad Ali Road.
The covering of the roll was made from a batter of all purpose flour with a covering of one cooked egg on the inner side filled with a spicy mixture of chicken inside the roll.
The roll was hot & spicy, the filling was juicy and it was over all an amazing experience!
#hungry_human_ recommended πŸ’―
Place : Mohammed Ali Road
In the picture : Chicken Roll
Cost : INR 70
Food partner : @rugveda2604
Ps. Stay tuned for a lot more coming up from Hungry Human's journey on Mohammed Ali Road!

Sugar rush much?
Celebrating World Donut Day with MOD's exclusive Donuts at just INR 40 each! Yeah that's right 😍
We couldn't decide which one to pick so we bought a box of six!

Place : Mad over Donuts
In the picture : Chocolate Decadence, Double Trouble, Rainbow Surprise, Cookie Overload, Chocolate Crumble, Chocolate Mocha Donuts
Location : Bandra West
Cost : Approx 300 for two
Food partner : @rugveda2604

Treat yourself a sumptuous breakfast once a while 🍴
As unplanned as it could be, we headed to Khar Socials for breakfast and it was one of the most yummiest decisions πŸ˜‹
They have a section in the menu that says 'Social Breakfast Trays' and has amazing options for a proper English Breakfast.
We tried Sid's Very Posh Breakfast which was a platter of 2 Eggs of your choice (in the picture - Ham & Cheese Egg), Baked Beans, Grilled Tomato, Hash Browns, Bacon & Sausages served with Toast and your choice of Tea or Coffee - all that for just INR 280 {+taxes}
That's a complete steal deal πŸ‘―β€β™‚οΈ
The perfectly done ambience and soft music while munching on your delicious platter is a wonderful experience to kickstart your day!
Place : Khar Socials
In the picture : Sid's Very Posh Breakfast
Cost : Approx 500 for two (for breakfast)
Food partner : @sachit_chainani

Sunday mood πŸ”›
Munching on flavored peanuts from @inaayacorp with my favorite Jamaican Passion and Blueberry breezer while watching bae πŸ’œ @therock

Inaaya has introduced new flavoured nuts and healthy snacks! With nearly 30 products, there is something for everyone.

In the picture above is a bowl of Chipotle, Fiery and Tangy Thai Flavored peanuts and Fiery potato sticks. They are perfectly crisp and crunch and are sure to tickle your taste buds!
You can order and try the full range of Inaaya's products on:
ScootsyΒ (
Amazon (

This place in Oshiwara helps you fight your constant battle of having to choose between ordering a Burger or a Pizza.
What if I told you, you could have both in the same dish?
Presenting to you, A new Pizza Menu launched by Dinshaw's cafe where you have sliders as the Pizza toppings! 😍
Yeah you heard that right.
We tried the NY Classic Pizza which has mini burgers and pizza slices as the topping!
The new Pizza menu also has options like Peri Peri Fries Pizza or Chocolate Pizza to name a few.
The vibe and the ambience of the place is something that'll set your mood just right.
Recommend πŸ’―
Place : Dinshaw's Xpress Cafe
In the picture : NY Classic Pizza
Location : Oshiwara
Known for : New Pizza Menu
Cost : Approx 800 for two
Food partner :@anisha_khetwani

Hands down, Papad Khichiya Chat is the healthiest best snacking option EVER πŸ™Œ
The chat normal has a crisp roasted papad broken into uneven pieces topped with salad, chatpata chutney, sev, dhaniya and tangy lemon juice! It's healthy, tasty and pocket friendly! Oh and definitely definitely filling πŸ‘Œ
#hungry_human_ recommended πŸ’―
In the picture : Papad Khichiya Chat
Location : Lower Parel
Cost : INR 30 ONLY .
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Congratulations! You have successfully survived through Monday 🀣
Celebrate it with some lip smacking chicken πŸ—
Place : Genuine Broaster Chicken
In the picture : Broaster Platter
Location : Versova
Known for :
Cost : Approx 800 for two
Food partner : @anisha_khetwani

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