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Hunger Games Fanpage  This account is inactive! Sorry guys, may the odds be ever in your favor✨

SRRY ITS BEEN A WHILE LOOK AT #girlwholivedfanfic TO GO TO THE FIRST 4 PARTS- part 5- His footsteps grow louder, and freeze with panic again. I look back slightly. He's armed. Prepared, I turn around in the chair. "Your Am-" I cut him off by pkicking him in the stomach and taking his tazer. After stunning him, I hide him in the closet and lock it, then throw the key away. It'll give me some time. For now, I need a place to sleep, get food and water, then also watch the stats of the Hunger Games, to make sure he stays alive. I hurrily look around and notice a panel I can break through, climb up, break it, and sneak up there. The vents are huge, so I found a place to sleep. A map to get around the place would be nice. After the long journey, I decide to sleep. All I think is, 'I lived, but can die easier now.'

back and better than ever!!! srry its been a while! 😕 #thg #hungergames #catchingfire

(Made with @Versagram) #versagram if there r not 10 more ppl by sunday we will have to close the ighg...COMMENT TO VOLENTEER!

(Made with @Versagram) #versagram VOLENTEER!!!!!!!!!!!! NOTE: ALL PARTS OF THIS CONTEST SHOULD BE TAGGED WITH @hungergamesfansforever AND/OR #hungergamesfansforeverighg thanks

I dont know if u can tell but thts a deer. #hunger games #katniss #kills #the #deer #yup

(Made with @Versagram) #versagram Your choice tag @hungergamesfansforever in ur answer :)

#flickerman #ceasar #ceaser #hg #hunger #games #hungergames #hunger_games #waving #cermony #interview #blue #midnight #suit srry guys I haven't posted I'm doing 2 sports and alot of hw so I've been busy lately! I'll keep trying to post

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