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  welcome to the 76th hunger games:) to all the tributes, may the odds be ever in your favor!

(Made with @Versagram) #versagram comment who you want to kill out of the tributes left which I will tag below. Say how you will kill them. No copying other tributes answeres #hungergames76th @jag214 @volleyballstar68 @iamatribute @emilysalmeron

(Made with @Versagram) #versagram @volleyballstar68 and @jag214 post a picture and tag #courtshungergames as well as my username! I will take these pictures and post them on my hg account and they need 80 likes to keep you alive! you can shoutout the photo that I posted to add more likes! just make sure you tag me and #courtshungergames in everything you do for this!

@hunger_games_27 @thatchicklainee you got the bag with empty water bottles! sadly you died in the desert of dehydration:( sorry:( #hungergames76th

@volleyballstar68 and @jag214 you got half a bottle! it will last you but not for long do I will post pictures and you have to get a certain amount of likes to stay alive! #hungergames76th

@iamatribute and @emilysalmeron you got the full bottles! you are safe!:) #hungergames76th

over a few days, the climate has changed so much! your next task is similar to the ice one. there are 3 backpacks. one will have a full bottle of water for each person who picks it. another will have only a quarter of a bottle filled for each person who picks it. another bag will have empty water bottles. it's getting very hot so pick fast! you have about 24 hours! #hungergames76th @iamatribute @hunger_games_27 @emilysalmeron @thatchicklainee @jag214 @volleyballstar68

for those of you who picked berries, @featuringmerve @josh_hutcherful @i_love_joshhutcherson1122 @littlemissmonkey422 you took nightlock! the only fruits you could have taken to keep you safe were apples and raspberries! @i_am_team_peeta @district_13_girl you both died because you did not participate!:( the surviving tributes are now, @iamatribute @hunger_games_27 @emilysalmeron @thatchicklainee @jag214 @volleyballstar68 I will post everyone's district information tonight! (about your other tribute I don't know how to word it hahaha!) I will be posting the next challenge tonight or tomorrow! #hungergames76th

yummy you finally found some fruit! comment below what you would take! only say the fruit NOTHING else!:) you can take all 3 things or 2 or 1 it's up to you!:) #hungergames76th @featuringmerve @i_am_team_peeta @iamatribute @hunger_games_27 @i_love_joshhutcherson1122 @emilysalmeron @thatchicklainee @josh_hutcherful @littlemissmonkey422 @jag214 @volleyballstar68 @district_13_girl

(Made with @Versagram) #versagram the first tributes to comment were the first to the weapons so here they are! knife: @i_love_joshhutcherson1122 @jag214 sword: @littlemissmonkey422 @featuringmerve bow and arrows: @thatchicklainee @i_am_team_peeta backpacks: @josh_hutcherful @hunger_games_27 people who get backpacks, I will tag you in the backpacks from previous pictures:) #hungergames76th

(Made with @Versagram) #versagram @featuringmerve @i_am_team_peeta @iamatribute @hunger_games_27 @i_love_joshhutcherson1122 @emilysalmeron @thatchicklainee @josh_hutcherful @littlemissmonkey422 @jag214 @volleyballstar68 @district_13_girl ATTENTION: the tributes that died in the last battle left behind 2 backpacks, a sword, a bow and arrow, another sword, a knife, another bow, and another knife. the first people to comment get these items. I will assign the certain backpacks to the people who get them. incase this is confusing to people, just comment (only once!) and you'll most likely get something;)

bag 3, I'm sorry everyone who died:( @bridget_johnson @laurenlmacmcmillen @live_love_josh_hutcherson @kaycie_m I wrote the bag numbers down and chose random to see which was empty. also died: @alexrusso01 @neardswag @rudycoaster9 @bow_thg @soph707 you never participated:( I'll post the next contest later! #hungergames76th

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