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Humuhumu Trott  I live in a tiki bar in San Francisco with my family. I put pixels and bits in their place, and I know where all the tiki bars are.

Wanda consuming (her cake, then mine) at 20th Century Cafe in Hayes Valley.

Tiny (pink) bubbles performing at 20th Century Cafe in Hayes Valley.

Nick Rossi performing at 20th Century Cafe in Hayes Valley.

I've been using plain argan oil on my hair as a finishing touch for a long while, but I've only recently started using it as a full-on hair mask pre-treatment. HOLY COW! Happy hair. Recommended.

Cuddle snuggle in the tiki bar while we watch Alice in Wonderland. She's been pretending she's the Cheshire Cat. 💕

Curling up with a good (?) book. New one from @jeffmorgen just arrived. Maybe I'll FINALLY learn how to drink! In all seriousness, spending a cozy night with Morgenthaler being charming as all get-out sounds good to me.

Confession time, and this one is a long time coming: back in 1989, a friend of mine worked in the restaurant inside of Nordstrom, called Pub, and he stole this apron from work and gave it to me. It's been my go-to apron ever since. Every time I pull it out, I feel kind of terrible but also a little thrilled and even fancy, because back then the restaurant at Nordstrom seemed pretty shi-shi. It had its own special mustard! And of course Nordy bars, the most elegant of junk foods. Anyway, the apron makes me feel guilty but I'm not giving it up.

Tonight called for false eyelashes & leopard velvet.

She looks like an abused and forgotten, shoddily-constructed, dollar store stuffed animal. (Sorry, Levon. You're a darling little thing in real life.) #blep

I was allllll hair tonight. #discofrizz

Had an amazing weekend full of fun and adventure, I hope you don't mind that all I have to show for it is this clip of squirrels (?) roasting marshmallows.

I got a big thumbs up on all my stats & labs at my annual physical, which means I get to continue my diet of total garbage food. For lunch: heavily doctored Top Ramen. There are definitely some pizzeria flavor Combos happening later. I'm out of Oreos, though.

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