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evie  ttc ttb | hometown stan | kas 💖✨| i use firealpaca and sketch club!

this doesnt look like that kicking nicks lady but im tryin ya kno

see space, you cowboy!! #cowboybebop

i did a collab with one of my favorite artists @hypohunterart !!! please follow them if you haven't already, their art is amazing!!!

practice with poses i guess. tyler, josh, and then my oc ingrid

happy birthday to big boy @bastilledan

"vhs store on the way too?"
"for sure." #hotlinetøpau

more hotline miami au bc nobody asked! im begging you guys to check out the game at this point. i also might add a few more stuff with this scene in a little comic. im thinkin about it. but anyways #hotlinetøpau or something idk whats a good name for this

this was heavily based off of hotline miami. just wanted to draw them with jackets and use cool colors. [#cliqueart]

i dont know how to draw animals but i try my best hehe. this is based off of a joshler fic called kairos where ty is a werewolf! its really good and i highly recommend it

only thing blurry loves more than spooky is his dog! #spookyfaceau

i love kas. i also love spookyface. #spookyfaceau this might be my banner for something in the future

hello! please read below very thoroughly and carefully! -
in honor of 10k, i'll be doing a raffle!! the rules are: be a public account unless i follow you, post under the hashtag #humtowns10kraffle , and only post once! i dont want you all to spam your followers. the raffle will end the 20th of this month. there will be three winners, first winner will get a full drawing, colored and lineart and everything, shading and all that jazz, second winner will get a basic messy drawing, plain colored, and third will get a sketch. if you have any questions please let me know, but good luck!! hehe

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