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Jon Humphries

The synchronicity of Tuesday track day made for amazing compositions. @clifbar

A couple more from Tuesday track day in Iten Kenya. Like I said before I couldn't get enough of this setting. Everyone and everything was so photogenic. @clifbar

This is the soccer ball the kids were using. It's made of used plastic bags wound together into a ball. It actually worked really well. I was amazed with the amount of trash that gets creatively repurposed in Kenya. @clifbar

The kids man, they are the coolest. This kid was a beast at soccer. He was schooling everyone on the field. @clifbar

At the track, on an off running day, the local kids take it over for a game of soccer. The kids had so much energy and the biggest smiles the whole time I was there. It made my day. @clifbar

If I remember right this is Jane's sister in law, or sister. Unfortunately I didn't write it down. I loved the color and the pattern of her dress, it's amazing, and I was happy when she agreed to let me shoot a portrait of her. @clifbar

I was lucky enough to spend a Sunday afternoon at Jane's parents house. All the kids and adults were dressed up so nice for Sunday. These are a couple of Jane's beautiful nieces. @clifbar

This is Jane's childhood home about two hours from Iten. Jane's father built all of the buildings on the property. I was amazed by the construction of these mud huts. They have a pretty good size property where they raise and grow almost all of their own food. @clifbar

There is only one paved road in Iten. So all of the running routes are on these dusty back roads intertwining outside of Iten. It seemed crazy to me to be running this hard and breathing all that dust, but Jane was absolutely unfazed by it. @clifbar

Hundreds of runners on track day in Iten. This group did about 20 reps of 600 meters. Every few minutes they would line up again and take off. It was beautiful to watch. @clifbar

Tuesday track day. I was in love with the colors and the backdrops of the track. I could've shot there all week and been happy. The synchronicity blew my mind, every runner was communicating with each other without saying a word. @clifbar

Tuesday is track day in Iten. Hundreds of runners show up at the track to train with each other. As in most countries, including ours, the country/government has a lot of corruption. Many Kenyans told me of this corruption, it's in their face everyday. Which explains why the stadium seating in the background never had a chance. @clifbar

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