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Jon Humphries

Jane was training for the LA Marathon while I was there. She expressed her hopes to win and was really nervous about about the upcoming race. @clifbar

Everyone in the little villages along Jane's 19 mile route would stop what they were doing to watch the runners pass by. This lady could hear Jane rapidly approaching her and turned around right in time for me to snap a photo. @clifbar

I'm so use to shooting these American city running scenes. It was cool to see all these other situations happen. These donkeys were blocking the road so I decided to use them in my framing. @clifbar

A Kenyan runner stretches after a long morning run. It was fun to photograph weird scenes like this random herd of goats wandering through my frame. @clifbar

Jane brings home a loaf of bread for lunch after running 19 miles. Her beautiful daughter is very happy to see her. Jane lives a very humble life in Kenya, she told me her rent is 55 U.S. dollars a month. @clifbar

The synchronicity of Tuesday track day made for amazing compositions. @clifbar

A couple more from Tuesday track day in Iten Kenya. Like I said before I couldn't get enough of this setting. Everyone and everything was so photogenic. @clifbar

This is the soccer ball the kids were using. It's made of used plastic bags wound together into a ball. It actually worked really well. I was amazed with the amount of trash that gets creatively repurposed in Kenya. @clifbar

The kids man, they are the coolest. This kid was a beast at soccer. He was schooling everyone on the field. @clifbar

At the track, on an off running day, the local kids take it over for a game of soccer. The kids had so much energy and the biggest smiles the whole time I was there. It made my day. @clifbar

If I remember right this is Jane's sister in law, or sister. Unfortunately I didn't write it down. I loved the color and the pattern of her dress, it's amazing, and I was happy when she agreed to let me shoot a portrait of her. @clifbar

I was lucky enough to spend a Sunday afternoon at Jane's parents house. All the kids and adults were dressed up so nice for Sunday. These are a couple of Jane's beautiful nieces. @clifbar

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