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Brigette Muller / the Bird  Brooklyn. Creating and curating and laughing, etc. ↓↓↓

Ollie's first outdoor city adventure 😎

Las plantas are about to be transported to el apartamento nuevo. I call that: plantsportation. 🌿

I'm dying. I made a slide for my cat and he loves it πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ #olliedude

I believe in miracles, and I believe in signs. These earrings used to be my mom's, and last night, she gave them to me. Although not physically, as she's no longer with us, she gave them to me. In the most subtle, yet in-plain-sight of ways, on the seventh anniversary of the day that we lost her. I must say, it hurts my heart to use that phrase: "lost her." It sounds so distant; so final. When really, we didn't lose her at all. We lost the sight of her smile, yes; we lost the sound of her voice. But she's with us now more than ever before. I can't tell you how many signs my sisters and I get from her on a daily basis, oftentimes more. They honestly seem to increase in frequency as time goes on. I believe in miracles, and I believe in signs, and my hope, for your sake, is that you do too. If you've ever lost someone you love, let yourself know that they aren't, in fact, lost at all. Know the truth, that they can never be lost. Just ask for signs, and be open to receiving. Don't second guess your intuition. Let your heart inform your mind, not the other way around. Trust what you feel, and you'll know it to be true. They're here with us now, and that's just where they'll stay. ILY, Mom. Thanks for the earrings. πŸ’›

@anniebukhman studio space rug goals via @etsy insta story. πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ #studiofloorgoals

Find the light and stay in it

Keep going. Trust yourself. You're doing great. The healing journey is a really fucking hard one, no matter what you're healing. And I know every one of us is healing at some capacity right this very moment. Today I just wanted to let you know that I'm with you and I'm proud of you. Five and a half years ago, mine started with a stomach ache. I figured it would go away, as stomach aches generally do. But this one was different. This one persisted. Over the months and years that followed, the discomfort grew and morphed and changed, and manifested itself in different ways. Acne, sluggishness, brain fog, weight gain, food sensitivities, sugar cravings, a burning sensation that just wouldn't leave. I have not felt "normal" since October of 2011. That's a shitload of time to feel like shit. And I know I'm not the only one. I would never wish these struggles upon anyone, but you know what? I also wouldn't give them up for the world. This constant discomfort has forced me into a transformational inward journey that has put me in touch with my body, my emotions, my soul. It has deeply connected me to my intuition. It has exposed me to more knowledge; to more modalities of healing than I previously ever even cared to know existed. My journey has led me to @lilavatidevi and the beautiful, powerful world of Ayurveda. To meditation, to mantras, to exotic herbs and nectars. To @aliciaarmitstead and applied kinesiology and the beauty of being able to communicate directly with the energy of my body. To acupuncture, access bars, crystal light beds, reiki. To the differing vibrations of all things on earth. I've had spirits extracted from my energetic field. And yes, I've done blood tests, too. I've been to allergists and GIs and gynos. I've given up all the foods that once made up my entire diet. I've cried and meditated and cried some more. A lot more. Why me? Why this? Why STILL? But I've never given up trust in this journey. I know that it's for a reason -- for many reasons -- and I'm far enough along to be able to look back and see how I've already changed for the better. How I've become aware of my light, my reason, and begun to come into who I am. (Continued in comments)

Thank you so much, @lelabofragrances. I wish Instagram photos could be scratch n sniff.

Only 24 more days in my #hummusnook and then...??? Anyone know of any available SUNNY, charming, 2 bedroom apartments in Williamsburg/Greenpoint/BedStuy/Bushwick/Ridgewood that aren't expensive af?? HMU πŸ€—

Look at the baby blues on this little peanut 😍😭

BAD VEGANS ONLY!!! LINK IN BIO. ft. @twoamtoast @breathe_strength

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