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Brigette Muller  Nueva York. Creating and curating and laughing, etc. Instagram thangs at @Etsy.

Sliding into ur DMs like

I don't need a boyfriend; I have my hair


My seester and her meester on Easter

Some friends u meet through other friends. Some friends u meet at work. Some friends u meet on a dating app in 2014 and then friendzone each other and hang out and make cool shit together all the time

Just looking for a boy who makes me feel the way I feel when my room fills up with light like this


But for real

Don't mess with the social media team or we'll never like ur pics ever again

Through the glass, by @jonnykapps

Um, I don't normally use the term "epic"... but.


Me looking back at my life like omg wut have I done w myself

Boxes everywhere, but this spot looks cute. 🌿 #olliedude

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