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Emily  My name is Emily, & I’m addicted to traveling & seeing different hummingbirds. My feed is a combo of that, & my visiting/resident birds in TX ♥️

I post this photo a lot, but the Buff-bellies are so pretty that I often look back at it!

Buff-bellied at the shrimp plant/sprinklers

I mean, even though 2/3 are having an intense staredown, the fact that they are sharing space civilly is cute

Female Buff-bellied at the Fire Bush. I know some people think females are drab, but I think she’s just adorable!

Love this time of year ♥️

It was constant rain for many days, so I didn’t get to attend the Rockport hummingbird festival, but I really like this little dude in the yard-even if he is hogging one feeder. Love his developing throat, and his squeaky, pubescent voice!

Might stir up controversy, (but I would’ve honored either winner somehow), posting a Canelo hummingbird (since Canelo was declared the winner in yesterday’s fight🥊) 💛

I sent this picture to friends & family saying, “is that a roach?!” (Nobody but me seems to think it is) Pictured on 3&4 are from my friend saying the skeleton was inspecting to determine if yes. Cracked me up. Then, yesterday, I was gripped by a crippling fear when I saw a roach in the bathroom. I burned all my belongings! Haha, no, but really, I can’t logically explain why I fear them so much, but that’s the thing! Hummingbirds are far superior-and don’t care-roach or not

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