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Jessica Barroso-Gomez  ♀ 88:99 ♀

I had to. This is joy! 😁
I had a picture taken in a Museum with my type of art, while giving an astrology reading. I manifest my reality!
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I am a square. ⬛
(Not for long..)
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I'm so proud of my older sister! She has always been the example & now she's the first in our family to receive a Bachelors. 😁 #shesagenius

Deep meditation and channeled writings through contact with this Goddess tonight. We are closing our cycle together to enter a much more loving and compassionate way of loving others through healed boundaries. #GreenTara I am ready.
#Kali #MaaKali #kalimaa #tara #bluetara

When you're not looking but he still finds you. 💜✨

"The only constant is change"
When trusting that The Universe comes through, change can produce magical results. If we close off our energy channels to the intuitive pull we feel to do things differently, we run the risk of failing to change our life for the better, whatever that means to us individually.
If we ask The Universe to send us a way out of a circumstance, then ignore the road given to us, we run the risk of repeating the same mistakes again. This applies to life on so many levels. I have learned to choose to move with the flow and leave my protection in Maa Kali's hands. 🙏

I am safe.

With my Sun, Moon, Mercury and Pluto in Scorpio-as progressions, I am relieved to know that this will be the last Full Moon I experience in conjunction to the roughest progressed moon of the zodiac. Scorpio has been powerful and revolutionary, but it cut deep.
Accounts of others going through the same #progressedmooninscorpio have noted that hurtful--life altering events--happened right before getting a huge reward of transformation. Rising from the ashes and powering through the ache of the scorpion sting is possible now. I'm just biding my time while accepting the power offered at this junction.
Today, I carry Kali, as a reminder that I can transmute all that hurt and let go of ego. To accept the changes co-created by this unstoppable force and my own personal will.
#deathoftheego #rebirth #transmute #kali #changes #alchemy #psychic

Some day, when I'm awfully low
When the world is cold
I will feel a glow just thinking of you
And the way you look tonight

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Motherhood is a non linear journey.
Birthing is the easiest part too.. 😅

Happy Mother's Day to all mothers out here making sacrifices and enduring the mommy guilt that comes with being responsible for little adults.

The beauty of a photo is not in the crispy details but it's essence. ☺

If there is something you should know about me, it is that I am Saturn's beloved daughter. 😁 When I was born, Saturn was in RX, touching EVERY planet on my chart. This is actually not scary to me.

Saturn is currently in Retrograde motion. Those who know astrology, know that this is a GOOD THING!
As the lord of Karma, Saturn rewards hard work, good intentions, and discipline but harshly punishes those who don't uphold these values and virtues. In retrograde motion, these rewards come as an early Christmas celebration. Especially to those with this natal placement. ☺

Thank you papa Saturn. My baby Saturn is home again. 💖

#Saturn #saturnday #saturday

It is Friday = Venus Day !

First off, Happy Mother's Day to all Mexican and Central American Mothers!

On May 6th I got an energy cleanse with @illuminatedspace in which Jen cleared out unwanted density, energy and entities from my auric field. She does this by having a conversation with the soul itself and then rewriting soul contracts. Jen is beyond amazing!

I have written about my experiences with Jen and how much she helps, but this time I understand and feel the energy in clear terms because thanks to the patience and understanding she has had with me, I have grown well into my intuitive body. My desires, if they are for my highest good, are manifested when I take care of me and those intuitive nudges.

By May 7th, I got news that my youngest daughter, who has been in Louisiana for 7 months (when she was supposed to have a weekend visit for 2 days only), will arrive to LA today, Mother's Day. The plan was different and I was not going to see her until June, but I am convinced that fixing our energy for out highest good gives us miracles!
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You've met me, but which Jess do you know?
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