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Thank you, thank you, thank you @madridfff for giving us this amazing honor for our work in film. Since joining @Kenzo, we have pushed the idea of ad campaigns and used our platform to work with film makers we idolized #spikejonze #kahliljoseph #greggaraki #seanbaker @lilyinapad @toiletpapermagazineofficial @jeanpaulgoudeofficial @partel.oliva to name a few and first time directors @carrie_rachel @nlyonne and myself. We have always used every platform to talk about something that is important to us and to work with creatives that we have dreamed to work with since our teens! Carol and I have a running list of people we are going to collaborate with, so there are hundreds more projects to look forward to. We have always been culture nerds and as much love as we get for all these projects we work on, the two people that are most excited are Carol and I. Getting this award on the back of #theeverythingmovie is so touching as it was something I experimented with. Thank you thank you thank you. To always work with friends! @framenoir @molabones @popowendy @carollim @kenzo @openingceremony
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These fashion films were made for the cinema 🎥🎟🎬Exhibit of a selection Honorary Award @kenzo fashion films today at 19:30 @salaequismadrid 🌸🌴🇯🇵🐆@kenzotakada_official started the brand in Paris after leaving Japan... creating fun designs and takings risks with a jungle feel! @carollim and @humberto continue with the founders philosophy and ideas by dedicating themselves to the new genre of fashion films ... with directors like Khalil Joseph, @spikejonze @carrie_rachel @nlyonne @greggaraki @lilyinapad @humberto @partel.oliva @seangrahambaker #madfashionfilmfest #wearefashionfilm #madridfff #kenzo #fashion #film #newgenre #actors #independentfilm #trendsetters #japan #prize #jungle #honor #allcampaginscomefromfashionfilmposter #meanttobeseenincinema

It’s Halloween Season!!!! Princess theme request ✔️

My very own Once in a Lifetime moment. I never thought in a million years that when I was listening to Talking Heads, 10,000 Maniacs, Lightning Seeds, Ersasure, Etc.. with Titu, Dave, Rachel, Bobby, Sandy, Zandy, Vera, Tony, etc...that one day I would design the stage outfits for @davidbyrneofficial 2018 Tour. Working on this with @heathermaryjackson was a dream come true and listening to all the comments from David about mobility, comfort, uniformity, and watching him and his incredible band bring it to life was epic. Suiting has always been an incredible history for @kenzo so to bring it back in this light was amazing. To top it off, we @openingceremony had the honor of designing the tour merchandise, all 100% made in the USA, with David and @steveespopowers truly was the cherry on top of the cake.

It’s estimated that over 200,000 students in NYC schools lack the glasses they need to learn. I partnered up with @WarbyParker to design a pair of glasses in support of #PupilsProject -- their program that brings free eye exams and glasses to students in need. 100% of each purchase will support this project! Head to to learn more and get a pair! • 80% of childhood learning occurs visually so the sooner the intervention, the better. • Vision disability is the single most prevalent disabling condition among children in the U.S.—and low-income and minority students are disproportionately affected by untreated visual impairments. • Often students who need glasses and don’t have them are misdiagnosed with learning disabilities or become disengaged in school, negatively impacting their academic, social, and future economic potential. • A recent study shows that students who do not read proficiently by third grade are four times more likely to leave high school without a diploma than proficient readers, and poverty only compounds the problem.
@bkbmg, @chloessevigny, @gloriasteinem, @humberto @lenadunham, @nikolai_fraiture, @the_real_iman, @rosariodawson, #FranLebowitz, #MaryLouiseParker. Check out my models @michellesalem @naomiotsu @suea

@awkwafina looks rad in @kenzo Fall Winter!!!!

If you only had one extra day to shoot an entire episode about Bobby @kodismitmcphee giving Steven @jayrellis his vision of the perfect hairdo, a classic graduated bob ala #dorothyhamill ...oh well, next time. @hollismithhead hold on to that do! #theeverythingmovie #outtake @kenzo 📸 by @jarodwang

Bobby shows his love in mysterious ways. @millajovovich @kodismitmcphee @hollismithhead @wyattgarfield

NAILS-I don’t know why but I had this image of nail power that both seemed silly and powerful at the same time. I once worked with a girl named Annie who would get extensions on her toe nails and I was both shocked and intrigued. When i had asked for insane nails, there was the one and only @naominailsnyc that could do the job. She said “these were the most difficult nails I have ever made”. I’m sure that was an exaggeration. @sashafro was the perfect super girl who just wanted to fit in, but if push came to shove, she would use her unique gift. @alexandrashipppp was the perfect sport when asked to put 14” nail extensions on. @kenzo 📸 by @jarodwang

HAIR - when I wrote The EVERYTHING, having a hair power was one of the ultimate powers. In correlation, the importance would be like that of Jean Grey. Hair power could save the world. When @morereginahall and I spoke about the movie and the role, she said the hair power was the ultimate. For the ultimate hair do’s, I had to enlist my bestie of 18 years to take the task on. @hollismithhead did all the transformations that led to @millajovovich epic hair growth by @kodismitmcphee touch. #theeverythingmovie you can watch on YouTube or @Kenzo .com 📸 by @jarodwang

@lancebangs on set of The EVERYTHING @kenzo

I was lucky enough to have @lancebangs pop by on set for The EVERYTHING. Lance has been there for every important cultural moment so to have his stop by and capture some of these moments is magical!!!! Thanks Lance @kenzo

Humbled and honored to be a part of this. @openingceremony @kenzo
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