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  I find peace in writing.✒ Everything I write is a reflection of my perception and experiences of the world. Nothing copied

Somethings and sometimes people too leave a great impact on us. Even though people are temporary and everything is incomplete, we still wish it wasn't, only if somethings could last forever, we pray. "Nothing lasts forever" is the law of nature but how can one defy that? How can someone go against nature and make something complete?
Is it possible? I wonder. -HUMANWHOWRITES

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Only if forevers existed for real; such a fucked up cliche, I sigh. I remember maa's words, "people are a very temporary part of your life" owing to this fact how can anyone be so sure of somebody or something? How can a person conclude their story with just two words "Forever After"? "Nothing lasts forever" is the undeniable law of nature and I believe everything is incomplete it's meant to be incomplete if it were complete or it stayed forever then it would be all meaningless. Wouldn't it? - HUMANWHOWRITES

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Even though I know it's over between us, everything that was or could have been is all gone. I tried so hard not to think about you or the time that we had together, your smile, the way you laughed at my jokes and called me a nerd, our kiss; it kills me everyday to wake up to this realization that I'll never be able to see or touch you again.

I can't get you out of my head or my heart! It happens only once in a person's lifetime that we truly fall for someone.

If I could I would save you; go back and make it all work out just to have you by my side. Now that you are gone I will never be the same. I'll always remember you.
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It was 2 in the morning and I called my best friend to tell her about how my first kiss went. The first kiss is special for any person because it's innocent and it makes you believe that you are loved.

But only in my case I did not share this moment with a special someone. Sounding like an excited teenager on the phone to my friend I told her, "He is a friend of mine and one of my other friend from class was seeing him during that time. We three were in his car driving and listening to melancholic music, so after he dropped my other friend at her home ;only we two were there. We shared our secrets, talked about our exes our dreams and what we thought about life, he told how much he was in love with his ex and I don't know why and what came over me and I kissed him, at first I was scared thinking that I may have offended him but only to my surprise he kissed me back!" My first ever kiss! With a guy who I couldn't even think of in my wildest dreams.

My best friend listened to my entire rant about my first stomach whirling experience. I felt guilty, happy, excited, sad all at the same moment. But I always knew that I didn't like him, I never liked him! But whenever they spoke about each other, hanged out together; I felt jealous it felt as if someone had punched me in my stomach.
I poured my heart out to my best friend not knowing why I did what I did "I don't even like him! Then why do I feel jealous of them being together?"
She replied, " because she is getting all the attention that you have ever wanted." #writersoninstagram #quotes #quotestagram #love #lovestories #wordporn #writerscommunity #writersofinstagram

I have always wondered wether ghosts are real or not. But then as i understand they are just memories of past that continue to haunt us and sometimes these memories dont even exist!

They are just messed up scenarios in our head that trouble us so much, and how can something that wasn't even there haunt us?
Ghosts that exist in our minds are more dangerous than the ones we encounter in reality.

Have you ever been forced to love someone? Where you don't love them for who they are, but are made to love them for everything they have done for you ?

The strange array of emotions words can ignite...

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