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Autism Advocate  Humans with ASD aims to give hope, peace and love to those living with ASD highlighting stories of success & achievement. 💌 Founder: @bea_incorporated


“Happy 10th Birthday Max! ❤️ You’ve been a bit poorly with your asthma since coming home from your dad’s and woke up around 11pm coughing, so it’s been a long night and day, but you’re not letting that get in the way of fun, are ya wee dude? 🤘🏼 I’m amazed every day by you- you’ve come so much further than I dared hope when you were wee... so beyond proud of my little dude! 👦🏻 I guess now you’re in double digits I shouldn’t call you my little dude anymore huh? But you’ll always be my last baby, and you’ll always be my lil man, you know? 😘” @marylinmuir

“Kase has a hard time sitting directly on the carpet (something he’s working on in therapy) and while it’d be nice for him to not stand out from his peers, being down there with them during carpet time is more important. I’m thankful for his teachers for making this accommodation for him!” @amymrsmommy

“Yesterday was the 1st of many cold days to come since school started! It was also the 1st day Ethan wore a long sleeve shirt to school....Ethan had a tough time with the sleeves as soon as I put it on him. But today No Problem 👏🤗” @goldyn_momma

“Like every other kid Haydar loves football and Ronaldo! Playing helps him interact well with other children...” @acceptautism

“Jack is an almost 6 year old boy on the spectrum. He's been in intervention since he was 2, and he has made tons and tons of progress! We are so proud of our boy and we only hope the progress continues! 💙” @ausome_momma115525

“Our Jacks has officially started Pre-K. Every day we grow closer to him being in the public school system and the older he gets, the more kids he is around, the more they stare. My latest blog shares my thoughts on kids glaring at him and why I'm okay with it, most days. It's time to educate not hate those who don't understand the neurological differences in others.” @softsoulmama

"My son Logan was diagnosed with autism on his second birthday. His dad and I were only 18 and 19 when he was diagnosed so not only were we teen parents, but we were teen parents to a special needs child. I took it very hard, I had a lot of wonders. I wondered if he would ever call me mama again, if he'd ever say I love you, if he'd ever ask me the hundreds of questions kids ask their parents a day, I wondered if hed get bullied, wondered if he would marry someone and have a family of his own. As soon as he was diagnosed we put him in early on and he started school. Fast forward 2 years and my son is now 4 years old and still non verbal. I wanted him to talk so bad. I would try to think of how his voice would sound if he could speak sentences. I'd get so frustrated because speech is something parents take for granted. They always want their kids to be quiet while I wished he would scream at the top of his lungs! After waiting 5 years, I finally heard my son call me mommy and now at 6 years old his dad and I have finally heard the three words we waited 6 years to hear: "I love you". It was beautiful and I'll never forget the first time i heard my son finally speak after thinking I'd never hear his voice!" @dopexodani

"Recently, I had a conversation with someone close to our family. She told me how much she enjoys following mine and Noah's page, and how she loves hearing about how he's doing. Oh my heart. It honestly means so much to me when I hear that. She then continued to let me know that if there is ever anything she should or shouldn't do around Noah, to please let her know and she would be more than happy to accommodate. And in that moment I felt an emotion I have never felt. I think it was all of them because I realized in that second, that is all I have ever wanted from people. I didn't even know it until it was said to me. Not only did she understand that Noah was different. But she will make the effort to not just tolerate him, but to accept him. And try to make things easier for him and get on his level. . . I think disabilities can make people uncomfortable.. and that's just human nature. People don't know what to say or what questions to ask. And pity.. that is the absolute last thing we want as parents of our special kiddos. Don't feel sorry for us or our situation. It is what it is. But what you can do is ask questions. Get to know us and our situation. I might tell you somethings you've never heard before. But that is how we educate one another, and what makes life interesting, right? I love when people are curious about Noah and want to know about him. It shows me that he is seen.. Talk to him. Ask him questions. Even though Noah will not answer you, or might not even look at you. It means so much as parents to see our kids treated just like everyone else. So I would like to thank you { you know who you are } for saying what I've always needed to hear. And for giving me the inspiration to put it into words..." @daniellemariemager

"I love someone with autism.
I love someone who makes loud noises in an effort to communicate with me because he has no words. I love someone who tries his hardest every single day to learn to live in our world when his brain is missing so many neuro connections to help make that happen. I love someone whose smile brightens up my life when I praise him or tell him good job for going to the bathroom by himself. I love someone who thinks outside of the box, and best of all, someone with autism loves me." @mariammaghlakelidze

"My son is jackson and he is five. Today is his 4th day of kindergarten. So we have been doing a shot each day. He wanted to "practice my moves" before school." @chrisapichler

"Our handsome dude is 5 years old today! His sisters gave him a present, which he was excited for and actually opened (yay!). He was extra pumped to see it was a slinky!

Happy birthday, Kase. You bring so much joy into our lives and you've taught me more about life in the last five years than I've learned my whole life. I love you so much!" @amymrsmommy

"We all share in this excitement! Tomorrow this little angel officially registers for kindergarten!! Thankful for all of his team members over the last four years who helped prepare him for an inclusive classroom! He is my little miracle! 💙" @salt127

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