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Ashley  Developing, growing, expressing more in harmony; from the heart of all that is

Hey! My Etsy shop is getting a little more juicy ☺ I've got a couple of herb mixtures I picked and put together myself, tested on myself and my friends, and have concluded that they rock! All organic, all natural, all with pure love and intention. From my heart to yours, check them out on my Etsy page ***** ✌🏼❤ #herbs #herbalcare #natural #naturalhealing #alternativemedicine #apothecary #holistic #gift #naturesmedicine #california #herbalife #herballife #herbaltea #herbivore #tea #bathbomb #sitz #bath #bathtime #bathandbody #healyourself #earth #love #nature #cure #herbalcure

Ugh..sooo sleepy....

Santa Cruz ocean taught me the connection from my womb to the earth's ❤️

Looking for a van in norcal or southern oregon, ive got some cash and a good tattoo hand to trade work on top of it. Need something that runs well and needs NO work. Holler if you can help! #norcal #oregon #vanlife #travel #vanlifediaries #van #vans

I could write a book about the knowledge ive gained in the last 3 months.. I would much rather visit the world and speak ❤

Allow death into your life, it will show you life and harmony

Looking to land

Learning to live in disagreement, in harmony ❤✌🏼 @grantredhawk

Selling my last canvas print for $180+shipping ; if you're interested in purchasing please comment here, to see the original painting visit (click in bio)
#ashleyshafer #art #visionaryart #painting #valentines #gift #supportlocal #supportyourlocalartist #artist

My ideal lifestyle feels like love, like a warm afternoon in a grassy field next to a creek, my heart overflowing with a strong connection to my spirit. To feel the freedom to grow my own gardens full of flowers and herbs, time and space to create; from flower tinctures to paintings of my land and creatures, dances with the wind, my body and my flow toys. Freedom and space to cultivate the connection between my guides and teachers, to sing and to create music from my own inner heaven. I hope to feel the strength to follow my heart this year, to stay focused on my goals for the future, to feel more of myself letting go and trusting in the universe.
I have a very important path here, I hope to open a school for creativity in the next 5-10 years. With the knowledge I have from experience, studying and applying this knowledge to life, I feel confident from my heart to share this with the world ❤ I'm hoping to release the blocks I have with abundance to fully step into my path and power.

Spending my time and energy with this guy right here, never had a partner so good at helping me See ❤️

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