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Human Nature Philippines  Genuinely natural, Philippine-based home and personal care brand | Member of the Natural Products Association (NPA) | Goodness, it's Human Nature

No bad hair days when it comes to @bobbipetalurca and his Human Nature Hair Shaper! πŸ‘ "Now on my second tube!

This is my personal favorite when it comes to prepping up my stubborn and curly hair because aside from it keeps your crowning glory intact throughout the day, it is NATURAL. It contains no synthetic chemicals."

Your favorite healthy peanut butter just got healthier and creamier with coco sugar! First Harvest Coco Sugar Peanut Spread is also churned with less oil to make sure that your every delicious spoonful is guilt-free.

Happy Monday, everyone! Got lunch outs planned this week? Don't forget to pack in your canvas bag for emergency buys and whatnot. Keeps your hands hassle free and your grocery run stylish.

Product hack: Some Human Nature customers have shared that they also use our All-Natural Spray Sanitizer as an emergency body spray. So if you've just come from a grueling commute or had a dinner out at a Korean BBQ place, this just might be the refresher you need πŸ˜‰

RG @honestandlocal
Swipe for ingredients and pH test πŸ‘‰ I got a 4.5 for pH.
Mini review: @humanheartnature's hydrating toner slowly worked it's way to becoming one of the most effective and irreplaceable products I've ever used. It's powered by moringa (malunggay), a clear underdog in skincare. In fact, you'll find the ingredient in some well-known faves like Missha's Time Revolution and Neogen's Green Tea Cleanser.
This toner works differently from what we're used to in AB. Instead of helping absorption along, it has a tendency to slow it down. It seems to pace absorption which results in noticeably more effective (maybe 3x more?) and long-lasting effects (2 days at least). It honestly beat out Hada Labo, which you can check out in my previous post. It seems to magnify the effects of my succeeding steps. Used alone, I get plumper firmer skin. Used with my routine, it's like when you get the bullet power-up in MarioKart and you speed to first place. All my products just work sooo much better. I feel like I've reached maximum hydration and moisturization.
This toner has gotten a bit of a bad rap. Human Nature seems to have included menthol in the earlier formulation which resulted in some bad reviews. This formulation, on the other hand, is spot on - mild scent, no stinging, and a thicker-than-water consistency.
I know that this toner is usually chalked up to being boring but does the job. It took me over a month of experimenting and playing around and applying on only half my face till I figured out what made it so special. My most important determining factor in how much I like a product is how often I reach for it, and I can't stop going back to this one. Oh, and it only costs Php100 (US$2).
Read her full review at Thank you for reviewing! 😊

Keep your little one's skin clean and super soft with Human Nature's Tangerine Dream Baby Care Line – natural baby wash, lotion and oil, all in a new vanilla-orange scent! πŸŠπŸ‘ΌπŸ»πŸ’•

Bathe in the purest cleanse: Human Nature's Volcanic Cooling Body Scrub is powered with volcanic sand and bamboo charcoal to deeply purify and visibly revive tired, lackluster skin. This all-natural scrub lifts away dirt and other impurities from pores to uncover supple, glowing skin.

Cool down to complete relaxation: the deftly distilled blend of rosemary, eucalyptus and peppermint oils elevates the whole experience, enveloping you in the tingly cool aroma of complete relaxation.

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Get from thinning to fuller plus stronger hair with Human Nature's Strengthening +PLUS Shampoo and Conditioner, powered by hair-nourishing rosemary!

Heads up: you only have till July 21 (Fri) to get P150 off when you buy any PerfectFlush Cream Tint with any Perfect Eyes Eyeshadow. Yes, it's only Php595 for both!

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