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here's a @hihoneyhi thing! (savory ayurvedic jam) and fresh figs on a gf buckwheat sourdough slice- we slather the toast first in @tinstarfoods grass fed ghee 🙃. btw our entire menu is inherently gluten free because that's just how we do it around here

friends! hi! so i know i've completely disappeared from the internet this year... but only because i've been very hard at work opening a brick and mortar cafe (with my best friend!) called Honey Hi in echo park, los angeles. we opened last week at 1620 w sunset blvd- PLEASE come have a bite with us if you are in socal. we have sprouted grain bowls, moroccan tagine with grass fed lamb meatballs, thai green curry, breakfast bowls with pastured bacon and turmeric poached eggs, gf sourdough tartines with seasonal chia jam, a ton of smoothies, matcha lattes, bone broth, bulletproof coffee... and so much more to come. follow along at @hihoneyhi and we can't wait to meet you!!

the @nytimes reached out to me a while back to be a part of their story on using social media as motivation for lifestyle and nutrition changes- the article is up today! (link in my profile.) the takeaway: social media can be a fantastic doorway into learning about health/nutrition and gaining inspiration for big changes. but it's important to approach it with a realistic balance; Instagram has a tendency to promote everything as being perfect and rosy, which doesn't always reflect the realities of this complex thing called life. not to mention our Pavlovian reflexes get us hooked on validation through likes and comments. I find that we thrive best when we couple online support and inspiration with real life, face to face communities. for my part, I'm opening a little cafe this September called Honey Hi in Los Angeles. @hihoneyhi 's concept is a brick and mortar manifestation of the nutrition philosophy I live and breathe here. can't wait to meet some of you there and put a face to a name- let's keep building this supportive community both onscreen and off 👋🏼

green bowlz

few finer things in life than a bowl of ripe farmers market strawbbs with vanilla bean coconut whipped cream & cacao nibs. this df whipped cream takes all of 2 minutes; use the solid part of a can of coconut milk (saving the liquid for a smoothie). sprinkle a bit of cinnamon and vanilla powder, fluff with a fork, voilá!

the salad of my dreams: pastured @vitalfarms eggs cooked in copious @tinstarfoods ghee, broccoli sprouts (excellent source of sulfur), watermelon radish, cabbage, purple carrots, fresh herbs, and pumpkin seed oil over greens from my garden. oh and half an avocado. you're looking at easily a 700 calorie healthy fat party- head over to @markhymanmd for more info on why the right kinds of fat should be the cornerstone of your diet!

something I haven't spoken a lot about on here is my daily meditation practice. I've found that a lot of people never attempt this invaluable tool because they think it looks something like this; esoteric, abstract, kinda weird, probably impossible for normal people like you and I. you don't need to be into cosmic energy to meditate (although some people are)- it is simply a state of concentration and awareness, accessible to anyone of any denomination. I personally have found that when I meditate, I'm simply a nicer, happier, more focused and gracious person that day. what's there to lose?

for my final guest post about brain health on @primalpalate today, I'm sharing an article breaking down this simple practice- plus an exciting giveaway from @headspace for 5 people to try a free month of guided meditation! head over to @primalpalate to enter, the link to the article is in my bio.

I also shared a more thorough meditation instruction over on the beautiful @the_commonwoman website a couple weeks back for those looking to learn more 💚

happy Friday y'all! I'm hosting over at @primalpalate today, sharing the second of my three part series on digestive health as well as a bunch of new recipes. come hang with me over there and get the recipe for this veggie packed green smoothie bowl- complete with kale, spinach, carrot, cucumber, avocado and parsley
link to the article and recipes in my profile!

hi everyone! head on over to @primalpalate today where I'm sharing the first of three important articles about the connection between brain health and a strong digestive system. this concept is the foundation of all of my nutrition work, education and especially personal experience. when I was going through the worst of my health issues, I went to at least eight different doctors who told me I was "perfectly healthy" and prescribed countless dangerous prescription medications to deal with my symptoms (anxiety, hormonal imbalances, acne, hair loss at 24, fatigue, joint pain, weak immune system, food allergies). not one of them thought to look into my gut health, which at the time was ravaged unbeknownst to me. as soon as I discovered the connection between the digestive system and the brain, and started addressing leaky gut, my entire life turned around. so looking forward to sharing this series with you in hopes that it may help anyone looking to get to the root of mood issues, chronic health problems, food allergies, skin challenges, autoimmunity, or any other health issue- it's astounding how the gut connected to all of these. and stay tuned as I will be hosting over at @primalpalate tomorrow sharing a few recipes and nutrition tips! 💚

hi lovely friends! I’m back after an extended social media detox- honestly, I needed a little break. this account began as a way to document my healing journey through Lyme disease and chronic illness, and most importantly as a way to help others through conscious food and functional nutrition. the wonderful news is, I’ve found immense healing and recovery that I never imagined being possible. but after years of intense issues and challenges, it was important for me to take some space; reassimilating into normalcy and enjoying my newfound health freedom- aka, get off the phone for a while. but i’m back and thrilled to share with you my top 5 healing nutrition staples over at @the_commonwoman. these are some of the most powerful tools in my plant-based arsenal- link in my bio now! ✨

saludos desde México! I've been taking some much needed time away from my phone while finishing nutrition school (yes! I'm done!) and relaxing with my fam. lunch by the beach is a simple raw beet, carrot, apple, nectarine and cilantro slaw with a mustard/ginger/lime/apple cider vinaigrette and smashed avocado- aka, throw together everything in the fridge which is my usual strategy. now- TACOS! wishing everyone a lovely holiday ✨

sorry for the radio silence over here lately- I am officially one final away from finishing nutrition school! basically, that has meant many very unglamorous hours hunched over a computer and sadly not as much free time for the old Instagram. looking forward to the new year which will include a whole lot more of this: sprouted turmeric garlic hummus, grain bowls with hemp seed pesto, sprouted wild rice dolmas, green curry turkey meatballs and some epic technicolor smoothies. recipes coming soon!

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