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💫💜🔮✈️HULUWUWU  Transformation Agent Extraordinaire. Magical Experiences all around the world to help you realize yourself! Thats what's up here 😎and LOVE too, lots.

When my dad finally let me get my ears pierced when I was 10...
My very first pair of earrings were solid gold unicorns.
Enough said.


Unless you value yourself you won't have the motivation to exercise, eat healthy, get enough sleep and care for yourself.
Unless you value yourself you won't ask for help that you need or be able to accept help that is offered to you.
If you take a look at your life, self worth and lack of it is smeared all over the place.
People who have experienced trauma or have been traumatized often default into undeserving mode.
People who have hurt others and caused pain for people in their lives often times imprison themselves with shame resulting in great lack of self worth.
Even if you are actively working to be a better human....
The self worth issues are in there.
And it's undeniable that self worth is the culprit for our ability to receive what we desire.
We can not receive what we don't feel worthy of.
And this comes up in allllll the areas.
There is no hiding from it.
And no place in your life is safe from it.
I know how to help you identify your issues of self worth.
I know how to take you through processes that will reveal yourself to you. And allow you to move through the issue and position you to find new belief and respect for yourself.
I can't present myself as an expert on self worth.
I won't take the authority role of I know it all, so that I can prove that I am worthy enough for you to learn from me.
Im not going to tell you I have figured out all my issues with self worth and now I'm good.
There is no qualification for helping other people to heal from their issues with self worth.
There is no prerequisite for being worthy.
I am worthy to teach you how to heal your self worth because
That's the secret to self worth.
Self worth is the belief that you are worthy.
Am I working on the daily to heal my own self worth stuff?
Fuck yes I am.
Because I know that I am worthy.
And I'm not going to allow my belief systems or lack of to prevent me from receiving wildly allllll that I desire.
I am worthy RIGHT NOW.
And I know how to help you decide that for yourself,
Worthy, Right NOW.
We start Saturday.
Decide you are worthy.
Link In Bio👆🏽👆🏽
It's a 5 day activation to get you going In the direction of Worthy...

Why indeed did you finally decide to say this is it?
Was it because you needed a catalyst?
Did you reach the place of realization that what was happening up until now just will no longer do?
Did you recognize something in me that lives inside of you too?
Was it because you are finally ready to let out what's been inside of you for so long and you need someone to help you figure out what to do?
Is it because you have a vision?
Is it because you know the way you were meant to shine is bright.....very very bright?
Or maybe you thought you were trying and you thought you knew what to do but it feels like are getting nowhere.
Maybe it's because you are ready to finally drop the bullshit and make it happen. Like really happen.
Cause sometimes we need some accountability to stop fucking around.
I hope you are not drowning in a sea of all the ideas and inspirations that have channeled through you that you discarded and left to die.
Perhaps you really just don't know how to do it.
Are you ready to do something but you don't know what to do?
Maybe you knew me from before or perhaps my face is new, but either way you keep feeling you want to be able to do like I do too.
In your own way of course....but could there be something more for you too?
Have you considered the possibility that all that you desire and all that you want to do is alive and inside of you and simply GRANTING YOURSELF PERMISSION is what your life is waiting for you to do?
It doesn't matter where you started.
It's about deciding now where you want to go.
Whatever it is that you are feeling inside that has you reading this post wondering if this is YOUR time THIS time.
If what I am offering feels like it's for you....
Listen up loud and clear.
It's your sign. And if I'm not mistaken....
you indeed were looking.
I saw you. And I see you. Cause I am looking too.
Yep Yep. 2 Days away.
Link In Bio.
4 weeks
Women Only This Time
I’m accepting 7 women
Get at me.

T minus 6hrs until I get this one back in my arms.
I’m never leaving home again.

I salute you.
You seeker of transformation.
I see you.
I am you.
The deeper you go the more you can learn and grow.
I bow my head to the seekers walking the oath of plant medicine.
The miracle of Ayahuasca looks beautiful on you.
I would like to Invite you to share something special with me.
A further look into your awakening.
An integration of your greatness.
There is so much further you could go.
There is a wealth of inspiration already inside of you inviting you to continue to go deeper in.
Ayahuasca is a life changing transmission that will continue to change your life if you let it.
There is beauty in the often over looked integration.
My new course.
The Ayahuasca After Care Program
Begins on Friday!!
The integration of your greatness is what it will bring.
Enrollment is open for just about 24 more hours.
It closes by midnight August 23rd HST.
Link is in the Bio.
Message me if there is more that you need to know.
I am here to help you grow 🐍🐍

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Q. If I haven't experienced Ayahuasca yet can I still take this course?
A. Yes you can! This course is to help you take a look into the deeper experience of Ayahuasca. It highlights the benefits of healing and expansion that can be experienced in ceremony with Ayahuasca. The course is educational and can help prepare you for plans that you have for plant medicine ceremony. The course is to teach you how to get the most out of your experiences. We will also be going deep into our desires for expansion and the designing of our lives. The interviews featured in the course will benefit anyone who is curious about the benefits and realities of exploring with Ayahuasca.
The Ayahuasca After Care Program starts FRIDAY❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️
It’s time for you to sign up and join our circle.
What questions do you have?
I am available!

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Tomorrow is another day and a Monday no less.
Looking forward to stirring my pot intentionally all week and watching the magic happen✨✨✨✨✨

My thoughts on LOVE.
Love where you can
When you can
With who you can
And be happy.

Love is nice.
Especially when it’s decorated in flowers ✨✨

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