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I had a death along with a rebirth of sorts this weekend at Sonic Bloom.... it wasn’t typical, it wasn’t how I thought it would be or what I would normally have expected.... but something happened to me. I’m not sure how I feel about it at all actually. I’m gonna think it over for a bit and when I figure it out.... you will know. •


When we are a fiend for the feels and we are looking everywhere around us for the fix.

When we are strung out on our broken heart around love, it might just be best to be alone.

When you want them back so bad the answer might be to go it solo instead

Tough love truth is that the opposite of what we think we need is often times the answer.

Love and the way we break our hearts over it is definitely some addict behavior.

Sometimes we need to put ourselves in rehab.
Take ourselves through the steps to recover.
Separate ourselves from the obsession of our desire.
Find love for ourselves instead.

Giving up what once brought us our ultimate pleasure is not the easy pill to swallow.

If you are in the place of broken and you don't know where else to go.... Come here.

How to heal Love's Ultimate Heartbreak
Enrollment closes in the morning.

So do whatever it is you need to do to get your last hits out of your system tonight.
And then step through the doors to the other side.

Your Door is in the link in bio🙏🏽


I’m tired.
Sometimes it feels like the journey is a trip trough the never ending dunes of the Sahara Desert... with no end in sight. Searching for that elusive oasis...
I’m tired.
I’m going to go to sleep and try again in the morning.
Luckily I’ve been to the Sahara Desert... and back.
So I know what it takes.
And that it’s possible.
Good night. •


I think the scariest part about getting your heart broken is when you go to that place where you think no one will ever love you again.

The place where you are absolutely convinced that you will never have a love again like the one that you did... That place where love doesn't get to be for you anymore. That you have lost your chance.

That place where you are sure that love will not show back up for you.

That place. Do you know it?
I did.
And it had me by the heart. I was depressed, so incredibly sad. So worried that I wouldn't get to love again. Convinced I was unlovable and that I had lost all my chances.
This place made me feel desperate. I felt like I had to settle. I thought that I had to take any old love that came my way.
It was rough for a while...
Although painful....this was all part of my healing process.
The process of healing Love's Ultimate Heartbreak.

I was down.....but not out.
I was determined to heal my heart.
To find forgiveness and compassion inside of it once again.
I did everything that I knew to do to heal it.
It was a dark, lonely, sad, scary place to be.
But it was the ultimate catalyst of my life.
It taught me all the parts of who I am.
The dark and the light.
The negative and the positive.
The good and the bad.

And guess what?
I worked myself through it. I committed myself fully.
and wouldn't you know.....I found love again.
I found it within myself. In a way I never had loved before.
It took going through love's ultimate heartbreak to learn how lacking I was in love for myself.
A shocking truth revealed but now I know.

And guess what....
When I finally got to that place. I was solid again.
I was shining. I was light. I was love.
And wouldn't you know.....I found love once again.
I found myself on the receiving end of love this time.
That kind that I was sure would never happen to me again.
The kind that feels the way that only the good good does.
The kind that's written all over his face when he's smiling back at you.
The kind that makes so many things better.
I am so grateful I kept believing.
I am so grateful I went to the depths.
I am so grateful I kept going.
I am so grateful I did the work.

There will be a moment that will come that you never thought would.
There will be the light at the end of the tunnel for your broken heart.
For all the tears that were cried.
For everything that was lost.
For the way that you tore yourself in half and then into a million little pieces.

There will be a moment that you find yourself strong enough and healed enough to say I am no longer available for a relationship like this.

You will find yourself in a place where you are able to love the person you once were in love with so much still.....
but decide that you are no longer available.

This place is called Love Without End.

This is the place where you have healed your heart.
Where you have gotten clear on what was and what wasn't.
The place where you have found your confidence again.
The place where you remember who you are.
That place where you finally let go of the final things you were holding onto still.
The place where everything finally makes sense...all the reasons why your heart broke in the first place.
The place where you are able to go forward and no longer accept a relationship that doesn't serve you and doesn't feel good.
Even if you love them still with so much of your heart.

This is Love Without End.

I'm emotional today because I've been through the devastating experience of Love's Ultimate Heartbreak.
I went through an incredible healing process, one that keeps revealing layers of itself.
I came to deep realization today that I had healed even more than I knew I had.

I saw myself devoted to the Love Without End that lives in my heart for feelings from my past. But able to stand taller in my truth and in myself because I know what I am no longer available for. The details of this aren't what matters... What matters is getting to this point.
Reaching this point my friends, is a fucking miracle.
A grand healing victory.

When I get emotional about love I start to think about all of the beautiful people out there hurting in their hurts.
All of the people with no idea how to get through it.
The people who feel lost and certain they will never get to love again.

When I start thinking about all of this, I want to find a way to help...

A little over a year a go I realized I was searching for someone. I had reached the point where I needed someone to come through. Up until this point I had been doing it all on my own. Alllll of it. I had worked with people in the past who served me well in thier way.... but I didn't have anyone I was looking up to. I didn't have anyone serving as an idol for me and my dreams.
I understand what I desired for my life and for my business. I needed someone special. Someone who could wear the boss lady shoes while accessorized by a crystal crown. Someone who knew the realms of the spirit and the books of the business. I needed someone who understood where I was going but knew where I came from like the back of her hand too.
Thinking about this person and having no idea where to search.... I silently manifested this prayer. Sent my call to the angels on high. And I carried forward. Trying to make my way on my own.

And then one day I caught my first glance of the illusive spirit animal I had been praying for. It's funny how she showed up because she had been in my field for a while and definitely does not carry an illusive presence, but my eyes weren't open to her. I didn't look into the way she was shining. It wasn't until I set my intention and prayer in motion that she was revealed to me.
My spirit animal came through.
The one who understood and knew what I was trying to do.
The one who for me was different than the rest.
The one who had already figured out how to get where I want to go.

When someone who sings the songs of your heart reveals themselves to to it.
Step forward.
Raise your hand high and do whatever it takes to invite their presence into your life.
They have gifts for you that your soul has been waiting forever to receive.
Sometimes we don't realize where we will find what we need.
It can be right there in front of your face waiting for you to receive.
Say yes to your people.
Open to your guides.
Recognize their mission
Receive their gifts.

Finding the perfect mentorship in each moment along the way is the nourishment that will feed you.
It will give you life.
The will, the inspiration, the dedication..⬇️

I was in conversation with one of my clients the other day and we were talking about how much easier it is to open up to ourselves and others when we are immersed in plant medicine ceremony. How it’s easier to feel expansive unconditional love for the people gathered together, along with ourselves.
One of the reasons we pursue transformational work with plant medicine is for the direct transmission we can receive from the plant teachers.

Another reason we follow the calling is to connect with other like minded people in a tribal type setting.

Many of us in this modern society don’t have tribal rituals that are present in our daily lives. We are very far removed from the ancestral tribal ways of our elders and our lineage.
This can be why we are called to rituals such as plant ceremony work. Among other reasons of course.

Many traditions that we do have for gathering together and connection are driven by consumerism and programmed belief systems. For many of us this is the only opportunity we have to gather in sacred ceremony with our tribe, our family.
When we seek out plant medicine and sacred ceremonial gatherings we are searching for an opportunity to connect. A place to connect with spirit. A place to commune with community and people that will meet us in vulnerability. A place where we can be sacred. Where we can participate in ritual. Where we can expand our minds and be in the presence of teachers and guides. We don’t need plant medicine to find these places, but they are great doors for us to walk through to get us to these places.
We seek this because we crave the ways these experiences open us. We are desperate for a place to open more into ourselves. We want to be in union with experiences that are Elevated. We want to feel something. We want to experience beauty and moments that are intentional and special.
The feelings that are aroused in these experiences reveal the deep truth in our hearts. In these spaces we find reflections in others showing us how much we are all the same in both our greatness and our suffering. We grow love for ourselves when we connect in vulnerability with these reflections. Magic happens in these moments....

Medford Oregon.... YOU + ME = June 8th!
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Today my son is going to swim 100 freestyle for the first time.
He’s nervous and scared.
He doesn’t think there’s anyway he can do it because he never has before.
All of his resistance, fear and doubt is consuming him.
I told him his coach wouldn’t have signed him up for it if she didn’t believe he could do it.
I suggested we go talk to her.

She got down on her knees looking him in the eyes and said I believe you can do it Kaleo.
I saw him relax a little bit.
I saw him stand a little taller.
I saw him find relief that someone was believing in him.
As a coach her job is to believe so that he can.
As a coach her job is to look him in the eye and transfer power of will to him.
We all need someone sometimes to remind us we can.
Every move we make is based on our belief systems.
If we can or can’t, it’s because that’s what we believe.
I told him I believed in him. But he believed it more coming from her.
Sometimes it takes someone separate from ourselves.
Someone who is not our partner.
Someone who is not our best friend.
Someone who is not our mom.
Someone who has no reason to believe except to empower YOU to believe in you.

Someone on your side. Just for you.
Someone who knows you can win.

His coaches belief and support today will free him to do it anyway. Even though he’s scared.
He will Swim the event. And he will reach his next level. He will get to the other side and realize how silly it was to hold himself back. He will realize that of course he could do it. And this will give him permission to keep growing towards more. One forward stroke at a time. For the win.
I would be honored to coach YOU
I would be honored to be the one to bring the belief.
I would be honored to help YOU rise.
I have some POWER inside me that I would like to transfer to you. Some power that will seduce yours out from the depths or your inside.
What a gift it would be for me to get to be this one for YOU.
I want you to win.
Magic Button Micro Coaching is OPEN.
Unlimited access at the press of a button.
All the time.
All the love all.
So many breakthroughs.
So many wins.
I will help get you there. The place where you find the will to rise. Again and again.

Link in Bio

You always have the capacity to love.
No one can ever take that away from you.

No matter the obstacle.
No matter the pain.
No matter the misunderstanding.
No matter the hurt.
No matter if you are alone.
No matter if your family is not there.
No matter if you feel you have no one.
No matter if you feel unworthy.
No matter what you feel you’ve done wrong.

You always have the capacity to love.
If not yourself.... find something.
Everything and everyone thrives with love.
Find something and give it your love💖

Don’t let your desire to love ever be the obstacle.

Picture quote Repost from @sacredsoulliving


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