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Huki Oso  I love god, his creation,🎥, want to travel 24/7 #wanderlust 📍Hamburg contact:

When Jesus called his disciples to follow his footsteps, he didn’t gave a seasonal call. He promised and showed them there is more than just being alive. He showed them that even in the darkest moments he will be with them.
Today on my birthday I realize a little bit more what that means.
I was in a hard emotional crisis 4 years ago and thought that I would die every moment just because somebody took away what I really loved. I felt that this storm in my life would kill me. I felt lost. But grace has a name. And this name did not took me out of this problem, it gave me a new perspective to face the problem in a new way. Jesus. The most refreshing unconditional selfless person showed me what worth really means. I felt so worthless and sometimes the circumstances try to tell us how we should live, behave, react, love, feel and without realizing it we start to forget who we really are. We feel helplessly being in a storm.
But let me tell you: The storm is a sign that grace is on the way.
Don‘t settle for a normal life. There is more for you. You are not made for depression or anxiety.
Doesn‘t matter where you are right now in life, be encouraged. I believe in you because God is doing. Don’t give up. Life is there to enjoy!
That’s why I smile. A lot. #jesus #love #grace #hamburg

Some drone shots of my last trip in beautiful Italia 🇮🇹 with my #djimavicpro
#hukioso #drone

The last days had been really busy and stressful for me and I know that I often preach to not giving up by any circumstances.
It seems so easy to give up even if you reached almost your goals. The last days some people/situations tried to steal my inner peace but now, after being apart from everything, I know so much more what it means to have a heavenly father who‘s giving you so much peace. A peace that surpasses every mind and all understanding. The principle of being strong is not in showing everybody you are unbrokable but in being weak in the arms of Jesus. That’s what he died for. For our real face. Our real emotions. Our real life. And inbetween this storm I realize again that trusting in his promises and praising his name for who he is, is the real deal. That’s meant by being strong. In our weakness his power is shown.
Remember guys, you are loved, doesn’t matter where you are or what you are going through Your future is worth to fight for it!
#hukioso #italy #drone

Everything starts with a decision.
You have to choose if you live by reacting to your emotions or if you decide to make the best out of the gifts god gave you.
Often we try to be like somebody else because we think this is more acceptable for society. And while we‘re deep in the process being someone else, we forget who we really are. A wise man once said that we have two important days in our life. The first day is when you are born. The second day is when you realize why you are born. And if you find out your purpose you never want to be someone else again. You are created unique, beautiful and precious. I was in a long searching process of finding myselfe. But now, for sure, I know why I am created bc I encountered my creator.
Did you found out your purpose?
#backtotheroots #purpose #god #hukioso

No words will ever describe my love to this woman.
She is more than a gift from heaven. Mother of 9 own children. Open hearted for the forgotten and the despised. Selfless with everything she has. Encouraging in her words. Passionating in her actions. She is not vindictive but forgiving. She would give her life for every human. I never deserve grace or anything good in life because I am really imperfect but Grace has a name and decided to gift me with this person.
Mum, although you do not have Instagram, I want to share this with the world. I love you with everything I have. Thank you for being my Mum. Thank you for accepting me. Thank you for showing me how to love Jesus in such a deep way. Thank you for being a role model to many many people. Thank you for being who you are mama
I love you
#mama #love #conqueres #jesus #hukisheroes #hukioso

What happens when two totally awesome and goodlooking bands meet?
You got it! They will shake the atmosphere and give us a taste of heaven. @aliveworshipde We are so happy to welcome you on saturday 18.11.2017.
So, everybody out there - come as you are, bring a friend, who brings another friend and family!
3 reasons why you must come

Saturday 18.11.2017
6:30 pm
Bostelreihe 7, 22083 Hamburg

Was passiert, wenn zwei total geniale und großartige Bands aufeinandertreffen? ... Du hast es! Sie werden die Atmosphäre erschüttern und uns einen Geschmack des Himmels geben. @aliveworshipde Wir sind so froh, euch in Hamburg am Samstag, den 18.11.2017 begrüßen zu dürfen!

Also, an alle da draußen - komm wie du bist, bring einen Freund mit, der ebenfalls einen Freund und Familie mitbringt. Drei Gründe, warum du dabei sein musst:

Samstag, 18.11.2017
18:30 Uhr
Bostelreihe 9, 22083 Hamburg

Ich lauf den Walk for Freedom. Ich kämpf für Freiheit und Frieden. Geb den Stummen ne Stimme. In dem Fight gegen Sünde. ©HukiOso

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I see my creator in the colors of my life 💫

I made this picture spontaneously while my business trip with @airbus .
. .
#happy #thankful #heartbeat #business #jesus #creator #color #photography #highresolution #wanderlust #travel #babypilotlicense #faithinsteadoffear

May I introduce: this is Jeff. He is Not only my best friend. He is my brother, buddy, stressmaker, soul relaxer and every freaking thing you can imagine. Hey yo @jeff050592 , if you read this Jeff. I am so proud that you are who you are. You're a real friend, talented and so so funny. You are so precious and valuable. It is a honour for me to have a Brother in Christ who knows what it means to stay strong even in the midst of fear/Bad words/storms. I Love to spend time with you, Thank you for encouraging me so often and believing in me.
Man its Not your birthday but its time to say it to you. Not only face to face but also in instagram so that everybody can be jealous 🤗✌🏼 Everyone who is reading this: I wish you have a friend like @jeff050592 ( follow him ✌🏼) #buddiesforlife #traveltheworld #selfie #barcelona #thankful #friends #flapscho #pullasontheroad #hukiandjeff #godisforus #blackbrother #wanderlust #spain #travel

Today I was "a la playa" 🌊 💦 near by Barcelona. I wore my favourite beach shirt, the blue and white striped linen shirt from @nohow
Big Thanks to @marianodivaio for making my Beach day extravagant 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼 Remember: Enjoy life, stay positive and don't forget that Jesus loves you ❤️ #nohow #marianodivaio #beach #water #wave #model #barcelona #spain #surfer #love #style #hair #linenshirt #nohowstyle

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