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Gotta love those cheeky moments with bub. Share your fave photo of bub showing their personality by tagging #HuggiesMum@maria.and.myla

Why do you choose Huggies?

Share a photo of bub in our nappies and tell us why you love to be a Huggies Mum! Be sure to tag #HuggiesMum to be featured on our page <3
Thanks for sharing @misskyreeloves :)

Being a mum on the go means having all of your essentials in one place. What are some of the staple items in your nappy bag?

Thanks for sharing, @MissKyreeLoves! #HuggiesUltimate #HuggiesAU #NappyBagEsssentials

Your baby's skin is extra sensitive. We created our best care for bub's skin - Huggies Ultimate range - so our Huggies mums and dads could feel comforted in knowing bub's soft skin is protected all day and night. #HuggiesAU #HuggiesUltimate

"Huggies caring for her skin, whilst I care for her heart." ❤️ Thanks for sharing @TheModernMumma | #HuggiesAU #HuggiesUltimate

Have you tried our Huggies Ultimate Nappy Pants? They're perfect for wriggly little ones who are always on the go. Regram @chloe_littlestar #HuggiesAU #HuggiesUltimate

How do you keep bub warm and cosy in bed? Huggies Nappies BreatheDry Cover allows air to circulate, which keeps bub cool and dry :) Regram @mrsdavisxo | #HuggiesAU

Soft, precious and delicate. We know our Huggies mums and dads just adore their baby's skin. Our Huggies Ultimate range gives our best care and protection for bub's skin. #HuggiesUltimate #HuggiesAU

Huggies Ultimate Nappy range is our best care for bub's delicate and fragile skin. The Huggies DryTouch® Layer instantly absorbs wetness and becomes dry within seconds, leaving your baby's skin dry and soft. #HuggiesUltimate #HuggiesAU

"I know she is super comfy in her @huggiesau new ultimate nappy. It's super soft and breathable with a stretchy waistband which is perfect for her growing tummy"
Regram @newmumstheword | #HuggiesUltimate #HuggiesAU

There's nothing more precious than the bond between a mother and her baby, but your little one's skin is a close second. Give bub Huggies' best care for skin with our Huggies Ultimate range - our softest, most breathable nappy. #HuggiesAU #HuggiesUltimate

Our NEW Huggies Ultimate range is our softest, most breathable nappy yet, giving bub our best care for skin. #HuggiesAU #HuggiesUltimate | Regram @superjae

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