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Hudson Design & Manufacturing  INVENIEMUS VIAM AUT FACIEMUS - Heritage Quality Goods Manufactured in the Home of Uncle Sam - Troy, NY. ORDER BOOKS CURRENTLY CLOSED

Just a few beers to try this weekend. Snowing on an April Friday, let's get schwasted.

What my neighbors think they drive, parking in the snow banks blocking the street ... Coincidentally the same kind of neighbors that wait for you to leave for work and take the spot you dug out. #snowpocalypse2019 #dirtbaggin

Thanks Pete for helping me get my custom rack squared away before heading back on the road post-holiday. S-Pod os next to get the lights rocking, and an add-a-leaf to level her out. Looking forward to some adventures come spring time.

Just wrapped up our 32nd voyage around the sun, and it's been one hell of an adventure with this guy. Looking forward to 33 and all the great things this year has in store for us. Thanks to all our friends and family for being along for the ride and helping us to become the men we grew up dreaming we could be. Love you all 🍻

Catch ya later Nebraska, it's been real. ✌

On this day in 1975 a great laker was lost when the gales of November came early. 29 souls never seen again. 3 long and 2 short to remember the Mighty Fitz. #edmundfitzgerald #lakesuperior

So much for #nonutnovember. Had to make a stop at Round The Bend Steakhouse near Lincoln. Excellent recommendation from the guys at work. #nnn #sweetbabyrays #rockymountainoysters

Been a crazy week headed right into a crazy weekend. Being away from home can be tough after the long days keep stacking up. Thanks Aunt Mary for sending me this picture. You must have known I was thinking about Nonni, Nonno, and the rest of the family back home.

Had some fun exploring history at the #SAC Strategic Air Command & Aerospace Museum in Ashland, NE.

These @ajt_design control knobs look pretty awesome in the #Tacoma. Nice work!

Done prepping the #ocdinsanity switch panel. Can finally start working on harnesses at night. Running out of good weather with lots of time on the road these past two months. Probably won't be getting these projects done til the snow is on the ground.

Alright gang, need some design critiques. I'm stuck between option A and option B as side panels for an 80/20 roof rack on my #Tacoma cap. 66" long side panels with twin low profile side light cutouts and slotting for 10 series 80/20 brackets or accessories if they ever need to be mounted (antenna mounts, etc.) The boxes with two circles represent the 80/20 spar locations. Added a front wind deflector at @cifaldiprecision 's recommendation 👍

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