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I've been waiting a very long time to do something like this. For all of you who are moved by the #metoo movement or have seen or heard of a woman get treated unfairly yet nothing was done. If you've felt another woman's pain and watched another woman suffer in silent than hashtag below #metoo for a shoot I'm putting together in the next few weeks. A photo shoot of real women who truly believe in the power of our voice. Location, times and date will be disclosed soon. @iammore.world ..
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The squares on your instagram feed is a space you choose to give out. When I started on here I felt so desperate to hand them out like candy to companies, brands and people who did not deserve them. Perhaps I felt that giving them out would boost my presence, add more followers or get me more visibility to more...just more of everything. How wrong was I to think that my worth is based on the product I snapped, the clothes I wore or the social gatherings I attended. I've turned my events to conferences and meaningful networking opportunities, my vain selfies to pictures of myself that actually represent the happy me, my collaborations turned to business and my squares on my feed to represent causes, people and moments and brands that are a part of my REAL life. Your social media is a story of YOU. Tell one that is worth listening to. Not everyone deserves a seat on your social and not everything you do needs validation. My social cleanse will start this week and a huge change in my content coming soon❤
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"Iam a WORLD CHANGER" is what they are screaming.

People complain about Social Media that it has nothing good to offer to our youth. Although I agree with parts of that statement I also think that we need to nurture and teach our children to use these tools for a higher and better purpose. If we don't teach them to use these platforms for a better use don't blame them for using them the way they know how. After giving my talk to an amazing group of kids from @girltalkempowerment they were moved and inspired but the person that was inspired the most was ME. Thank you God for giving me the opportunity to share my story and make a difference. Here is what happiness and fulfillment looks like. Thank you for all you amazing kids who followed me, I followed you back:) This is what I call INFLUENCE❤

While heading to an event today and grabbing myself a warm cup of Starbucks I passed Nick on the street. I smiled at him and he smiled at me. A few moments after crossing him I stopped and turned around. Something about his smile caught my heart. I went back, shook his hand and introduced my self. I asked him how his day was. He said cant complain. I asked him if he ate, he said no. I asked what he would like to eat. He said "anything". I spent $8.75 for a taco and bottle of water. He said thank you. We took a selfie:) I continued my day with a smile and feeling of compassion. One act, one gesture can make a difference❤
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Love is many things at once. When we met it was sweet, romantic and overpowering. A couple years later it transformed to affection, loyal and precious and this month we approach our 10 year mark our love has evolved to being selfless, endearing and real. Love grows over time, nurture it, water it, protect it, preserve it for its value continues to grow in this world of sorrow, tragedy, fakeness and zero f$%ks given era. If you have it, you've MADE it❤ 📸 @csmartfx ..
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This year has been an insane one for me. From launching a start up to launching @workshopsbyhuda and now speaking engagements and it never stops. Join me on the launch of my first workshop in partnership with @weworkcanada on October 19th. Tickets are up for grabs. ONLY 25 SPOTS! Last time I did this we sold out within 24 hours! There will be 3 guest speakers and you will walk away with actual learning materials. This event is for any of you looking to learn and grow. Follow @workshopsbyhuda to stay updated on many more!!! .
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Today is international #DayofTheGirl and I got the opportunity of my life to educate and empower young girls and boys this morning.Teach our girls to be stronger, resilient and fearless and encourage them to use Social platforms for doing good in this world.
Catch my instastory to see one of the most amazing days of my life💙 @girltalkempowerment @iammore.world

They would look me in the eyes and smile, yet turn right back around to tell their friend's and families that I was a muslim woman who was now a divorcee with two kids and no future.That I would never find a man who would accept my kids.That I was a disgrace to the family and most importantly that my parents were to blame for not teaching me what's right and wrong. They gossiped about me, my parents and my life. I never listened to THEM. Not only did I get re-married and blessed with another child, I'm now speaking at 3 different events this month about my divorce, my journey of overcoming those struggles as a Muslim woman. I also get to stand in front of an auditorium filled with girls ages 9 to 12 at an Elementry School on Wednesday to tell them that being a girl means no limits, that being a girl means power, that being a girl is everything you ever wanted and more. Don't listen to them....they mean nothing. Tag a woman who could use this caption in her life right now❤#storiesbyhuda 📸 @raadrahman ..
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Yesterday we dropped off the kids to three different locations, then attended a kids birthday party with no kids hahaha and then went to dinner at @thecaptainsboil where I scoured a pound of shrimps all to myself. Somewhere during all that we talked about the first time we met and how we managed to make it this far. Talking about the past, the journey and all the crappy days always fuels our relationship
#storiesbyhuda ..
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Funny how every thing in life goes around like It was yesterday. My mom's famous line was "Wait till you become a mother" and the amount of times I've caught myself saying the same things my mom did while talking to Jasmine. Either I'm getting old or it's just a natural part of life to have history repeat itself. Fast forward to now here's Jazz rocking some amazing glasses from @HaveItAllHakim while I wore bright green contacts and lime green matching top and pants when I was her age hahahah. Thanks to my very first optical store for bringing back some old memories of when I thought I looked "cool"
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