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H U B S & H E R S  a his & hers line created by a husband & wife 📍 home of HIS BABE

Just an idea 💡

📍home of His Babe

Stealing my man’s tees since 2011 🖕🏽
Tag a babe that rocks the fuck out of her husband’s clothes ↓ & shop Give ‘Em The Finger gear directly from this post #marriedaf

Better together.
She likes his beard. He likes her butt. ☕️

Fuck yeah, this candle smells like my man’s getting laid tonight.
Also, smells like lavender w/ a hint of sage ✨🌿
Tag someone who needs this candle or maybe someone who just needs to get laid 🤭 ↓

Ring, ring, HELLO?
Hell yeah, MY NAME IS TAKEN. ✋🏽
Tag someone who needs this crop yesterday ↓

verb | hi • ber • mate
to spend an obscene amount of time indoors watching @netflix and humping like wild animals

☕️ for two
Makin’ mornings together better since 2015
📽 via @smd_digital

This is the first time putting on ‘real clothes’ in a few days now. Yes, sneaks, a sundress & a baseball cap constitute as real clothes.
P.S. remember this mug? I PREFER MY BABIES WITH FUR.
Still true, but after the TLC my husband has given me in my time of need, that man can have whatever he wants.
With or without fur. #hisbabe4eva

To my husband,
Who looks far too good in grey sweats pants to be running errands without me right now.
Calling this task ‘errands’ is far too vague. He’s actually on his way to @publix to pick up my favorite dinner for a belated Mother’s Day celebration, that he lovingly planned for my mother. Also, picking up toothpaste because we ran out at the perfect fucking time for this throw up breath.
So thankful to have you as my husband, @mr_farina
P.S. @justbecausekatie, we love you to the 🌙 & 🔙 today & eveyday

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Shotgun? No thanks.
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