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moved to ken.mp4  I moved to @ken.mp4 THIS ACC IS INACTIVE ⬇️⬇️⬇️ here's the link to my new acc

Goodbye y'all see you on @ken.mp4

I'm moving to @ken.mp4 which means this account will be inactive follow me there if you want. This is my goodbye post ❤️ which is pretty personal bc I made all those pics you can see in there

I'm moving to another account I'm also going to follow everyone who I followed here ^^

Congrats y'all! Please check your dm you will get a message from us ❤️
If you didn't got in, don't be sad! There will be other recs for sure ^-^

's post -
dt: @sasassykins & @bakaneki for obvious reasons ^^
I'm more satisfied how this came out than the other manga amv
Ib/ac: @awmikasa
Manga: Tokyo ghoul re -
[ #amv #tokyoghoul #tokyoghoulamv #kaneki #touka ]

's post -
My knb account hit 1k IM S H O O K CAN YOU HEAR ME SCREAMING -
*cough* anyway if you guys have any requests let me know -
#qotd : last day of school before summer vacation?
#aotd : 23rd June is my last day...I just have to survive until then -
[ #kurokonobasket #kurokonobasuke #knb #kiseryouta #kurokotetsuya ]

's post -
dt: Mel ofc @sasassykins -
• this was supposed to be hot but I ruined it so I'm gonna make another one for sure -
Manga: Tokyo ghoul re -
Song: kehlani - gangsta (edited)
Ac: @rain.vfx -
[ #tokyoghoul #amv #tokyoghoulamv #kaneki #touka ]

's post [ hawt tg boiiiss 😩💦 ]
- first edit I remade ^-^
- the masking took so long kms -
- tried animating the text but failed - -
- Anime: Tokyo ghoul - - -
-Song: super psycho love - Simon Curtis [ #amv #tokyoghoul #tokyoghoulamv #kaneki #haise #hide #uta #ayato ]

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It's the weekend ✨💓
#qotd : do you have memes on your phone? -
#aotd : 🌚🌚🌚🌚 yes -
{ #bloodlad #staz }

's post -
five? who's dat -
dt : @tsumehira @valintinaxoxo @touka_kiss -
— tried moving borders and animating the text -
— I hope the end isn't too fucked up -
— Anime: zankyou no terror -
— Song: ridiculous (tha trickaz remix) - dope DOD — ib/ac: @innocent.edits -
[ #amv #zankyounoterror #five #nine #twelve ]

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