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🔱 Π O S Ε Ι D Ω Ν 🔱  22 / Greece English language & Literature @ AUTh @TheHouseofDrama @replaykpop new cover out now ;)

Κάνουμε γιουσουφιές!
Σας περιμένουμε το βράδυ στο @battleofthebestgr με το @thehouseofdrama
@anastasiagiousef_official @anastasia_giousef

Gabriella by Unicorns 🦄
@thehouseofdrama X Introspection

Μπη κουάιετ χα
Unicorns X Call Me Mother
@thehouseofdrama X INTROSPECTION 🥀
#rupaul #dance #callmemother

The trio squad you've seen again and again!
@thehouseofdrama X INTROSPECTION 🥀
#wonderland #dance

So grateful @the.elaris gave me a spot in his choreo
@thehouseofdrama X INTROSPECTION 🥀
#dance #dancer #choreography

🌿special day🌿

@replaykpop @ K - Wave night by K Wave Greece
Being extra and stuff
So proud of this team and what we achieved in this event and so far. Couldn't have asked for better members/teammates/friends/family.
Video of our performance out VERY SOON!
#kpop #dancecovergroup #kard #superjunior #seventeen #vixx


Εσείς καλά, εμείς καλά;
#φαίηρουμπίνη #κατερίναστικούδη #χρύσπα

I'm a ruin (you)

New cover by @replaykpop soon to find it's way into your heart ✨✨✨

We call him mother
#callmemother #thehouseofdrama
Did you watch it?

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