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Chauncey  | ~ Gåhndį Çoupė ~ |

From the streets, but I got a little sense
But I had to go coupe, no brain (Coupe, no brain)
Ain't worried 'bout you, I'ma do what I do
And I do my thing (Do my thing)

Make a n**ga wanna take a step back 😈

Ya heard

Saying that you love me and I hope you really mean it. You used to be my angel but now you are my demons. @masonline11 iz and kail 😂

Yeah I’m good, I’m really good. Never stressed about a b**ch, I never would. 💯💉

Moments best spent on the edge tho 💯😂

We the four horsemen and we f**k you up 🔥💯

“Doing all these shows I’ve been on the road, I don’t care where I go long as I get paid. Bad lil vibe, she been on my mind soon as I get back she get slayed” 💸💯

Brothers don’t have to be related by blood 💯🔥

Happy thanksgiving. I appreciate all of the people who changed and are changing my life and I wish the best for you guys in it and the ones who left and I hope we all meet again some day. 💯🍁 -Couldn’t tag any more people but even if you aren’t tagged in still thankful for you 💪🏿🙌🏼

This is only a 1/16 of us 💯💪🏻

“Mess with me and I’ll let karma do it’s job. Mess with my family and I’ll become karma” 🀄️👁

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