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Humane Society International  We're one of the only international animal protection organizations in the world working to protect all animals! We appreciate your support! ❤️🌍

BREAKING: A city court in South Korea has ruled that killing dogs for meat is illegal, in a move that could be a game-changer for the campaign to see an end to the country’s dog meat trade.
The dog meat trade exists in South Korea in legal limbo, having been neither declared explicitly legal nor illegal. But this court ruling could signal a change of direction, and comes just a month before the start of the Bok Nals, the hottest days of summer when dog meat soup consumption increases.
We are analyzing the ruling carefully to determine the wider implications of the court’s decision and are hopeful that this could be a defining moment in South Korea’s journey towards ending the dog meat trade.

Yulin Update: 135 dogs rescued from a slaughterhouse are now safe and recovering from their traumatic past. Thankfully, Chinese activists with whom HSI has worked with for many years were able to help rescue these animals just days before the start of the annual #yulindogmeatfestival .
These dogs have witnessed and endured severe cruelty, and they're in desperate need of physical and emotional care. 65 of the rescued dogs are being housed in an HSI-funded shelter and they're receiving critical medical attention, along with fresh food and water.
Please, click on the link in our bio to make an urgent donation to help care for these rescued dogs and protect animals suffering worldwide.

BREAKING: The annual #yulindogmeatfestival commences tomorrow. Meanwhile, Chinese activists with whom HSI has worked with for years, helped rescue 135 dogs from certain death at a Yulin slaughterhouse earlier this week. Now, 65 of those dogs are being cared for at an HSI-supported veterinary shelter in northern China. Please, click on the link in our bio to donate to help us fight this cruelty and protect animals worldwide. 🙏

Animal Rescue Teams from HSI Mexico and HSI Latin America raced to Guatemala to offer emergency aid to animals following the deadly Volcano de Fuego eruptions. The teams took medicine, vaccinations and surgical equipment to save and treat as many animals as possible in the worst-affected areas, including ground zero. They'll continue rescuing survivors and providing relief in the coming days.
If you’d like to donate to support our lifesaving efforts in Guatemala and help support future efforts to help wherever animals and humans are affected by disasters, please click on the link in our bio. 🙏

More than 50 dogs no longer have to fear for their lives, and it’s only possible because of YOUR support. 🙏 Thank you so much for the donations that allowed us to shut down this dog meat farm! ❤️

Did you know that sea turtles can live just as long as humans? Thanks to the lifesaving work of @hsi_india, olive ridley sea turtles have a chance to do just that. Let’s shell-ebrate and WATCH to see how! 🌊🐢 #worldseaturtleday

UPDATE: The last dog, named Clyde, has been removed from the South Korean dog meat farm YOU helped us shut down! 👏 Now, more than 50 dogs are safe from misery and cruelty, and they'll have a chance at new lives! 💖

Right now, pets are being stolen and roaming dogs snatched off the streets in preparation for China’s annual #yulindogmeatfestival starting NEXT week. The dogs’ and cats’ journey to this dreaded place is only the beginning of their suffering and once they arrive, they’ll be beaten to death for their meat. Please, click on the link in our bio to sign our petition urging the Yulin authorities to end this cruelty!

UPDATE: Our Animal Rescue Team has removed 36 out of the 50+ dogs suffering on this South Korean dog meat farm.👏The rescued dogs are on their way ✈️ to our temporary shelter facility in Canada where they’ll receive the love, care and attention they so desperately deserve. ❤️The team will continue removing the remainder of the dogs in the next day. Please stay tuned for more updates.

Caroline was used as a breeding machine on this South Korean dog meat farm. Having never seen affection, she’s terrified of people. Thanks to your support, Caroline will soon be far away from her miserable past and will slowly learn to trust again.
She’ll receive TLC and training at our @hsi_canada facility and we’re hopeful that she will make a full recovery. Our experienced team is committed to rehabilitating and rehoming rescued dogs, like Caroline, who have experienced severe trauma on these farms. 💔

Our Animal Rescue Team found sweet Kate alone and isolated, with terrible scars across her muzzle. Kate was most likely a victim of a bad dog fight, and although she has suffered a great deal, she continues to wag her tail and show affection. She doesn’t know it yet, but soon she’ll be on her way to safety! ✈️🙏

UPDATE: Our Animal Rescue Team landed safely in South Korea and are at the dog meat farm today preparing to remove all 50+ dogs! 👏 We’ll be going LIVE from the farm tonight between 8:30-9:30PM EST so please stay tuned to this page to watch the rescue unfold! ❤️

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