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Heba Hilou 

🌴🍒🌴🍒my element

Cheers to vineyards and feisty zebras. 🍷

A city that loves basketball, beer, and coffee...Travis Scott was right about Portland. #ripcity

I can't think of anyone who would make a better mom. Congrats Luch! I love her already♥️♥️♥️she's so lucky to have you and Ian as parents!

Happy birthday to my sister, loud mouth Neena. I hope 25 brings you more impulsive trips, more matcha, more angel matte lipstick, more sour beer, more fair trade coffee, and more me. I hope 25 brings you less sports talk, less tantrums, and less ppd. Thanks for being there for me in my happiest times like when Russ hit the buzzer beater against Denver and for my worst times, like that one time I had to walk around Paris with a broken nail. You make 25 saaaxi love you!

Happy birthday Jazzy Chuggy. You're definitely one of my favorite people ever. Even though you say I bullied you in Europe, you're still one of the highlights of my life. Thanks for brightening my days with pictures of your perfect eyeliner. You're for sure the craziest person I know, and Maz is my brother so that says a lot. Whenever I'm bored I watch videos of you beating up Neen and Ash or I remember how you cried during that stupid movie in the plane. Hahah. I hope 21 brings you a bar in your living room and more me in your life. Love you so much Miss Chuggs. ♥️

I wear all black and still frolic in the California poppy fields. #brightside

Three years ago today, Marla came into my life and took control. She's a furry, bougie diva and she'll force you to love her.

Ice queen ❄️☃️❄️

One of the oldest shopping malls in the world. Milan's beauty is amplified during the holidays.

I will never forget the beauty of London gloom. Thanks for this pic, @xoxoadelee ❤️🇬🇧

I'm actually not sick of them. #bubbas #chuggy #ashleysright

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