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Hrithik Roshan  Man on mission - to live the best life possible come what may.

गणपति बप्पा मौरया! #family #tradition #mymomistoocute #officialbellman #godlovesyou #sharethelove

Meerkats are rare and found only in the far reaches of the Kalahari desert in Botswana. Harmless if u are careful but can inflict a nasty bite. It took an hours drive and a 30 min walk for me and my boys with our tracker to find this incredible gang of meerkats. They are very wary of predators and usually one of them is appointed as a sentry to alert the rest of the gang. The sentry’s job is to look for a mound which he then climbs as a lookout post. So the only way to get close to these amazing creatures is to sit completely still, like frozen for about 15 -20 mins and wait for the sentry meerkat to assume that you are a mound and climb on top of you to lookout for danger! So here we are - posing as completely convenient sentry posts. #patienceiskey #adventuretime #exploreeverywhere #dontjustexist #createyourlife #africa #bff #fatherandsons

समय बदल रहा है। Welcome to #Super30

अब राजा का बेटा राजा नहीं बनेगा... अब राजा वही बनेगा जो हकदार होगा! #Super30

2 boys and a man on a giant bike. That’s how we move. #summerinsantorini #greece #exploreeverywhere #dontjustexist #bff #createyourlife

The situation in Kerala is critical. Help is required.
Please let’s come forward and do whatever we can. Our friends in Kerela need us right now. I have contributed a sum and I request you all to do whatever you can. God bless #kerelafloodrelief

Koi mil gaya gave birth to Krrish, and in a weird way playing Rohit gave birth to a newfound strength in myself.
Rohit helped me understand every single thing I went thru as a boy with a stutter. And made me realize how everything that “is” was simply meant to be.
He helped me understand that strength was not as important as courage. And that it was ok to have weaknesses. And that being ok with your weaknesses in itself was courage.

Another beautiful thing he taught me is never to assume what other people are thinking. He never did. Never tried to mind read others like we do so often in this age of sms and whatsapp. Rohit took things at face value or based on evidence.
A good tip for today’s gen who should know that u can never really communicate the tone while typing the words. Today relationships are sometimes at the mercy of how the typed sentence is interpreted.
15 years ago jaadu happened in the theaters and another jaadu in my own life. So keep going. Others have said this before , I’m saying it now and you will say it one day looking back at the things that didn’t make sense. It’s all going to work out . I promise .
On its 15th anniversary, I’m sharing a few of my favorite moments from the film. I want to thank all the people who were part of this amazing journey. Especially my dad n mom. And ofcourse thank you to all of you for the love u gave me. #15yearsofkoimilgaya #itsmagic #itsallgoingtoworkout #jaadu #ipromise

took a selfie. Liked it. then posted it. #keepitsimple

Throwback. 2015. Two boys, a man, and the long road less travelled by. #travellerlife #africa #adventure..isoutthere #funtakeswork #explorers #dontjustexist #bffs #metime #mylife

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