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Nine in the afternoon thoughts

You'll always find me at sunset

When is enough, enough ?

Darkness will be exposed in light

Let 2018 be the year we fall in love with ourselves

I hate snow

Kindness has become so rare that by simply being nice to someone you're considered flirting.

For the past few months, I have been assistant director of my school's musical the Sound of Music. This has been an awesome experience and I'm so proud of everyone that was involved.
We definitely broke a leg!

Happy Halloween

So today is my 18th birthday. I decided instead of just posting a pic, I would write 18 Things I've Learned In My 18 Years Of Life.
1. You are a good judge of character, when you have a certain feeling about someone it's usually right.

2. Listen to your parents, they have your best interest in mind.

3. Stop messing with your eyebrows; they are bushy and beautiful.

4. School work is going to be difficult; don't let that defeat you.

5. People suck, the only person you can rely on is yourself.

6. Try new things, even if you suck at them.

7. Quality over quantity
8. Don't let anyone ever walk all over you.

9. Participate. While I know it's easier sitting on the sidelines, participating will make life better, believe it or not.

10. You have the right to feel proud of yourself.
11. People come and go from your life, embrace the time you have with them.

12. Stop tanning, you will never get a proper tan.

13. Do not care what people say or think about you, the only opinion that matters is your own.

14. Forgive others and forgive yourself; bitterness will only hurt you.

15. Things always get better.

16. Don't take yourself too seriously.
17. You will never be a cool kid, just accept .
18. Don't rush your life, it will come.

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