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Immaculate #turbocharged, #nitrous injected Audi Group B monster!

Take a detailed look at the @eps_motorsport#Audi #Quattro #GroupB replica that we found racing in the Unlimited Class of the 2017 @ppihc1916

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Most people will never understand the work that goes in to running a competitive car at Pikes Peak. It's a brutal week with 2 am starts, long days, and late nights repairing, improving and refining in order to get the most out of the car and ensure it makes it to the finish line. We caught up with the @enviatehypercar crew as they were making some final changes to the car at JC Fabworks following the final day of practice. If you want to learn more about EFI Tuning, get started now with our free six part series of lessons. You can start learning right now by clicking the link in our profile. #highperformanceacademy #learntotune #pikespeak

What do you do when 8.4 litres of V10 #dodge #viper engine isn't enough for you? You add a #paxton centrifugal supercharger of course! Centrifugal superchargers could be likened to a turbocharger that's driven by the crankshaft via a belt instead of by the exhaust gasses. This type of supercharger has the advantage of a compressor design that's typically more efficient than a positive displacement supercharger, however the boost pressure is tied to the engine rpm and this results in a boost curve that constantly increases through the rev range. This actually offers some advantages in traction limited cars though as the power delivery is often easier to manage at low rpm. Learn more about performance EFI Tuning with our free 6 part series of lessons. Follow the link in our profile to start learning now! 🤓 #highperformanceacademy #learntotune #pikespeak

Staged injection is a common solution to supplying fuel for high powered engines while still being able to accurately supply the small quantities of fuel needed at idle and cruise. This @amsperformance inlet manifold from the @lyfemotorsport #nissan #r35 #gtr houses a set of 6 #injectordynamics #id1300 secondary injectors to go along with the 6 #id1700 primary injectors mounted in the stock location. The primary injectors are used at low rpm and low load but as the engine's fuel demands increase the @motecusa #m150 ECU seamlessly begins staging in the secondary injectors. Learn more about EFI Tuning with our free series of video lessons. You can start learning right now by clicking the link in our profile. #learntotune #highperformanceacademy

A common cause of engine failure in motorsport applications is oil starvation. This is particularly common with stock engines that use a 'wet-sump'. The ideal solution is to convert to a dry sump lubrication system which uses an external crankshaft-driven pump to scavenge oil from the crankcase and return it to a remote reservoir (pictured). From the bottom of the oil reservoir the oil is pumped back through the engine. The design of the reservoir ensures that regardless of cornering,braking or acceleration g-forces, the engine will always receive a constant supply of high pressure oil. Learn how to build performance engines with our Practical Engine Building course - Follow the link in our profile to learn more. #highperformanceacademy #enginebuilding101 #evox @jcfabworks

The @eps_motorsport #audi #quattro #groupb replica was one of our favourite cars at @ppihc1916 this year. We've already posted a few pics of the car but if you want the inside info on what makes this car tick, you NEED to watch our Tour Tour video over on our YouTube channel. Check it out by following the link in our profile. While you're over there, hit 'subscribe' to be the first to know when our next Pikes Peak video is released. #highperformanceacademy #learntotune #pikespeak

Tuning isn't always finished when the engine comes off the dyno - It's just as important to check and optimise the tune on the road, race track, or in this case the mountain. With proper data logging the tuner is able to monitor all the engines vital signs under real world conditions and make changes if required. In this case @thesmartefiguy is putting some finishing touches on the tune in the @haltechecu Elite 2500 ECU fitted to the @enviatehypercar prior to another practice run on the top section of Pikes Peak. Learn to tune EFI with our EFI Tuning Fundamentals online course. Click the link in our profile to start learning now! #highperformanceacademy #learntotune #pikespeak

Drive by wire (dbw) throttle systems don't normally mix that easily with traditional race car pedal boxes which are designed for cable throttle actuation. The team at @eps_motorsport got around this with their epic #Audi #Quattro #groupb replica by using a @kasensors dual output linear potentiometer as an input to the @motecusa #m150 ECU. The dual channel potentiometer is important for dbw applications as it provides a safety strategy so the ECU can shut the throttle in case of sensor failure. As the throttle is opened one of the sensors moves from 0 to 5 volts while the other moves the opposite way. This allows the ECU to check that both sensors are tracking correctly. Learn more about EFI Tuning with our 'EFI Tuning Fundamentals' course. It's just $99 USD and you can start learning immediately by following the link in our profile. #learntotune #highperformanceacademy #m1army

Here's a quick shot of an impressive #mitsubishi #evox build we spied while hanging out at #jcfabworks. The car is running a @syvecs plug & play ecu along with a #plextuning dash logger. In this pic you can see the individual cylinder lambda sensors which connect to an @aemelectronics 4 channel UEGO unit. This unit also incorporates back pressure compensation to ensure that the lambda readings remain accurate as exhaust back pressure increases. The Success ECU when coupled with this unit allows complete individual cylinder tuning to account for any airflow distribution differences that may result in uneven air/fuel ratio across the 4 cylinders. While this may not be a huge concern at moderate power levels, in high boost and high power applications it becomes much more critical. Learn more about Air fuel ratio and it's effects on engine performance with our 'Understanding AFR' online course. It's just $79 USD and you can start learning immediately from the comfort of your own home. Follow the link in our profile to learn more. #highperformanceacademy #learntotune

You know you're making some serious numbers when you start smashing aftermarket components like this! This is what 3 seasons of heavy abuse at power levels north of 1000 hp did to the 4.0 litre stroker crank in the @lyfemotorsport #r35 #nissan #gtr engine 😳 Learn about building high performance engines with our Engine Building Fundamentals course - Click the link in our profile to find out more. #enginebuilding101 #highperformanceacademy

With all of the information we have at our fingertips (ahem the @hpa101 instagram for example... 😏), it's easy to forget that smart engineers have been coming up with novel solutions to unique problems since before most of us were born. Here's the #Audi #works replica strut tops on the front of the @eps_motorsport Audi Quattro Group B replica. The tricky part is that by simply pulling out a locking pin and sliding out a short bar, the castor can be changed from gravel spec to tarmac spec in a matter of seconds. Pretty clever huh? Sign up for our free EFI Tuning lessons by clicking the link in our profile 😎 🚗💨#highperformanceacademy #learntotune #pikespeak

One of the issues we faced with the @highlandsnz #Ford Focus at #PPIHC was keeping the engine cool. While this wasn't an issue at sea level, the thin air at 14,000 feet reduces the efficiency of the cooling systems. To help combat this a water spray system was installed to spray water over the radiator. This was controlled via the @motecusa #PDM30 to switch on when the engine temp exceeded a certain level, and the driver was above a certain throttle position. This ensured the system was only spraying water when necessary, and that the water tank could survive a full run up the hill. Learn more about EFI Tuning with our free six part series of lessons. Click the link in our profile to get started now! #highperformanceacademy #learntotune #pikespeak

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