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🌈Portals. #hthgtransformation @peace888 ❤️

✨🌈Meet Michele❤️ She was ready to shed years of life and start anew, to begin a new chapter🦋She set an intention for her life through her hair transformation, wrote it down. Then, she shaved her own head for the first time ever. She offered her intention and her fallen hair to the element of Fire to make it so🔥🔥🔥Then, she let me paint colorful prayers of manifestation and brilliance onto her head. The whole experience was experimental and deeply transformative for two strangers who met over Instagram, for a reason. Check out this short video, and more on the blog today🌈 and big thank you to @peace888 for her bravery and fierceness and for knowing herself and letting us witness this part of her journey. #freeyourhaircolor #hthgtransformation #hair #stuckinghairstuckinlife #rainbowhair #hairart #hairhealing ❤️ #hairritual

✨🌺Brushing my hair in my quiet house❤️ #sacredselfcare #freeyourhairbrush if you don't have one already, purchase through link in profile, this batch is going fast and ships out on Monday. Love Straight to Your Crown 👑😘

Shaving Your Head✨⚡️✨ Have you? Would you? Will you? I did once, and will do it again when the right time comes. 💎💎💎To celebrate a series of brave women letting me shave their head for a Transformation series🦋 I wrote a post on ⚡️When to Shave Your Head⚡️, and here is a list of reasons to go for it✨💎✨More on the #hthg blog today🌈
•Because you are drunk and you are in a bar bathroom in Berlin and someone dares you to.
•To show your mom who you really are.
•Because you are going through a breakup.
•Because you find yourself unnecessarily stuck in a cycle of obsession with how you are seen by others and you want to break free.
•Because you are ready to start living life differently.
•Because something hasn’t felt right for a really long time and though you may not understand it, you are ready to move past it.
•Because you just experienced a major shift.
•Because you just lost someone you really love. •Because you are on the verge of a major change and you realize that there will never be the right time, so the time has to be now. •Because you want to atone for energetic karma.
•Because you want to divorce yourself from oppressive cultural standards on women and the meaning of beauty. •Because you are ready to jump off the hamster wheel of harsh chemical hair treatments and start fresh.
•Because you are going to lose your hair to Chemo
•No reason at all, but because something besides reason tells you to just fucking do it⚡️Thanks to @peace888 For being the first time in the series and sharing such a powerful experience.....her visual story publishes tomorrow #shaveit #shaveyourhead #freeyourhair #stuckinhairstuckinlife #hthg #hthgtransformation

🌼Really glad to have this special place to come back to, every week and every season🌱🌼 She is always changing and growing and always herself #nature #mother #earth #greenlake #flowermedicine #buttercup #seattle #reflection #hthgcolorinspo

Guess who??🍒🍍🌺 I love @oohsarracuda for many reasons, one of them is that she brings her great husband and vegan donuts and canned and pickled goods from last Summers veggies❤️and pink is her natural color. #riotgrrrl #freeyourhaircolor

To all my Instafriends✨⚡️✨Thank you for helping me reach 40k❤️I keep doing this creative, heartfelt experiment here on IG because I love it. Being supported while supporting others is what keeps Community connected, vibrant and alive, and this colorful place is a portal for earnest intention⚡️art⚡️life⚡️truth and I am honored to be a part of it. THANK YOU for being here with me in this virtual magic space and for receiving what I offer in whatever ways that you do, and returning the favor with encouraging words and inspired thoughts and images and pieces of your own hearts❤️✨⚡️✨ 💎Beautiful wrap/everything blanket made by @running_rivers #motherhood #freeyourhair #filthandbeauty #wisteria #36weeks

Little 🌈 of Braids✨ #freeyourhaircolor

Little creation from the couch/infirmary. Tea, coffee, hair brush game strong. Feeling a black hole in the sun for the passing of Chris Cornell🌑☀️🌑☀️🌑Got Badmotorfinger playing to the pounding of my headache. Check out today's IG story for my favorite self-care trick, preparing for post-birth life/healing. #pussypopsicle #blackholesun #pregnantlife #freeyourhair #filthandbeautymandala

✨⚡️💎⚡️✨😘 #njhaircombs @nikkijacoby #freeyourhair

✨💎⚡️💎✨ see last post, and check out today's IG story for more info❤️ #njhaircombs @nikkijacoby #freeyourhair

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