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FREE YOUR HAIR  ROXIE • JANE • HUNT •⚜️Braids, Brushes, Blooms and Rainbows⚜️• Intuitive Hair Styling 🌈 Creative Education ✨DM Inquiries✨Shop/ Blog

Today's color inspiration 🌹🌷🌹 @snow_goose_produce #skagitvalley #hthgcolorinspo

Secret 🌈 Rainbows #freeyourhaircolor #surfacepainting

🌙Def feeling this New Moon. Good day for baking (a challenge and mental block I'm trying to work through.) My bread looks like a gigantic chicken nugget but I think it will taste 👌 Dark Chaga bath with fresh lilac, to kiss my pasty skin golden. Ready for some real sunshine any day now💦💦☀️ Fit 4 (including belly) into the tub, didn't last long though. Savored a few minutes in there with Mars sticking lilac blooms in my hair while Selah scrubbed my back. This, in case anyone wonders, is why I had kids in the first place. (To bathe and adorn me😆😂.) JK. Sort of. Hope everyone out there is taking some time for self-care today, even if it's just a moment to smell the lilacs🌱🌸 #freeyourbath

Rainbow Babe🌈 She let me paint her hair as long as I would paint her brows too. #done #rainbowbrows #rainbowhair #freeyourhaircolor #manicpanic

Our solution 🌈 to a gray day. #freeyourhaircolor

Watch out, @teamcoco she's coming for ya💋💔👠💃🏽💄 #missbeehivin @missbeehivin @holleyshon @nikkilane77 @strehleb Tune in tonight! #conanobrien

✨🌙Taurus Babes🌙✨If life were a sword, one edge would be the linear path, well planned, beautifully organized and solidly grounded. The other edge would be the Great Mystery, the deep knowing that our plans can change at any point, without our control and that within the mystery is a brilliant spectrum of possibility🌈 Taurus folks do so well on that linear path, and we are lucky to have them and their capable skills in thinking through things, making solid plans and giving thoughtful advice.✨🌙✨This months message to our Taurus friends from the Free Your Hair Horoscope and @the_moondeck is this.....✨🌙✨Sometimes, we stand at a turning point in life on the verge of transformation. There doesn't have to be a reason for it. It is easy to feel fear of the unknown. We encourage you to embrace and celebrate the Mystery, and to go with it. Things will make sense later, but for now, consider walking in the great unknown, trusting the outcome whatever it may be.✨✨✨🌈✨✨✨Also, set your hair free. All this and more on #hthg blog today. Please tag Taurus friends and invite them in❤️❤️❤️ #freeyourhair #hairoscope #freeyourhairbrush #themoondeck #taurus link in profile

🌈That on-the-fly bang trim. Just so they don't hang in her eyeballs but she's too busy to sit still and let me perfect them. I would have done ANYTHING for a mom who did my hair. She can't be bothered to care two shits about what her hair looks like. At best, she is mildly entertained by the attention her rainbow hair has brought her at school, in a sarcastic eye-rolling sort of way. She would rather be reading❤️or unraveling yarn or painting or writing historical fiction or climbing trees or sitting and watching her 13 chickens peck around the yard. At this point, I pay her in yarn money to sit for me and let me paint and braid her. Sometimes I even have to beg❤️🌈 #mars #freeyourdaughter #loveher

Magnolia🌸🌱 an enthusiastic celebration of all phases of life #filthandbeauty 🍾🎇🎆 #hthgcolorinspo

Hair Idol 💄Dream Babe❤️💔👠💃🏽💋💄 She learned to rag roll her hair from Shirley Temple. #missbeehivin #ragcurls @holleyshon @missbeehivin

Hair Idol💄Beehive Prep❤️💔💄💋💃🏽👠With unbelievable style and finesse, the rags come out. #ragcurls #beehive @holleyshon @missbeehivin #missbeehivin #hair

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