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Breakfast. It's what's for dinner.

By @scienceofparenthood

Parents [under breath]: I'm doing it because I WANT to do it, not because you told me to seventeen times.

By @scarymommy

*groans menacingly*

Sometimes you look online at what parents do and go OH WOW. And sometimes you go WHOA.

Just look away. It's best for everyone if you don't see this.

By @mommycusses

I even resorted to hiding them on a chair so I didn't have to clean up a blizzard of packets.

That'll teach 'em!

By @lunarbaboon

Ah yes. The good ol' "whisper scream." By @walking_outsidde

One of the truthiest of thruths.

By @truthfactsofficial

Oh duck. Via @lifeofdad

SOME tomorrow.

Parents of kids with special needs blow me away. This techie dad put sound emitters in Easter eggs so his blind daughter could join into the hunt. *slow clap*

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