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I pity the fool who doesn't understand this pie chart.

He's a grandpa. So he's seen some sh*t.

By @badparentingmoments

I love bees, but I hate it when they love me. 🏃🏻🐝
By @theoatmeal

If a parent hasn't yet mastered that frozen slightly-horrified smile of fake interest, this'll do it.

By @katewhinehall

Cursed if you do, cursed if you don't.

This graph is one of the worst truth roller coasters for parents.

By @scienceofparenthood

What's the opposite of photogenic?

By @therealramblinma

We've all experienced that moment when "it all makes sense now" haven't we?

By @theunfitfather

Please speak directly into the mic. *fires hose*

By @mommyowl1


Via @badparentingmoments

Your brain throws up in your heart when the horror sinks in.

At LEAST a card and a break.

By @twisteddoodles

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