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It's like self-inflicted insomnia.

By @realamericandadass

"But I had a bath lasterday!" -filthy stinking kids

By @alyceoneword

Like father, like daughter.


It's practically a professional cleaning service. Except without the professionals.

By @scarymommy

Kids. Always asking the important, hard-hitting questions.

By @simoncholland

Don't worry about remembering their rules, they'll all be changed in a minute.

I love sausages. And I do love gummy bears. Buuuuuttttt...

Thank goodness age is time-released.

By @katewhinehall

Everyone adults differently.

By @everydaygirldad

Whoa. These are the 'roids you're looking for.


By @mylifesuckers

I once pity tipped a barista extra because of the short story of a coffee the person in front of me placed.

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