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  God, why did you create me .

Why do people get married in the first place cause the end they gonna hate each other till death

I feel like i can’t take it anymore really can’t. Can’t i just be fucking dead or something. My feeling is so enormous like it gonna blow me away. My stupid brain. Stop giving that shit feeling to me. It’s been 4 straight days and i feel like hell. I hate me. Stupid me living in her stupidity mind.

Mental breaking down. Crying like hell while showering. Feeling nothing but want to sleep forever. Man. God. Please help me

Right now. Laying in my bed and try so hard just go grasping some air to breath

I have to go to class... please dont mess with my brain please dont make me want to cry in front of the plubic please

My mom

Why can’t i be disappeared forever ?

Oh right, this year i still wish u wasn’t born

Please stop stalking me on this account. And please stop pretending like ur actually care.

It’s like when i got my toeic score and it was just 100 score less than the actual full score. I felt pround for myself for like 3 secs. And then i kept thinking why i can’t make it up too 900 why i just got only a 890 where the heck is that 10 ?????? Why im still this stupid and can’t do anything right just for once

Just for shutting up everyone’s mouth

Me eating alone and then crying : this happens all the time

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