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Anna Maron  ✨Feeling good & laughing & searching & yoga & the right word & letting lightning strike & joy in what you do & feeling sexy & awesome folks & LOVE.

✨When you really are tired, you WILL let go. 🙏🏻👐🏻✨

✨I see you 👁

✨Today's Lesson: Don NOT hula hoop without a bra on. That is all. Carry on then. Carry on. ✨

✨If you believe it -- you can be it. Don't let anyone tell you that your delusions aren't real✨✨We can all be Unicorns 🦄✨💛

✨😛😋😜😝✨ Everyone else is making the rules up as they go, I've always liked this one. A true classic✨😉

✨🌲What a gorgeous day to run across such a gorgeous poem written by a gorgeous person ✨✨. Shine brightly, stand tall, Dear Goddesses, all ✨💫☀️

✨Always keep them guessing...

✨😈 Hehe

✨Sneak a few blueberries into a stranger's pocket, so they can have a little snack later...🍇🍒🍬

✨Shaking off this week like...

✨There are times that we must go with the flow, otherwise there would BE no flow. Other times, we need to veer off on our own, or there would be no new roads. We must take our turn to take the lead at times, because SOMEONE has to do it and, no, it can't ALWAYS be the other guy. But it is always that we have the option to simply accept that we aren't like everyone else...and so find connection and appreciation within the paradox, that we are JUST like everyone else, because no one is alike, and so why not allow our differences to unite us if they can? ✨

✨Like my girls says...

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