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Aquí Me Quedo (with coconuts in a cool bath).

New @prince_street_ and this one's good. @johntedge in conversation with @thehungryear. @justshama on the very first food that drew her to Georgia, long before the @thegreysavannah. And I sat down with @theirc's president and CEO David Miliband to talk about a food crisis that demands all of our attention right now. @itunes, @spotify, please listen in.


This baby weighs 300 pounds, but look at the joy, the style, the poise, the grace of his carrier. I'll celebrate her! Happy Mother's Day, you badass.

📕layout day.

Can't believe the one-eyed horse didn't win.

This burger. This place. This bar. Is there a better spot to eat alone?

Khao salad, chicken frites, trays made from recycled skateboards. 👊👊👊@wguidara, @danielhumm

@alexstupak x @guarnaschelli x @prince_street_ . Honest AF. Worth your 37 minutes. I promise. Link in profile.

Anish Kapoor's Descension, starting to rumble in Brooklyn Bridge Park. When fully operational, it promises to provide observers with "the illusion of an ever-churning black hole."

A few years ago I spent some time reporting on oil and gas issues in Wyoming. Mostly about the ways big energy companies impact private citizens, like this one, by poisoning their land with drilling, fracking, chemicals, noise, smoke, gas, anxiety, fear. The stories are infuriating, shocking, heartbreaking. They were then. And with the EPA's current gutting, one line of protection for everybody, and for goat farms like this one (yes, this is a goat farm) will be seriously compromised. The story I wrote was also about individuals who took matters into their own hands to protect themselves. Heroes. Happy Earth Day to them.

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