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Also: it's a new @wsjmag day today and I wrote about Brazil's incomparable Rogério @fasano, whose family saga reminded me of a restaurateur's version of 100 Years Of Solitude. Except with way more pasta and no actual solitude ever. Also in the issue, must see Jared Leto photos, badass skaters and @samedford from Marrakech showing why she's the very best at what she does. Fasano photos by the excellent @franparente. Ne plus ultra pancakes by Fremont Diner.

Began reporting on the @chefthomaskeller x @snohetta (@craigdykers, pictured) collaboration @_tfl_ in March '16 for a @wsjmag story that ran earlier this year. Returned last night for some @wsjplus live journalism. And found out these two are still carefully tweaking the new kitchen that took them 4 years to build. We also talked about empathy, life changing encounters and how to pick out the perfect blossoming tree. 📸: the ever talented @mahaney_mark #wsjplus

This is Hilton Kelley and his wife, Marie. The restaurant behind them, in Port Arthur, Texas, is theirs. I visited them in 2011 to write a story for @oprahmagazine about Hilton's life and work as an environmental activist and community organizer, fighting hard against big oil to ensure the safety and good health of his neighbors. Hilton is a titan. And a hero. His restaurant is as significant as an activist's think tank as it is for its pork chops. Right now, Hilton is doing what he does best: fighting for his community and making humans feel human in the midst of catastrophe. Hurricane Harvey hit Port Arthur hard and Hilton needs help rebuilding. He'll be in New York speaking on a @hiphopcaucus panel about climate change on 9/24 @thenewschool with @adriangrenier. Go see him! And if you have the means and interest here's how to help Hilton and Port Arthur with donations: http://youcaring.com/hurricaneharveypatx 📸: @robhoward10

Here's to 30 more! Happy birthday, @therivercafelondon.

Some first looks @sneakersthebook posting on its own feed. Follow over there for more. This is the opener of a chapter about @nikesb creative visionary @jesseleyva25 who's instrumental in bringing the culture to sneaker culture. It's largely about how collaboration happens and makes me feel lucky for my own brilliant collaborators on the book, @alexfrenchofficial and @rodrigocorral_. Book is out 10/24. Pretty soon. Still time to pre-order. Link in profile. 📸: the great @mushroom_collector.

Last meal of the summer was one of the best. @barbabiancany

There is no restaurant like @therivercafelondon, which turns 30 next month, and there is no chef quite like its co-founder @ruthierogers. I wrote about both in this weekend's @wsjmag. On stands today. 📸: @bailey_studio

Porridge and toast with The Apron Lady and The Shoe Surgeon (@sneakersthebook comes out 2 months from today: pre-order? pre-order!)

Lucky to walk into Song on duck curry night.

Sesame seeds 🎯🎯🎯

This is @pilot_brooklyn. And that's Another beer. On ice.

A few years ago I had the great fortune of talking to Sam Shepard for a piece in @wired about his work in the movie The Right Stuff. He played Chuck Yeager, but originally didn't want the role. "I felt like it was ridiculous to play a living person," he told me. "And I knew Chuck and I didn't feel like I was him at all. We're physically different, we're emotionally different. I didn't feel like I was empathetic to the part." But Shepard took it. The film's director kept pestering him to and ultimately he slid the script under Shepard's door at the Chateau Marmont. Shepard latched on to the character even though he was playing the greatest pilot alive and was himself afraid to fly. "Well, I thought if I died with the world's greatest pilot it would be okay," Shepard said. "We walked into this hangar and he picked up this stick with a hook on the end of it and he dragged this plane out. And we got in it and flew over the desert." Later in the interview, Shepard talked about a fist fight @toscacafesf during the course of shooting the film. He punched a guy out defending the honor of the restaurant's owner. And when I asked him about being an actor playing a character who breaks the sound barrier, he said the following and I still think about it, and what it means, all the time: "I don't do research like that. I'm not a method actor. I just go for it. I find—in this case, here's a real guy, and I could have cared less about the sound barrier. What I was trying to do was capture something about the man. Something about his independence, something about his arrogance, something about his humility and his courage. That's all I was interested in. I wasn't interested in sound barriers."

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