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Howie Ho 

I haven't photographed for a long time...It's been a long time...

Happy birthday🎂
Happy marriage💍

I like summer rain💦the sunshine after the rain☀And anytime you❤

when 6-0 Neymar said is so bored in played football,i have to play basketball😂😂

Live is still going on.

plant by myself...

No matter how the result
I will do what I should do
Don't care about other people think
His efforts only oneself know
Luck is the result of the efforts

I love study!Study make me happy.When I finish final I do my summer holiday homework!💪💪

After cry.After upset.I have to work hard!💪💪


I never believe that no lie in the world.
But I believe everything what you lie to me.

It's a pity that isn't you accompany with me.

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