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Kara 🎉Fabulistas Blog o' Fun  Jamming fun into mom life since 2011. 😎 Making a fool of yourself, OTT Mom fashion & read-a-thons, highly encouraged. 🎉 rockstar@fabulistas.com👌🏼

My shirt should say LUCKIEST PERSON EVER because I am. You guys are seriously the best. I get so nervous about posting about vulnerable things and then you all rise up and remind me that we are never alone (even if our brain is being a stinker and telling us we are), but there’s support and love right there if we’re brave enough to reach out. So, THANK YOU. It made a huge difference. ❤️ In other news, who knew these green shoes would be the most versatile in my closet? I was looking for a nod to the leprechauns and THERE THEY WERE. 😂🍀🍀🍀Happy Sunday, you guys, and ❤️💖❤️💖.

I think of my depression as a cliff that I walk along side. Most of the time it’s at a safe distance - I’m on the trail next to it, aware it’s there, but not overly concerned. Occasionally I’ll go and frolic in the meadow and the idea it even exists feels foreign and ridiculous to me. And then, seemingly without warning, I’ll be at the edge, frantically grabbing at everything I can to hold me up, keep me steady, don’t let me fall too far. For the past few months, I’ve been having all night dance parties in the meadow and, if I’m honest, I got cavalier. I stopped doing the things I know keep me healthy because, even though my mouth was saying this is something I will always carry with me and need to maintain, I was secretly pretty sure I’d beaten it. ⠀⠀
Um, I haven’t. ⠀⠀
It’s been a long two weeks of rawness, shutting down, and getting through, which is not how I want to be living. I’ve been here many times before though and, even though I always fear I’ve fallen in too deep this time and this is my new normal, it always lifts and I find my way back out and before you know it, I’m all “Making peanut butter sandwiches was exhausting?!? I can make 47 right now with my eyes closed while doing the can-can!” ⠀⠀
On the plus side, I know now, unequivocally, what I’ve been doing to stay healthy is actually working, which feels highly motivating and makes me less devastated about my significant pizza losses. Because, trust me, my feelings towards pizza are deep and real, but not worth a trip to the bottom. ⠀⠀
You guys, regardless of where you are - firmly on the path, partying in the meadow, looking up at us from the bottom - know it’s okay and you’re okay and this too shall pass. ❤️❤️❤️And, future Kara, I know the pizza looks good but, um, 👆🏼.

No biggie, but this is my life now.* *(This is a lie. I’m currently stuck at the airport while my flight keeps getting delayed and I probably live here now. But this was my life yesterday so that totally counts, right?) Happy Sunday!! (Updated: Um, it’s Thursday. So I have no idea which way is up and will probably just lay on the floor and take a nap. 😂😂😂 Happy Whatever Day!)

I’m always on the fence if I should go to conferences - it’s a lot of money and work and then there are the kids, blah, blah - and then I’m always so happy I made it happen! It feels so good to be around people who get what you do and don’t immediately fall asleep when they hear the words SEO optimization (see? I just lost half of you). Plus, I get to wear fun clothes, and eat out, and go to the bathroom by myself. Things are HAPPENING around here, folks! 💃🏻🕺😂 Do you have any conferences or getaways planned? I feel like I need to get another couple on the books! 📷: the lovely @christinamcneill

Reno! The kids have the week off of school and the hubs is out of town and I knew if we stayed at home it would be cleaning all day, every day 🙄 so I packed us up and took us to Reno. And it’s been a blast! I didn’t really have a plan outside of thrift a bit, but we’ve managed to hit some adorable places (@homagereno for pasteries, @babcafe2017 for Korean bab), hit some excellent thrifting (@junkeereno and Antiques and Treasures) and also managed to rock climb and hit the Kids’ Discovery Museum and, holy crap, no wonder I’m exhausted. 😂 Anyone else know Reno? We have tomorrow morning and I was going to head to @thebasementreno but let me know if there’s somewhere else I need to hit! And any of you into traveling solo with the kids? I gotta say it’s pretty special. 💖

It’s just glamour, glamour, glamour around here, people.*
(*This is a lie. It’s mainly laundry. Laundry, laundry, and more laundry.) (**I posted a home tour on Stories if you want to check it out. I mean I really spruced the place up for you guys. 😬) (***And, yes, that’s a tag. 😎)

Okay, now we’re officially ready for Valentine’s Day. 😍❤️😎❤️😂

I'm so glad you all liked the Homeless Care Packages for your car that I did with @cutiescitrus! I've been trying to think what would be most helpful and thought I'd post the full list of items here in case you're at the grocery store and decide to get one together and are all, "WHERE DID I SEE THAT LIST?!?!" and then give up because the internet feels way too huge. 😭 #momlife
What the kids and I included:⠀
-toothbrush and toothpaste with toothbrush holder⠀
-wet wipes⠀
-Chapstick (I think sunscreen would also be helpful)⠀
-non-perishable snacks (I forgot to put water in the photo, but we also do a bottle of water!)⠀
–Cuties (because it seems like it’d be nice to eat something not processed and Cuties are pretty much the handiest snack ever)⠀
-You are Awesome card (which I waffled on, but then figured everyone needs to be told they’re awesome every once in awhile, right?)⠀

Did I miss anything obvious? Has anyone tried it? The kids and I gave one to a guy today who gave me finger guns, which was pretty much the best thank you a gal could ask for, don’t ya think? 😂👊🏼🍊 #ad #100daysofsunshine

Always classy. 👊🏼 Happy Monday!

You know how sometimes as a mom it can feel like no on really sees you? I mean they see you, like "There's Mom and I hope she packed my lunch", but they don't necessarily see you need a break or you're overwhelmed or you haven't talked to anyone above the age of 4 all day and just want someone to notice you put on lipstick. ⠀

Well, this is my gal for that. @delishdesigns unloads my dishwasher every time she comes over (what?!?!?) and helps cut out skeletons for preschool and tells me to take a break and to quit giving myself such a hard time. I feel supported and loved when she's around and that's pretty much all a gal can ask for, right? ❤️💖👯‍♀️⠀

Who's your gal or guy? Tag them below as a thanks for making mom-ing just a little bit easier. (Also, I tagged like 500 people because as I wrote this I started thinking "Wait, there's also that person" and, holy crap, I'M VERY LUCKY. Also, @delishdesigns my dishwasher is super full so if you could hustle on over it’d be 👊🏼.)

Because a mom has to wear SOMETHING to the grocery store. 😎

First, YOU ARE AWESOME. Just wanted to make sure you knew that. 😎⠀

Secondly, I'm super-psyched about my new blog post! (Am I allowed to say that? 'Cause I am! 😬😂) Random Acts of Kindness Day is coming up on February 17th and I have a ton of stuff planned (lots of ringing doorbells and sprinting away, obviously). To get us going, I partnered with @cutiescitrus to show you how to make homeless care packages you can keep in your car to hand out at stop lights. WHAAAAAA?!?! Good, right? ⠀

The kids and I had such a good time putting them together, and it feels nice to connect with folks when we're stopped at a light rather than avoiding eye contact because I’m not sure how to best help. 😬 All the deets on what to include are on the blog, plus the You Are Awesome download, which you should definitely use for this and then probably use to wallpaper your bathroom. Because have I told you lately? I think YOU ARE AWESOME. 🕺💃🏻👊🏼#100daysofsunshine #ad

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