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Has anyone told you today that you’re a total rock star? BECAUSE YOU ARE. 🕺💃🏻🔥 Tag a mom who needs to know she’s totally rockin’ and ROCK ON, MAMA. 😎👊🏼💖

After this weekend’s SNOWSTORM, 🙄 I decided it’s time to put away the flip flops and pull out the boots. I’ve put together some of the boots and booties I’m obsessed with this season in the hopes that if you buy them, I won’t feel the need to. Because that’s totally how shopping works, right? 😂 Full slideshow is on the blog!⠀
The post is also seriously one of my favorites because it highlights how photo shoots with @milouandolinphotography work. They tend to start out all normal and cute and somehow devolve into her yelling at me to “Love that boot! Rub it all over your face like you’re a sex kitten and it’s your cat nip!” (She’s never actually used that one, but, I feel like it’s coming. 😂) It’s (and she’s) obviously my favorite thing ever. ⠀
Hope you’re having a very Happpppyyy Monday! 💖

GIVEAWAY CLOSED! We have a winner! @iloveyoumorethancake - a serious pep in your step is coming your way! Thanks everyone for entering! We’ll do another one soo ! xx. GIVEAWAY ALERT! 💃🏻 Who needs a little more pep in your step? ✋🏼Um, ALL OF US! 😂 Well, nothing brightens up your day more than a whole lotta @shopbando right?? One lucky winner will win all this awesomeness (water bottle, coffee mug, fanny pack, key ring, pencil case, flower pin, and koozie) to pep up every part of your day (yes, even the losing your keys part). ⠀
To enter just like this post and tag a friend who needs some pep! Or gives you pep! 👊🏼 You can enter as many times as you’d like - one friend per comment. Winner will be announced on Monday, October 15th and picked randomly. Not affiliated with; they simply own my heart. ⠀
I feel peppier already! 💖💖💖

Our Family Halloween costume is here!! First, though, you guys, I'm living the dream. One of my life goals was to go into my kids' classrooms as Miss Viola Swamp and scare them half to death (it is Halloween, right?). Well, let's just say that last year I did it and it may have been so successful I've been asked for an encore performance (fine, we're at a new school🙄). All, I can say is dream big, little grasshopper, dream big!
In other news, I have the perfect Halloween costume for your entire family - everyone is a character based on their favorite book. GENUIS, right? .
We managed to find common ground with a king, dinosaur, substitute teacher, and smokin' hot elephant (Is there anything hotter than a man in an elephant costume he picked out himself? NO.) so pretty sure it will work for whatever ideas your kids have for their costumes this year. .
I guess the other option is you could all go as individual costumes? OMG, I'm sorry. PRETEND I DIDN'T SAY THAT. What will pop out of my mouth next? Sequins should be reserved for evenings?!?!? THE HORROR!!!!!! 😂😂
See all the deets and find links to our costumes on the blog! 📷: @milousandolinphotography

The guy working the Halloween aisle was SUPER impressed. 😎

Can I get real for a sec? I’ve been at a loss lately with posting. I have a ton of fun content in the hopper and I start getting excited, but then I go online and it’s all terrible news and I start feeling like who do I think I am? Who am I to post this irrelevant stuff about joy and fun when so much is going on?⠀
I would never want to be disrespectful to others’ experiences and I would hate for someone to feel like I’m being flip or uncaring so I haven’t posted. I want to be true to my mission (to help you build big, joy-filled lives), but it feels irresponsible to act like life isn’t crazy pants right now. ⠀
Fortunately, I totally motivated myself. 🙄Awhile ago I wrote a post “Ideas for Turning Emotion into Action” (link 👆) and I just reread it and blew my own mind. 😂 But, seriously, it made me realize I’ve been listening to fear (again) and staying small because what if my gifts aren’t enough? What if I mess up and say the wrong thing? What if I AM NOT ENOUGH?⠀
Well, then I will do what I tell my kids 47 times a day: Do your best. Apologize if you mess up. Try again.⠀
So, here is where I’m at. I was really down last weekend. I was pissed, grumpy, yell-y, and not a lot of fun. I’m totally okay with that, because I know myself well enough to know I have to go through emotions to get to the other side, but, in that state, I wasn’t good to anyone. It wasn’t like I was connecting people or laughing with my kids or building a better world. I was struggling to keep my head above water and not descend into the darkness that, for me, sits very close to the surface. ⠀
And it made me realize that it’s okay if my main job is to help you laugh and connect and remember who you are because, when you're at your best, you DO YOUR BEST. And right now we need a whole bunch of mamas at their best. We need mamas who are FILLED UP, using their gifts to connect and change this world.⠀
So, I’m going to double-down on creating a big, joy-filled space here because, if I know anything, it’s that in a throwdown, connection and light will always beat the crap out of fear and darkness. And I want you so lit up, you can't help but share your light and power. 💖

NOOOOOOOOOOO! Bet you haven't heard that in 14 seconds, am I right? 😂 New post up on the blog 👆🏼with a super-easy way to have fun with your kids and get all the NOs for the day out of the way! Also check out Stories for our button in action. NOOOOOOO!👌🏼😂 📷: @milouandolinphotography ❤️

I was fortunate enough to be born into a literal sisterhood, four of us who share the most intimate details of our lives, have supported each other when we weren’t strong enough to keep moving alone, and loved each other fiercely through ups and downs and times when we couldn’t see up from down. ❤️
And it is one of the great gifts of my life that my sisterhood has expanded to include a cadre of women (and men) with whom I can be vulnerable and share my heart and know I’ll be taken care of and loved and believed. ❤️
The best way I know to honor that gift is to share it. To look for the mom who needs to talk, and to listen so she knows she’s not alone. To listen with my whole heart and body when people share. To ask questions that matter, even if they might initially feel off-putting. To create the time and space for real connections. To share my story so others might feel emboldened to share theirs. To stay open and vulnerable so others feel safe doing the same. ❤️
Today, let’s go out and widen our sisterhood. Talk to someone on the playground even if you’re nervous. Call a friend to check in and see how they’re really doing. Smile at another gal on the street. Share your heart with a friend. Talk about hard things with someone you trust. Like and comment on a post from one of the brave women who’s trusting us with her story. Take a break and laugh with a co-worker. Tell your daughters and sons they are valuable and worthy. Look at someone and tell them, “I see you. And I love you.”
And, guess what? I see you. And I love you.

I'm going to be totally honest - when I asked for these pants for my birthday, I wasn't sure how much I'd actually wear them because they're rather bold, shall we say? You guys, I am not exaggerating when I say they have become a WARDROBE STAPLE. Seriously! I wear them all the time! I'm probably wearing them as we speak! 😂⠀
To show you how versatile they are, I put up a blog post with them styled two ways - one way, perfect for running around town and the other for a night on the town. What do you think? Is there a bold look you’ve been wanting to try? 😎⠀
Click on the link in my profile to check them out and Happy Hump Day! 💗⠀📷 by my gal @milouandolinphotography

Last weekend I hung out with one of my old friends and remembered one of his special gifts - he's so generous with his laughter! If I was telling a funny story, he was guaranteed to laugh at all the right times, loud and hard, which made me WAY funnier and helped all of us have an hilarious time. And it made me think - how often do we hold back on our laughter and WHY!?!?! It makes people feel great and connects us.⠀
So, my Tuesday Tip of Joy (lame, but working on it) is to be GENEROUS WITH YOUR LAUGHTER this week. If someone is brave enough to tell a story, give 'em laughs. Tell your kids knock-knock jokes and then laugh when they do. Laugh the next time something embarrassing happens or watch a funny show (SCHITT'S CREEK!) or meet up with a friend who makes you giggle. It's infectious and lightening and, I don't know about you, but I could use some more laughter in my life at this point. ⠀
Also, because I like to take things to the nth degree, I may have recorded a Story where I just laugh for like an hour. Feel free to use it as a soundtrack to your hilariousness. Give me a 👊🏼 if you’re with me!
In other news, as a way to hold onto Summer I tried out an all-white outfit and I'm verrrrry into it. Felt like everyone at school was wondering where my back up dancers were...😂, right? 😂

You know what’s cool? YOU get to decide if today’s the day you step into your badassery. Let’s go show this week who’s boss. 👊🏼💃🏻 ⠀
(Share with your fave mom boss who might need a reminder she has everything she needs to do the hard things that will move her business and life forward.💖)

What a weekend! The two of us went away without kids! We saw the Aspens change colors! We talked about things other than Captain Underpants and Odd Squad! I remembered that my husband is hilarious and smart and I can put together the occasional sentence! I wore sneakers to a wedding (❤️ Jayne and Sid!)! I raced back home to see my kids because I missed them so much because I actually had a chance to miss them! And I plan on talking in exclamation marks for the rest of my life because vacation, even a 24 hour one, is the beeesssssssttttt! 💃🏻😎💖 Here’s to a week that feels like vacation! 😍

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