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The New Year’s cleanse is going terrific, thanks for asking. 😫😂🍪🎂#funstuffcoming

Okay, weird confession time. I will spend money on shoes, purses, everyday clothes like they’re going out of style (because THEY ARE), but I NEVER buy work out clothes. No joke, I used to run in my old, regular clothes (like a sweater covered in red hearts) because what’s the point if no appreciates it? Then I started actually going to classes (@kaiafit! 💃🏻 more on this later!) and realized it’s weird to be a 42 year old woman wearing her college yoga pants. 😬 I’ve been slowly adding things here and there but when I partnered with @oldnavy, I did some serious damage and learned several things. 1. Shopping for work out gear is JUST LIKE REGULAR SHOPPING. I’d been missing a complete genre of my wardrobe, which is thrilling!! 2. Wearing clothes that fit (not too big from PREGNANCY #omg, not too small from COLLEGE) makes you look way cuter, plus means you can do moves without constantly readjusting. 3. Pretty sure, I can run faster, lift more, and jump higher, now that I’m outfit correctly. Can you imagine where I’d be if I’d discovered this earlier? #olympics 4. Work out clothes are adorable (see pants👆🏼). I’m like a new (mildly in shape) woman! 👍🏼Anyone else with me?!? And what’s your thing you won’t spend money on? (Socks? I’m weird about them too. 😂) #HiFive, #oldnavyactive, #ad

Happy New Year! 🎉 To start us off on the right foot, I DARE you to watch the video above. No, seriously, it is a dare because I absolutely howl through a beloved classic (wrong words and all👌🏼) and will probably imprint your ears in a way that can never be erased. Why!? Why!? 😫 Why, Kara, would you perform with such gusto at something you are so obviously TERRIBLE at?!?! Because, I need you to know: LOOKING LIKE AN IDIOT WILL NOT KILL YOU. We think it probably will so we hold ourselves back and don’t talk to the person next to us in line or send the email or apply for the job or truly let loose with our kids or raise our hand at the magic show because we’re afraid of looking stupid. But, WHO CARES? Who’s the bozo who decided looking cool and put together and like everything is easy is the way to go? Personally, I will always side with messy, ridiculous, and highly imperfect because it’s daring and interesting and the WAY TO GROW (side note: totally invite me to your magic show because I will absolutely volunteer). So, I encourage you to LOOK LIKE AN IDIOT this week. Take a chance and go for the thing you really want, even if you might fail. Chase your kids with real enthusiasm at the park even if other people are watching. Wear something that feels out of your comfort zone. I don’t think anyone has died solely of embarrassment yet (although I’ll let you know after I publish this). Now, GO GET ‘EM and let me know how it goes! 💃🏻😎🎤👇🏼

Happy Holidays! How are you guys doing? Have the holidays swallowed you up or are you still trucking along? Normally at this point I'm doing my crazy, maniacal laugh that I hope conveys holiday cheer, but is a transparent cover-up for "WHY ARE YOU TALKING TO ME WHEN THERE ARE PRESENTS TO BE WRAPPED?" This year, though, is weirdly stress-free.⠀

It helps we're not traveling, but I also have been saying no to myself a lot. Like I had this whole shebang planned for Christmas Eve dinner and then my husband suggested getting Indian instead and, for one hot second I thought, "We can't do take out on Christmas Eve! How will my children know I love them?!?!" and then I thought about the games we could play instead and said, "HELL YES." I've also forgone a planned pie, a trip into the city for tea because the kids wanted to play at home, and using ribbon on my packages (which sounds RIDICULOUS, but was kind of a big deal 😬). Basically, I'm just cool with what rolls my way and WHO IS THIS PERSON?!?!?!⠀

Anyway, I tell you all of this so you know I've got your back if you want to say "no" to anything. Or yes to anything too, like a third glass of wine or watching movies all day long while eating 14 cookies or sleeping until noon. HAHAHAHA. Just kidding on the last one. I'm not a friggin' magician, people. ⠀

And in that spirit, I think I'm going to give myself a break and see you all after the New Year! Even if I'm not posting, I'm worried about not posting, and I want to be 100% in this moment because THIS IS WHO I AM NOW. 😂

I genuinely hope you have a relaxing, loving week that fills you up and recharges your spirit. I'm so incredibly thankful to have this space with you and I'll see after the New Year! 🎄🎅🏼💃🏻❤️⠀

Are you guys sitting on the couch tonight doing some last minute shopping because Christmas is, omg, one week away and maybe you’ve put off the people that feel impossible to buy for?!?! (Dad. Just sayin’. Daaaaadddddddd. ) ⠀

Okay, I've got an idea that is super-easy and totally adorable. @candyofthemonth sent me a month's subscription to their service where you get to pick three different kinds of candy (that was frankly, much more delicious than I'd planned 😬) and it shows up in lovely packaging and all you have to do is click a couple buttons (plus, there’s $15 off in my bio!). I feel like it's a good one because 1. who doesn't love candy? 2. who doesn't love packages that show up unexpectedly? 3. who doesn't love being the ultimate hostess with a fancy treat on hand? 4. who just knows they’re going to forget to buy Halloween candy next year and, tah-dah!, already taken care of. 😎⠀

It’s great for teachers, family across the country, DADS. My dad was here when the box came and I’d like to throw out there I didn’t get to TRY the bridge mix. Not even a raisin (Are there raisins in bridge mix? I HAVE NO IDEA) because my dad took that jar and that was the last of it. See? Perfect dad gift. 😂 #ad #candyofthemonth #holidaygiftidea

My advice for you this weekend: BELIEVE YOU ARE ROCK STAR and you too will be able to wall thrust with the best of them. 😂🕺💃🏻💪🏼 Also thanks for all of your remarkable comments on my last post. What an amazing little community we have here. ❤️❤️❤️

I've spent a lot of my life struggling with anxiety and depression (although I had no idea for the majority of it - I just thought I was "overly-emotional" because I was "creative"). A year and some ago it all came to a head and I had to look this sucker in the face and it was worse than I'd thought - it was undermining my marriage, coloring my parenting, and sucking the life out of me, quite literally. (There was a reason I'd studiously avoided looking it in the face.)⠀

You guys, I went to so much therapy and did a ton of work, made what felt like a million small changes, and was an ENORMOUS pain in the neck to everybody in my life 😬, but the end result has been freedom. Most certainly not freedom from my anxiety and depression - those are a part of me - but freedom from pretending it's something it's not. Freedom from needing to "fix" myself in order to be whole.⠀

It took everything falling apart spectacularly to start putting the pieces back together in a new way. ⠀

And, for the first time in a long time, I feel...settled. Not happy because that's too ephemeral nor optimistic because that is the core of who I am, but not feeling like I need to change everything about who I am and my circumstances in order to feel like myself (although I'm also aware I may feel like an imposter in my own skin tomorrow). I am in my body and sometimes that looks like not being able to get out of bed and other times it is laughing with my family. I'm not hiding anymore and that is such a huge relief and, ironically, has meant less worry and burden on everyone. ⠀

I'm not sure why I'm telling you all of this. Maybe because the holidays can be rough and when I look back on last Christmas I see how fragile we were, how we were held together with washi tape, the kind that looks really pretty, but doesn't actually stick. And a year later it feels totally different, although I wouldn't have believed it; we're stronger, held together with the name brand expensive stuff, that you can see-through, but actually does what it says it will.

OMG @studiodiy! Every month I think this is going to be the last month of my clutch subscription and then I can't do it because THEY KEEP GETTING CUTER. Which in turn makes me look cuter and then I get all sorts of compliments, which makes me feel hip and young and who am I to turn down the Fountain of Youth when it shows up on my doorstep in adorable packaging every month and basically asks me to make out with it?!?! Keep doing what you’re doing, ladies, because IT’S WORKING.
Also, you should probably gift this to all the fashionistas and moms in your life because is there anything better than feeling youthful when you haven't slept properly in years? NO. The answer is NO.

Are you guys feeling like maybe you didn't connect enough with your kids this week? Hey, it happens, especially with THE HOLIDAYS coming up. (Also, I feel like every time I say THE HOLIDAYS I have to put them in caps because if you mention that-which-should-not-be-named, everyone's head starts to spin and I feel the need to underscore this is not just a regular word like "spinach" but THE HOLIDAYS and I get all that implies. I mean, THE HOLIDAYS is even affecting this run-on IG post, omg.) AHEM. You didn't connect, blah, blah, here's an idea to try before bed! Have you guys ever played "Ha"? It's a totally ridiculous game where each person lays on another person's stomach and then the first person says, "Ha," and then the next says, "Ha, ha," and the next, "Ha, ha, ha" until somebody starts laughing and all sense of decorum is lost.
The kids couldn't figure out how to lay on each other stomachs and count the Ha's so they basically just laid on mine and I said it over and over again while they tried not to laugh. Until, of course, they let loose and started laughing hysterically and reminded me, oh yeah!, THIS is what the holidays are all about. 😉🎅🏼👌🏼

Dreams are coming true, left and right around here! Every year I say that I want all of us to dress in matching pajamas, because, duh, it's the cutest thing ever, but I can never get it organized. And then I started partnering with @oldnavy and realized their stores are CHOCK-FULL OF MATCHING PJS. That they conveniently have plenty of, at excellent prices, so haven't gotten your act together? NO PROBLEM. Your dreams are still within reach, people! Can I just say husband is going to be THRILLED?! 😬😂#matchingpjsfortheworld

(Also, can I just give a quick shout-out to my girl, @milouandolinphotography? I mean, these photos?!??! I almost cried when I got them because, yes, they look like they should be on a billboard, but, more importantly, she captures the kids and this moment in time so succinctly. Gah! What a gift!) ⠀

(Also, if it seems like there's a lot of crying going on, that's because there is. The holidays make me EMOTIONAL, k? 😭🎄😭)⠀

Go dreams coming true! 💪🏼😎👊🏼 #ad #holiyay #oldnavystyle #activityadvent

Guess where we went today?!? Ahhhh!!! I spent my life in the theater and at heart will always be an actor so today was so special - my kids’ first Broadway-style show. I may have cried a little and kept smothering them with kisses because I was so excited while they thought I was nuts and it was MAGICAL. I showed them the world! Sorry, still flying a little high. On my magic carpet!! Enough, kidding, all right? I gotta go to bed because tomorrow we’re getting a lad in to work on the house. Get it? A lad in?!? Aladdin! Omg, I’ll be here all night! 😎 Happy Sunday! 😍

Every year I do an Activity Advent with the kids where we do something holiday-ish each day like drink hot chocolate or donate presents or call Santa. Some are big (go to a holiday play!) and some are super-easy for when we're low on time (watch "The Grinch"), but I like that it keeps us in the spirit and focused on what's important - giving, being together and EATING SUGAR. ⠀

And I know it's December 9th and maybe you haven't started it, but WHO CARES! I was going to get up a post on how we're doing it this year and it ain't going to happen and WHO CARES! I say write what you want to do on a sheet of paper and check them off and keep it easy so you actually do it, which is the whole point! ⠀

I'm going to do my best to post regularly what we're doing over here (check out Stories too!), but to get you started think about these categories: eat, drink, give, do. This should not be hard and doing things that you already have planned (eat cookies or listening to holiday music) totally count. I have ideas over on the blog too if you search "activity advent."⠀

Also, if you want to make your first one, SKIP ACTIVITY ADVENT or LAY ON COUCH UNTIL HOLIDAYS ARE OVER, that totally works too. (I’m sending a theme here...) 👌🏼🎄🎅🏼 📷: @milouandolinphotography

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