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Brandon Hill  Learning to live a bit more consciously.

How to Talk About God:

1. Make sure we’re talking about the same thing. Otherwise headaches or frustration or dumbfounded looks will soon end the conversation.

2. Understand that the thing we’re talking about is that which is bigger than we can comprehend. Reality itself. The fabric of the Universe. The energy that creates and binds atoms. The thing underneath all things.

3. Decide on a name for that-which-is-bigger-than-we-can-comprehend. Because it’s hard to talk about something that doesn’t have a name. Maybe God or Spirit or YHWH or Allah or Brahmin or Universe.

4. Share your experiences and beliefs about God (or whatever you name It) from your point of view. Your view from your point. Your subjective view from your subjective point. Because that’s all you have. Share some of your personal experiences. Or some of the stories from your faith tradition. Or share your favorite Spotify playlist and say, “I think God is kinda like that.”

5. Listen to their subjective view from their subjective point. Maybe it’s a similar view as yours. Maybe it’s very different. Maybe it sounds like a Super Being that sometimes intervenes in the world and judges some people as in and others as out. Maybe it sounds like an energy field or the Force from Star Wars and they prefer to describe God with Enya playing in the background. Maybe it sounds like a cosmos of particles and physics and crazy mysteries like black holes and dark matter.

6. Laugh together and say, “Isn’t it amazing that we’re even conscious of this miracle called Life?!” and agree to pick up the conversation sometime in the future when you’ve experienced a little more of God. (Preferably at a table. With good food and drink.)

How To Do What You Love:

1. Only say Yes to things that you already like doing. Say No to anything that scares you or you’re not good at or may not enjoy doing.

2. Spend lots of time doing things you love. Spend lots of money escaping difficult, tedious, or boring tasks. Spend lots of energy avoiding the pain of doing things that you know you could never love doing.

3. Love doing the things you love.

4. Like doing the things you love.

5. Tolerate doing the things you love.

6. Feel a bit empty doing the things you love.

7. Remember when you used to actually love doing the things you love.

8. Start doing other things. Things you don’t know if you’ll love. Maybe even things you think you’ll not love. Things like spending time with that difficult person. Or drudge through that pile of paperwork. Or clean off the dang stove top.

9. Accept that life can’t only include things you like doing. It has to include things that suck.

10. Continue to show up - fully show up - and do the sucky, hard things. Open yourself up to fully experience each moment of the task, noticing the intricacies, the hidden beauty, your intentionality, your emotions, the long history of this task, the many others who have done this before you, the many others who are doing it with you now.

11. Notice how sucky thing aren’t so sucky when you do them with your whole mind/body/spirit.

12. See how what you’re doing is connected to everything else. Because all things are connected. Everything is everything. The dentist who delights in specializing in a part of the body that is connected to the whole. The garbage woman who sees how waste management helps the whole city thrive. The bread baker who helps feed others who in turn do their part in the world and it all comes back around.

13. Watch the line blur between what you love doing and what you don’t love to do. Because that line is an illusion, drawn by ego, and it only divides what protects your ego and what threatens it. Say, “thank you, ego, for trying to protect me, but I can do anything through Spirit who strengthens me.”

14. Only do things you love. Because you love everything you happen to do.

How to Live in Awe and Wonder About Life (Instead of Getting Beat Down By It):

1. Live in the Now. Breathe in, breathe out. Be in this moment. Problems are created only when you bring the future or past into the present. Just be here, now. •
2. Ask yourself, “Where did this breathe inside me come from?” From trees exhaling? From diaphragm contractions? From Spirit? From God?

3. Then begin to laugh. Because it’s a crazy mystery/miracle that you’re breathing and alive and aware of it all.

4. Begin to see that same Miracle in each encounter you have. It’s in your wife who lets her alarm play for 45 minutes every morning. It’s in your dog who slides into your spot in bed when you get up. It’s in the birds who greet the day with much more noise than you prefer. It’s in the light that crawls across your floor while you read. It’s all in all. •
5. Listen to the Miracle. In your wife. In your dog. In the birds. In the light. In your self. Listen, because it has something to say. Not with words or thoughts. Just a deep Truth to remind you of that you so quickly forget. So listen. As you start each day. And then when you notice yourself getting swept up in the noise of the day or the noise of your mind, listen again. Because it’s always there, always reminding you.

6. When you are reminded of this Good News that the Miracle in you knows is true, watch how your shoulders relax and sit a little lower. Your breathing gets a bit deeper. Your thoughts feel lighter. Your words, kinder. Your hugs, tighter. Getting ready for work doesn’t feel so heavy. Scrolling Instagram doesn’t bring so much anxiety. Because it’s all filled with Good News.

7. Invite others to join in with you and the Miracle as you dance together. Help them remember the Miracle is in them too and help them hear the music, the Good News, that it’s always playing.

8. Dance in the Eternal Dance Party.

How to Enjoy Austin in the Summer:

1. Say yes when anyone asks you to do anything on the water. Paddleboard. Kayak. Swim. Snorkel. Surf (because apparently you can do that in Austin now). The only thing I would say no to is watching Jaws on the water at Volente Beach. Why. Nope.

2. Be grateful for the Vitamin D we are all swimming in. 77% of people are vitamin D deficient - and most of them because they don’t get enough sunlight.

3. But wear some dang sunscreen.

4. Ride on those Bird and Lime scooters downtown. It feels like our city is an adult theme park when you pass a business man riding a scooter. A SCOOTER. Like what we used to ride when we were in 2nd grade and had grass stains on our knees. Then we got too cool for scooters and rode bikes and then cars. But now… we all look like we’re 8 years old again. And that can put a smile on your face even when it’s 105 degrees outside.

5. Barton Springs.

6. When it’s July in Austin, google pictures of Albany in February.

7. A higher body temperature improves altertness and mental performance. So there’s that.

8. Take up day drinking. Do it in a fun way - like at a pub watching the World Cup with other Americans pretending to like soccer once every four years. Not at home by yourself watching The O.C. again.

9. Blues on the Green. That wonderful tradition our city has of collectively giving a 🖕to the heat and 🤘 to live music.

10. Remember you don’t have as much crap in your garage as people who live in the north, with their jackets and gloves and winter boots and shovels and windshield scrapers. Losers.

11. Blue Bell / Amy’s / Lick. All day, every day.

12. Or you could just move to the mountains every year for June - August like our neighbors do.

How To Get Your New Tencel Sheets All Dirty In 18 Seconds:

1. Dog sit for your sister.

2. Tell the dog “No!” when it looks at you laying on the bed. •
3. Try to stay strong when it sits and stares at you with eyes that say “But my mom lets me do it all the time at my house” while you look back at it with eyes that say “Your mom also ate cake with no hands growing up, but we don’t do that in this household.”

4. Give in 17 seconds later. Because let’s be honest, we sometimes eat cake with no hands in this household.

Laying out clothes for the week. We’ll, not for me - for @meerbra 😜

@southwestair has got some sweet flight deals going on today! 🚀 (and someonneeeee (@ablove + @bethanyhanusch!!) are going to NY for just $79🗽!!)

Today I'm grateful for: another shoot with @shop_trove this week! Getting myself psyched for the awesomeness it always is :)

Here's a little peek into the fun from our last shoot (you can see more on the blog!)

Making summer travel plans. Any one else traveling with the U.S. this summer/fall?

Hot days + cold drinks. •
Recommendation: find people who feel like they’re vibrating on the same frequency as you. Hang out with them often. Drink beers next to each other. Laugh at life together. Hug them. Let them hug you. Hold on to them tightly. Hold on to them loosely. Watch films side by side. Exchange books with each other. Debrief about current events. Start a group text. Plan a trip together. Share your goals and hold each other accountable. Laugh at the goals you used to have and how life has led you to a beautiful place in spite of your little plans.

And, always, give thanks for your soul brothers and sisters.

Now I’m gonna go watch Lord of the Rings with some of mine 😋

I got that new attitude.

Back from an amazing trip with a wonderful team in a beautiful country.

There are several things that this trip shook up in me, but one thing it showed me is how little physical touch there is in my life (probably true for most Americans). Outside of my wife and my mom, I probably go weeks without touching anyone besides a handshake or a hug hello/goodbye. I loved watching how even the teenage boys in Haiti would hold each others arms/hands while they walked, or lean on each other while they stood around in silence. Something about that is both appealing and unimaginable. It’s interesting how common sensual touch is in a much less sexualized culture, and how the opposite is true here.

So just a heads up, I may touch you (hopefully not awkwardly) more often 😉

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