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Howard Farran  Founder & CEO of Dentaltown


Why people give up:

1. Expect fast results
2. Get stuck in the past
3. Dwell on mistakes
4. Fear the future
5. Resist change
6. Give up their power
7. Feel world owes them
8. Believe in their weaknesses
9. Overwork
10. Never visualize the possible
11. Stop believing in themselves

Researchers are studying how shark teeth regenerate as it may offer a model for human to regrow teeth in the future. ow.ly/AmS330ejSEP

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Tonight, I had dinner with Mom. She is so amazing. She always convinced her seven children that they could achieve anything they set their mind to. She turns 80 years old this year and has more energy than anyone I know. She is the only person on earth who reads my Howard Speaks column every single month since 1994 and then calls me and tells me what she thought. Damn I love Mom! Howard Speaks: What Gets Published in Dentaltown? by Dr. Howard Farran Dentaltown Magazine January 2018 http://www.dentaltown.com/magazine/articles/6811/howard-speaks-what-gets-published-in-dentaltown

Did you notice where this car landed? A dental office. Is this dental art????

Ellen M. Daley PhD says dentists are key to discussing risk of HPV-related cancers with their patients. HPV is still the cause of 72 percent of oropharyngeal cancers. hscweb3.hsc.usf.edu/blog/2018/01/0…

WVU researcher Dr. Chris A. Martin DDS, MS investigates disparities in orthodontia completion among Appalachians. wvutoday.wvu.edu/stories/2018/0…

Regents to vote on Montana State University budget cuts, state’s first dental school. bozemandailychronicle.com/news/montana_s…

I tried the best-selling water flosser on Amazon, and now I get why it's so popular. businessinsider.com/waterpik-water… @WaterPik_100 @waterpik_ksa @WaterpikReview @Waterpik8910 @WaterpikPets @smartsalesman1 @WaterpikAU @waterflossers @irrigadorbucal @Waterpik @melmarvincela @sg_waterpik

Professor Jeremy Mao DDS, PhD says no More Fake Teeth: Dentists Regrow Teeth in Labs. edgylabs.com/no-more-fake-t…

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