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Howard Schultz  Husband. Dad. Grandfather. Brooklyn-born. Former Starbucks Chairman/CEO. Independent Centrist. Proud American. It’s time to #ReimagineUS

Here it is... Michigan State and University of Washington in the final! I believe the Huskies can get there but in the end of the day, it’s my old friend Coach Izzo and Michigan State that will be cutting down the nets. Who have you got in the final? #marchmadness

Happy birthday to @theamericanlegion! 100 years ago, on the heels of the one of the deadliest conflicts in history, a group of American veterans came together to solidify that for which they so bravely fought: instilling the duty and obligation of every citizen to ensure the principles of justice, freedom and democracy remain constant. Their efforts laid the groundwork for what the American Legion is today, and their dedication to building a stronger nation, through non-partisanship and cooperation, is a lasting example of what we can accomplish together.

America is longing to come together. That’s why I am here -- to fight for you, your family, the next generation -- for the heart of America.

I want today to ask you to answer the call and join me – to preserve and strengthen the Heart of America.

America’s free-enterprise system has provided more opportunity and created more prosperity than any other economic model in the history of the world.

The answer to one extreme cannot be another extreme.

Imagine what governing from the center could do for America.

The center is not just a political label. The center is the heart of America.

Green New Deal, government-paid healthcare, free college and jobs for all. The intentions behind these ideas are absolutely sincere. The problems they seek to address — from climate change to health care — do need to be solved. But nothing is free, we need to seek achievable solutions - it can be done!

This is not a war of party versus party, or ideology versus ideology. It is a war of truth versus lies. Bias versus acceptance. Talking versus screaming. Integrity versus trickery. Respect versus contempt. Love versus hate. Let's change this together. #ReimagineUS

Divisiveness has infiltrated our most personal spaces.

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