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Houston Woods  Fat boi; weighing in at 205 Certified trainer Auburn University S&C intern Powerlifter Lover of cheese and coffee

Squat session today. (Band tension is80-100lbs each side) 365, plus about 200lbs or so. 2rm against bands, Back down sets, then pauses finished with accessories #legitdepth

Some light squatting the other day, set s of 5 with 315 and pauses. Building my base slowly. Loving this new technique.

570, 550, and 525 videoed. (Or something like that.) Session the other day. First day back to squatting. I'm proud to say for once I'm happy with my squat form, we still have work to do though. The people at @rivercity_barbell have helped me so much this summer on form and I'm glad they allow me to train with them. Oh and thank you @powerpack_ali for telling me to man up and wrap my knees since I always complain about them

(Video shows 345, 340, and 335) Bench from yesterday. Working sets was 325, 330, 335, 340, 345 for sets of 4. Form is getting dialed in, and loving the wider grip. Long way to go. Bodyweight was 210.

Bodyweight is 212 today. Easy peasy 605x6 for my top set. Felt beat up from my session earlier this week.
Got my extra rep from the military green shirt from @apemanstrong
@claj_1991 @eddycoan @powerliftingofficial @squat.bench.deadlift

Putting together some stuff I did this past week. Cambered bar squats @435 for dubs and triples at 495 on deadlifts in my backoff sets

675x3 today, best session I've had in a while. I was totally dialed in mentally.
In my fav t-shirt the black APEMAN shirt. Weighed in at 212 today.

SWIPE right for all sets. Bench other day, worked up to 385 for a single, 350, and 315 for a warm up triple, respectively. Missed 405, oh well it's good seeing where I am on bench, especially after a deload.

Cambered bar squats yesterday, the bar weighs between 65-85 lbs. 2 sets of 5 at 355, sets of 5 with 2 plates and 1 single at around 445 or so to finish. Working on keeping my chest high in the squat. The bar is very unstable and it showed me how much I Didn't stay tight.

When you find that good lighting at work that shows off the stomach built by McDonald's and alcohol. This was taken day after my deload and allowing myself to eat what I felt like.

Ever seen somoeone have a stroke deadlifting?? SwIPE RIGHT First day back doing sumo yesterday, gotta work on not raising my hips and using glutes more. Practiced hookgrip weight is 585, 405, 715 @claj_1991 I didn't wanna post that vid

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