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#motivationmonday @rpstrength 1st day vs 7 weeks into this diet. I'm not following it religiously but I'm using it as my guideline for leaning out. I gotta say it's going well. The best part is I've based my macros off of the maintenance phase. I can't wait to actually get into the cut. Good things coming this year.

Deadlifts 3 count pauses below the knee @495 for sets of 6. Pure fucking death. Insta made me cut part of the video, last rep and me passing out for a second on the floor 😂😂 so that's a win

SWIPE right. Highbar Squats and pulls. Just posting squats for now. First post is my last set @375 for sets of 8 misgrooved my 6th and the second post was 315 for my warmup, at 6 reps. (I think) fun day.

Volume. 270 5 sets of 12. Banded bench at 205, 5 sets of 5. Working on staying tight and trying to get my groove back with bench. I've always struggled with bench and I've been half assing it for too long. (Video cuts off on the last rep or so on both sorry)

WHO PULLS two days in a row?! Me I guess. Deadlifts from Tuesday @525 5x5. Had to get my volume in even though I went off program the other day pulling 700 for a dub. Brought my feet in and felt good, gonna have to work on dropping my hips but it's a good place to start.

RPE 15. 700x2, 650x1. Went way off program, conv felt off, felt like shit blah blah. The atmosphere was amazing here and it lit a fire under my ass. Thank you @joesullivanpowerlifter for inviting me. @deadlifttillimdead

Day #1. 390 (or 395 idk) 3 sets of 12. Not a bad start to this training phase. Big things coming by the end. I've always struggled with rep work on squats and seems the cambered bar work @nhenwood165 made me do has helped me a ton.

Easy Deadlifts 5x5 yesterday @525. Finished up with banded dimmels. Gonna go up on the dimmels each week until I get it down.

Cambered squats from Monday, worked up to 415 for sets of 4. This one was a set of 3. The last two singles are my warm up at 385 and 335. Starting a program I wrote for myself tomorrow so excited to see how everything goes.

Brick by brick. @500 First and last set of sumo work. 10 sets of triples. I think the last set was better than the First. Form was much better today thanks to some activation drills and the recent post from @brandonlilly3 which made me realize how far forward I was and that I wasn't using my back.

1st and last set of cambered bar at 405lbs/ 5x5 up 10lbs from last week. Great session even though it was late in the day, doing a phase of these to help me focus on staying upright and bracing better. Did some mobility drills before and everything felt great.

Back off sets from yesterday tempo squats 3-1-3 @335 3 second descent , 1 second pause, 3 second ascension. Second post is my warm up on the cambered bar.

Worked up to 305+80 in chains, missed 315 plus chains misgrooved and the bar went over my face a bit. I'll get better 😋😋 finished with a ton if accessories, trying to build my shoulders up this year

3 weeks into my cut. Feeling hungry as fuck but I'm gonna make it. Few more months to go.

Yesterday was fun, cambered squats 5x5 at 390, back off sets of tempo squats at 225 with a 3-1-3 count on the descent and the ascending part. Finished up with prowler pushes and leg extrnsjins.

Awesome throwback to the deadlift party in alabama! Thanks for the dope preview @matt_films

Eating better because I don't wanna be a thicc boy anymore #food

Pin press before top set at 350, 315 and me compalining as usual on my accessories

Got to use the back attack earlier this week, loved it. Did she rounds on it even after seated goodmornings, second video is me doing singles after all the volume from Tuesday.

DEATH by bench volume 375x1 for top set single on pin press (hate these), 4 sets of 6 on wide grip bench and regular nench. Tons of volume that I need.

2nd day in a row pulling this week. Sumo is starting not to feel alien but I still prefer conventional atm. Trying to get used to sumo. Did 5x5 today at 495 working on form. Finished up with 6 rounds of prowler pushes for cardio.

BENCB: 335+40 lbs of band, 315+40lbs of band. Last few days have been rough. Havnt been sleeping much and had a car accident. I came into this session with no sleep or food so I'm not dissapointed. Just trying to stay moving forward.

Pause squats the other day @335 (65lb bar).

Getting back into the groove of things, did 4x5 squats @425 (the bar is 65 lbs), pauses at 335, leg extension 5x20, single leg press and yoke carry for the first time @540lbs. Not too bad, especially after not being as consistent and traveling a ton oh and only eating one small meal that day

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