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Preventing Skin Cancer Tip 3 of 3: Check out your birthday suit. It’s not called your birthday suit for nothing. Use your birthday as a reminder to have a longer life in your “suit” & check if you have any changes. Let your dermatologist in on the celebration, as well, with an annual visit. #SunSafety

@usnews has once again recognized @houstonmethodist Hospital as one of the nation’s best in providing exceptional patient care. See how the No. 1 hospital in Texas treats patients differently. #HoustonMethodist

Preventing Skin Cancer Tip 2 of 3: No “good” tan. Burning isn’t the only way our skin shows distress. A tan is actually a reflection of damage. Avoid tanning beds, turn up the SPF when basking in the sun, & (if you must have that sun-kissed glow) try a self-tanner. #SunSafety

Preventing Skin Cancer Tip 1 of 3: Cover up. Skin cancer is a highly-preventable disease. The less exposure to UV rays, the better. So when you’re in the sun, cover your skin – with clothing, hats, or sunscreen. #SunSafety

Swimming for Fitness Tip 3 of 3: Work a lot all at once. Since swimming works many muscle groups, even an easy swim can burn about 500 calories an hour. So if you’re looking for an exercise that provides cardio & strength, swimming is the way to go. #swimming

Swimming for Fitness Tip 2 of 3: Swimming is low-impact. Because your body is buoyed, there is little to no impact when doing cardio. This makes swimming a great option for pregnant women & people with limited mobility. #swimming

Swimming for Fitness Tip 1 of 3: Swimming is great exercise for any age. Whether old or young, swimming is the rare exercise that can be adjusted for any age & any mobility. Choosing the right depth & the right flotation support, if necessary, can make swimming a truly accessible sport. #swimming

Hosted by the #HoustonMethodist Institute for Academic Medicine, Science Day 2018 welcomed young people to participate in over 20 hands-on activities to discover the wonders of science & nanomedicine. Special thanks to all the attendees & the @HoustonMethodist team, including Center for Performing Arts Medicine, MITIE℠ & the Imaging Center.

As the official healthcare provider for the @astrosbaseball, #HoustonMethodist gave employees an opportunity to have their picture taken with an authentic Astros World Championship ring. @HoustonMethodist is proud to be affiliated with the team for more than 30 years. Go Astros!

#HoustonMethodist The Woodlands Hospital celebrates one year of excellence. Together, we have accomplished great things. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your community.

Mayor @SylvesterTurner designated Saturday, June 16, 2018, as ALS Awareness Day in Houston and presented the proclamation to Dr. Stanley Appel at a @USARugby match against @Scotlandteam. Proceeds from the game benefited the #HoustonMethodist MDA/ALSA ALS Clinic.

Did you follow in your father’s footsteps? Although this surgeon followed his father into the same specialty and practice, he didn’t always want to be a doctor. Check out the June 2018 issue of @thetexasmedicalcenter to learn more about how Drs. Sherwin Siff and Todd Siff became an orthopedic surgery father-son team.

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