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#FBF Last week Kristy and I picked up our Fur Baby Wrangler. Kristy didn't know it at the time but he's in her arms here. Pretty sure his momma dipped him in sugar because he's so sweet!!! Haha! Love you @kwistayy #WrangoTango #BangaWrang

Did we just become best friends????

Nice Hat Foo! @jakereuter ⚔️

I 1st Gen'd my 2nd Gen.

Kristy Boo 📸: @Sam_Griggs "The Sniper"

Blood and Fire

Take me back lawd! The debil did it. The debil!!!!

Kristy is coming out with some sweet stuff over at her studio. She's a machine. Check it out @brokenarrowjewelry Her website will be in my profile

My older sister and my older brother in one magical picture. My Brother Chris is in that post 3 pointer stance. My sis Angela is just teased and charged for a big night out haha. 1989 or 1990. I was 10 and prolly pooping my pants somewhere. #LouisvilleKentucky #NationalSiblingDay


@_sketchyd Makin' me look good. Can't Complain

I'm cool with it. I used my favorite skate video tune. #Respect #IfYourNotBrokenYoureNotDoingShit 😂😬#HaveFunBeCareful #BigHugs #Natas @johnnytsunamis

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