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Best Hair& SKincare Shop In GH  Wholesale Site! WIGCAPS,salon,skincare,New Filipino,Cambodian,MONGOLIAN,ETC!whatsap0242406863 4orders! Kumasi ;stadium,Aboudey;0266794229 4directnz

New arrival at kumasi tomorrow💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽!! You have to be dere!! Both hair piece and skincare😍

Thank you for this piece🙏🙏!! Medaase bebreee👏🏼#makra mo for this afternoon @barbie_chun_li

Deal still up!! WhatSap 0242406863 to order,, we deliver✌️✌️✌️#peruviandeal

Get a flawless skintone wd our mino soap!! Both Small and big size available!! WhTsap 0242406863 to order,, we deliver

Have you gotten ur halfcast oil yet? Wel if u hvnt,, visit any of our shop and grab urs, all u need is ur cream to do de mixing,, its works magic on ur skin jus like dat🤷🏼‍♀️!! Whatsap 0242406863 to order,,we deliver✌️#magicOil#flawlessOil#houseonfleekclientsarethebest🙌🙌🙌

Jerry bouncy restocked!! Whatsap 0242406863 to order,, we deliver

Mino soap available!! Walk in any of our shops for urs,, call 0244795202 for directions to accra and 0266794229 den whatsap 0242406863 to order,, we deliver

Come in,, we re opened!! Call 0244795202 for directoons to accra and 0266794229 for directions to kumasi branch!! Den whatsap to order,, we deliver✌️✌️

Thanks you all for this week both kumasi and Accra,,, i deeply appreciate u all!! Have a wonderful weekend!! Dont forget to worship God wd all ur heart tomoro🙏🙏#medaasebebree#makra mo for today!!#goodnight😴

Bodywave deal on fleek✌️✌️✌️!! Whatsap 0242406863 to order or walk in,, we re here till 6:30!! Call 0244795202 for accra and 0266794229 for kumasi#qualitymatter#longhair

Thank you all for today💃🏽💃🏽 am soo grateful😍😍!! We re still here,, walk in for urs!! Whatsap 0242406863 to order,, we deliver #qualitymatter#longhair

Frontal glue and spray available at both Accra and kumasi,, whatsap 0242406863 to order,, we deliver✌️✌️✌️

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