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Briana Venskus  Human Lady | Mother of Food Babies | TV Puppet. S.H.I.E.L.D/DEO double agent. Waiting out the apocalypse in Oceanside. Jane Fonda loves my Martinis.

Well THIS is cool. When I was a kid I traded @topps I am a Topps card... ✊🏽🙌🏾💃🏾❤️🤘🏾😘🌊 @amcthewalkingdead @thewalkingdead #twd #topps #twdfamily #oceanside #sdcc #sdcc2017


Dodger Dog

Teamwork makes the dream work @parkeraim

What a fine mess of people @nomineestheshow

The Nominees

If you've seen any show I've ever been on I can guarantee you that I've had a stunt double no more than 10ft away from me while we filmed. When you see me being badass, you're really seeing two people. And trust me, the things that make you go 'Ooohh!!!!' are usually the stunts our doubles are doing. I started in Film & TV behind the scenes working in production as a Production Assistant, in the time I got to know so many wonderful stunt actors, see their work, bring them ice packs and water. It's hard to put into words the bond you have with a group of people you spend 16+ hours a day with, at times it's closer than family. I never got to work with #JohnBernecker personally, but the stories I've heard of him fit in line with every other stunt actor I've worked with. Kind, enigmatic, bright, just an all around great person. My heart and thoughts go out to John, his family, his girlfriend, the crew and actors working that day. It's an unfathomable loss for the Bernecker's, the Film industry, and #twdfamily.
Please, send some thoughts and vibes out to the South East today's. They're definitely hurting and need all the love they can get. #RIPJohnBernecker #twd

ACTUAL PHOTO of us getting ready for tonight @rossmarquand @whitleerice @nomineestheshow

Last day of school with @theelizacoupe. We came. We saw. We made it. #Futurman @hulu

Sending lots of love to #TWD family right now. The stunt team on that show work their asses off and pull off some of the coolest stunts I've ever seen. Nothing but the upmost respect for them and their work. This is @karakimmer my badass stunt double who I worked with on @amcthewalkingdead and also @outcastcinemax. She makes me look way cooler than I actually am. Hoping for the best, keep your good vibes headed towards ATL today.

We're both having a great hair day.

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