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Happy Monday! 🌸 Let’s make this week a great one! 💪

Happy #selfcaresunday, runners! 💆🏽‍♀️ Hopefully, you’re able to do something for yourself today to rest and recover. 💆🏻‍♂️
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Heart rate training is especially great for runners who might not (yet!) have a way with listening to their bodies. ❤️👟
If you’re someone who tends to take the all or nothing approach, if you tend to go all out, if you’ve ever done too much, or gotten injured while training, or if you have a hard time taking it easy or slowing yourself down, heart rate training could be a great way to go.
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Running is sweeter when shared.

It takes many steps to achieve your goals. But, it only takes one step to begin. 👟💫

(Pt. 2 of 2) This weekend, Coach Rob will be running the ultra distance, Trail des Fantomes, in the Belgian Ardennes. Yesterday, we shared his journey to the upcoming ultra trail; today, he’ll tell you about the lessons he’s learned along the way. Best of luck to you this weekend, Rob! Thank you for being a great teacher!
“I learned that you cannot take it easy enough on the beginning as you will need your energy later in the race. If you are considering to do a mountain race, look at the profile of the course. Check the time of the fastest runner and compare that to the max time limit of the race to give you an idea about the total time.
You can easily add 1 to 1.5 hours to your normal time on that distance for every 1000m of elevation. For the first one, maybe cinsider signing up for the shorter distance taking in to consideration the elavation. Even a half marathon in the mountains, might take you longer than your marathon on the road. But anyone can do this, even if you live in our flat country, but make it your goal race, and add some specific hill and strength training.
This weekend will be my next challenge, running the ultra distance of the Trail des Fantomes, in the Belgium Ardennes. I hope that this one will go a bit smoother, as the elevation is more spread out over the course and the climbs are less long. I have no doubts that there will be some challenges on the way, but it will be an experience and great way to explore the nature again and to see what your body is capable of if you put your mind to it...there is so much more in there than you think.”

(Pt. 1 of 2) This weekend, Coach Rob will be running the ultra distance, Trail des Fantomes, in the Belgian Ardennes. Today and tomorrow, we’ll be sharing his epic training journey and the lessons he’s learned along the way. Wish him luck in the comments! We’re so proud of you, Rob!
“2 years ago, I finished my first mountain marathon in Germany; covering a total elevation difference of 1500m. I trained hard and did as many hill trainings as I could in this flat country of ours. I was surprised that I could climb so well on the race, and that it was actually the downhill part that is harder.
Early June this year, I ran the Hochkoenigman, a mountain race in Austria; covering almost 50km and 3000m of elevation difference. This one did not go that well. I started off too fast as I wanted to get the big first climb behind me before it would get warmer in the afternoon. But, after climbing almost 3 hours straight, I found myself exhausted and having trouble eating and drinking.
I suffered through the climb and made it up to highest peak at 2100 meters. It's an amazing experience when you start on a warm morning ending up with some snow fields on your route. And the views make up for all the hard work. From there, I had a few smaller peaks to go, but my body was not up for that. I was at 28km in the race and was already 6.5 hours in.
When you are extremely fatigued, running downhill on tactical trails is almost impossible, as you don't have the energy to focus. After walking big parts of the race, I was surprised that I could still make the climbs. It was not in a pretty way like in the YouTube videos, but with breaks catching my breath and taking some extra time, but still I managed, with a special thanks to my trekking poles... It is amazing what the body can still do after hours in.
As I was able to keep moving, even though it was slowly, I found myself on the way down the last part of the race, and was able to run a bit again. I managed to finish it in 11 hours. It was a very challenging day, with lots of ups and downs, but you forget the worst parts very quickly and the experience itself makes it all worth it.”

Us runners can greatly benefit from more self care.  We work our bodies hard in training and therefore our bodies also need EXTRA care and attention. More than the average Joe or Jane, or non-runner. The harder we work, the more extra care and attention we need. By self care, I mean treating our body (and mind) with care and not neglecting it.

When we’re thirsty, we drink.  When we’re hungry, we eat. When we’re tired, we sleep.  When we’re lonely, we call a friend. When our muscles ache… When we have pain… When we’re sore from a 2 hour run… When our legs feel heavier than usual… When our heart rate is higher than usual…  When we can’t sleep well at night… What do we do then?

Self care is listening to our body and doing something about it NOW instead of putting it off or putting it second, third, or last in our life. Health first. We can’t show up to training, to a race, to a big event, or in life if we’re not putting our own body and mind FIRST.  I mean, we can show up but not at our best. Do we really want to show up like that? …
Do we give our body what it needs to be at our best? Or do we do the bare minimum to reach whatever goal we’ve set out to achieve?

Runners, let’s take better care of ourselves. Get the sleep you need. You’re wellness comes first. Nourish your body with healthful, nutrient dense food. You deserve it. Have that regular massage. It’s not a luxury. Take that bubble bath. There’s time. Hire that nutritionist or coach. It’s money well spent. Take that day off. That’s balance. Quit comparing yourself to others. That’s counterproductive. Speak kindly to yourself as you would a good friend. Thoughts matter. Delegate. It’s okay to share the load and invest in help.

The more we put off caring for our body and mind’s needs, the more we struggle to get to where we want to be. Neglecting our self care will cost us more time, money, and energy in the end. Is it worth it? …
You deserve to be your best. You’re worth it.

How do you add regular self care into your week? Let us know in the comments! 👇

Running: busy Amsterdam summertime style! 😅

Streeeeetching into the weekend! ☺️ Our team is currently on a holiday break. Perfect time for stretching 🧘🏽‍♂️ and self-care 💆🏻‍♀️.
Next week, we switch from hill training ⛰ to intervals ⏱ on Tuesdays to accompany our regular Saturday runs. 😏 Who’s ready? 🤩

Check out Pace Leader Jill getting training in while on vacation in beautiful Denmark! 👏 Running on holiday is a great way to see the sites, stay on your goals, and meet the locals. 🐮 Well, local wildlife, that is. 😅 Where are you running this summer? 👇 Let us know below.

We believe that running is for everybody, no matter your age, size, shape or speed. We encourage one another to be committed, not competitive. And,we help each other become the runners we want to be. Together. 💚

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