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Meet Ben. Originally from France, he now lives in Amsterdam. Ben’s running story is pretty remarkable. He only started running about 10 months ago and has already run 2 marathons!

Last year, during Christmas vacation, his brother-in-law challenged him to run the Paris Marathon this past April. He accepted the challenge and contacted Laurie, House of Running’s Head Coach and Founder, to help him train. With Laurie’s guidance and a specific training plan (which Laurie noted he followed to the letter), Ben finished his first marathon in a bit under 4 hours. Ben got hooked. He told us “training for a marathon forced me into a very rigorous and healthy lifestyle. Running actually became the tool of a whole personal transformational process." In terms of the challenges he faced during his journey, Ben said "my first challenge was to finish and survive the Paris marathon with only 3 months of training, knowing that I barely ran before that. I finished in a bit less than 4 hours, and survived, that was a pretty amazing start. A few months later, I decided to train for Amsterdam, but this time with a time goal in mind. I reached for less than 3h30, and did 3h31." While he isn't sure about his next goal yet, Ben said it's probably the 2018 Paris Marathon.

Ben’s proudest running moment: “I am just proud to go running every time I do it.” We love that that’s what Ben expressed because so many House of Runners feel the same. Every time we get out there, it’s a time to enjoy and feel good, regardless of your distance or pace.

Ben attributes his success to a combination of good genes, and the importance of the mental preparation required to run marathons. He said that meditation techniques helped him a lot, especially after 30kms of running when “the race becomes a fight against yourself." Coach Laurie added that, in addition to Ben’s natural athleticism and mental preparation, his willingness to follow a training plan that required him to slow down at times, even walk when needed, was also key to helping him achieve such great results.
His tip for aspiring and beginning runners: “Just do it.” Double click to give Ben a high five!

How about a huge round of applause for Jill! She recently finished the Amsterdam marathon AND raised more than 5000 Euros to build a home for orphans in Uganda. That’s some serious dedication and hard work!

While many things have inspired Jill to keep running, she said it’s mostly “because after every single run, I feel better than I did when I started. Running is absolutely the best mental and emotional stabilizer out there. Every day that I run is a day where I feel better and stronger.” Right on, Jill! We couldn’t agree more.
Jill attributes much of her success to her super, supportive partner. She also says “joining House of Running has given me a social outlet for running, and for discussing all the nerdy parts of running that would bore my partner to death.” In addition, she says, “it’s the kind of group that doesn't feel clubby or exclusionary. It's a very open and welcoming group of people. It doesn't take long at all before you find your place here. The coaches are supportive, and it's not like boot camp. I'm one of the slower runners, and nobody cares. I continue to reach 'personal bests', and that keeps me going. It's nice to have a group to celebrate with when you reach milestones." Now that she has run the Amsterdam marathon, Jill shared some of her new goals with us: "I'd love to run another marathon. I’m not sure which location I’ll choose yet though. Maybe one in my hometown (Chicago)? Or one in Copenhagen? It’d be spectacular to run the Midnight Sun Marathon in Norway all through the night, or run the Plitvice Marathon in Croatia.
It'd be great to keep improving, but most of all, I just want to keep going. I experience so many physical, mental, and spiritual benefits from running that I want to keep it in my life, even if that means eventually running shorter distances. The events I sign up for are just there to help me keep moving forward.” Please double click this post to give Jill a well-deserved, high-five and support her continued success. To run with her, and meet more of our amazing heros, visit our website at www.houseofrunning.com and join us for our Fall season beginning 18 November. #houseofrunningheroes #runninginspires

Way to go to all of the @tcsamsterdammarathon finishers today. What amazing runners! Celebrate hard and recover harder. You did such an amazing job today! Congrats on all of your hard work! 🎉🎉🎉 #houseofrunningheroes #tcsamsterdammarathon2017

Hats off to all of our @tcsamsterdammarathon marathon finishers today. Double tap to give them a cheer. 👏🏼 #houseofrunningheroes #tcsamsterdammarathon2017

Hats off to all of our @tcsamsterdammarathon marathon finishers today. Double tap to give them a cheer. 👏🏼 You're amazing! #houseofrunningheroes #tcsamsterdammarathon2017

Hats off to all of our @tcsamsterdammarathon marathon finishers today. Double tap to give them a cheer. 👏🏼 #houseofrunningheroes #tcsamsterdammarathon2017

Meet Ben. Originally from the US, he moved to Amsterdam about five months ago. Following his recent success running the Dam to Dam (woohoo!), Ben posted in House of Running’s Amsterdam Facebook Group, summing up his running “story”. Below is a combo of his post and his responses to our survey form. “About five years ago, I stopped exercising. I injured my back and could not even stand for longer than 10mins. This lasted over a year. I spent the next few years being lazy, but also completely paralyzed by fear that the issue would come back if I ever started running again.

After moving to the Netherlands, I could not accept my own excuses anymore. I just had the general feeling that my overall health wasn’t great. I started to train with HOR and feel very fortunate to have recently completed the DamtotDamloop. Now my goal is to just keep at it, keep the routine going.” About House of Running, Ben said “once you join and run a few weeks, you feel vested. Not only in your improvements, but in others and their successes. It almost feels like, "I gotta show up...I'm not feeling it, but this is not just about me...Others need support, someone to talk to, a laugh, a friendly face, etc It's just a very open, welcoming, friendly group!" In addition to thanking individual members of his running “crew”, Ben named the multiple ways he benefits from training with House of Running: “Folks are committed and supportive. There are multiple coaches and the atmosphere is one where you do not feel silly asking questions or mentioning injuries/fears. More experienced runners provide good advice and people share interesting races to look forward to.” “I love that I have a schedule to follow. If you are a routine-ish person like me, knowing where you are going, what you will be doing, when, and what's next - you can mentally prepare for it all. I love Saturday mornings. And, even people who cannot run that week due to injury show up simply to ride their bikes and encourage others!” Well Ben, we love running with you, and your words really capture what House of Running is about. Please double click to give Ben a well-deserved high-five.

Double tap to give Birgit a cheer for running her longest distance today, 16K. She's been working toward this goal for a few months and now all her hard work paid off. 💪 #houseofrunningheroes #wakeupkickbutt

We believe it's never to late to start. Don't let your age stop you for going from a dream or goal. Runners come in every age, shape, size or speed. 💪 Want to start something new? We say: just get after it. .
Check out our Insta story 👆to meet Liz, a runner who stated in her 60s and did her first marathon at age 63. #nevertoooldtostart #ageisjustanumber

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