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MANDY ROSE  Wife & mama to 4. Blogger + Podcaster. Decorator. Marriage advocate @marriagemore. ❤️'s: Jesus, gallery walls, adoption, fountain cokes & organizing.

There are days when I don't have enough energy, enough patience, enough grace, enough forgiveness, enough love... enough "good mom" in me. It feels like I'm trying to let Jesus lead me, but I've still got both hands holding on tight just to make sure I don't fall off. I've got just enough of my own grip so that if Jesus decides to take a sharp turn, I can still jump off when I get scared. It's my daily struggle and sin.... letting go. Living free. Trusting God. And having faith that wherever His tricycle is taking me... it's where I'm supposed to go. So tonight, once again, I'm surrendering, hands off, riding freely and believing that God's ways are better than any plans I have of my own. I'll probably be surrendering again tomorrow night. And the next. Until the stupid selfish side of me is ready to fully listen to the One who knows best. I'll get it right one of these days. And until then, I'll still be loved and led as if I've been listening all along. #because #godisgood #andhelovesme #evenwhenimstubborn #lethimlead

They asked me to play in the family whiffle ball game... first time I threw the ball they said, "This is baseball not bowling." And that friends, is why I watch from the sidelines. #isticktocheering #halfadozenroses

I must say it's been awhile since we've had a wedding to attend, but tonight we had so much fun getting to witness a sweet boy I used to babysit (wayyyy back in the day) get married! Something about being at a wedding reminds you of how precious your own marriage is. Love this man more & more every day! #weddingdate #marriagemore #getdownwiththebleyers @marriagemore

I posted an update on Nella's test results! I didn't get a chance to speak to her doctor because she is out of town, but she had the office call to let us know her MRI results came back "NORMAL" and we will talk next week when she's back about a new plan!! You guys.... I am sooooo relieved!!! AHHHH! Thank you for praying!!!! #nellanotes (link in profile)

This is why she is my child. That face... she gets it from her mama. #noshame #restingmeanface #nellanotes

We made it back in time to see toothless Bentley's double header! Pulled in to the ballpark right when the 1st inning started. Perfect timing! One thing that lifts Nella's spirits? Seeing her brothers. She was a happy camper when she spotted the boys! She was also the between-game entertainment. Haha! These baseball boys all treat her like their little sister! #bucsbaseball #nellanotes

Princess Nella did awesome through her procedure. She didn't even cry when anesthesia took her back (which helped me not lose it). She's awake, happy and eating some chips. We won't have any results for 24-48 hours. Thank you for praying through that! Continue to pray that her scans come back clear! #adoption #nellanotes

I'm not sure who's getting who ready this morning but it would be just like joyful Nella to be taking care of me so that I'm not stressed this morning for her dr appointment. Friends, please pray... we are back at Vanderbilt for a sedated MRI of her brain. Her tests begin at 9:30AM. Pray specifically that the scans don't show anything unfavorable. Thank you for lifting up our daughter... we know prayer matters and we need yours right now! #nellanotes #adoption #vanderbilt

It's been a whirlwind of emotions today with Sloane's birthday and his BIG pre-k graduation. I remember questioning whether holding him back from kindergarten and enrolling him in private school last year was the right decision. Man, I had so many sleepless nights contemplating my choice. But my gut said he wasn't ready for the big K yet. And y'all... I feel so confirmed in my decision after the year he has had. He's grown tremendously over the last several months and I can honestly say he is now ready to move to "big school", as he calls it. His pre-k teacher was BEYOND amazing and truly transformed him from a defiant 5 year old to a compassionate 6 year old leader. I thought that would nearly be impossible. Ok, no... I was positive it was impossible. But God makes all things possible and He knew that Sloane and his teacher would develop the perfect relationship. She worked a miracle on my baby boy. Well, God actually used her to work the miracle and we are forever grateful for that! He received the leadership award today which just blows me away. My shy - yet extremely strong willed little boy turned into a confident class leader and helper. I can't wait to see what his sweet soul accomplishes next year. You know what he reminded me earlier? "Mom, did you know God keeps His promises always?!" #yeshedoes #theheartofsloanerose

We've been celebrating a big 6th birthday today! He's not a morning person (at all) but we woke him up by blaring a happy birthday song, balloons and his favorite chocolate ice cream... might have been the first time we've seen him wake up smiling! And he hasn't stopped since! #birthdayboy

Finally... Our pool is clean, baseball ended early and it is warm enough to enjoy the water! Well, warm enough for the kids. I still consider it freezing. Lol! I love how my husband was running to try and photo bomb the synchronized jump! He's such a kid. Enjoying my people today! #happymommy #mothersday

She gets asked if she's my sister more times than not. But nope, this beautiful lady is my mama! So thankful to have such a loving and kind hearted woman to show me what unconditional love is all about! I can only hope I can pass that same kind of love to my kids! Happy Mother's Day! #mothersday #mymom

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