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MANDY ROSE  Wife & mama to 4. Blogger + Podcaster. Decorator. Marriage advocate @marriagemore. ❤️'s: Jesus, gallery walls, adoption, fountain cokes & organizing.

A moment of stillness... #hardtocomeby #soakingitin #resttorecharge

A few weeks ago my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. They caught it early but we are all still in shock, especially since the mass was found via her annual mammogram and wasn’t something she could feel. Tomorrow she faces her second surgery since finding out. It’s been a bit of an emotional few weeks as you can imagine and I’m really feeling terrible that I won’t be there when they wheel her into the surgery room. I was able to be at her first surgery and it went so so well! Unfortunately, this time, I will be praying from afar. Friends, will you pray with me? Please pray that all goes well and that they are able to remove ALL of the cancer from her body this time. Pray for wisdom for the doctors. Pray that she recovers quickly so she can get started on her radiation. Pray that she will not end up needing chemo. AND PLEASE, pray for peace for my mama. Y’all have been such an awesome community of encouragement in my life and even though it feels raw and vulnerable to share this piece of our lives with you... it also feels comforting to know that I can come to you and you will storm heaven on her behalf! Thank you for being the sunshine on a rainy day. It’s so easy to focus on the clouds that hover... but we are choosing to put our attention on God. He is the one who can turn a rainy day at the park into something joyful. #becausehescoollikethat #yougotthismama #beatcancer #breastcancer

Our sweet girl spent the first year and a half of her life in a constant state of change - nothing was consistent. Not even the place she slept. One of my biggest fears about moving to Tennessee was she would worry it meant she was going to have to be separated from us and taken to, yet again, a new place with new people. I desperately wanted her to understand she would NEVER be lost again. But at the age of 3... the fear is real and words don’t make it disappear. It’s the main reason I chose to keep her new room very similar to her room in Illinois... I wanted her to SEE her home may have changed... again... but she can feel safe wherever she goes or moves or sleeps... because her home is with us. This family, our family, her family. #youareloved #unconditionally #nellanotes #adoption #halfadozenroses #thefinalrose

I think we are FINALLY officially out of diapers. However, our toilet paper budget just severely increased. 😂 #pottytraining #nellanotes

She busted out in cheer when she heard we were going “swimming”. Until she jumped in the water expecting it to be summer and then her face looked as if someone had stole her barbies. Frigid. Haha! She still managed to love the pool after her body adjusted. The water was heated but the air... not so much. Her swimsuit though. ❤️ #nellanotes #summerready —suit from Nordstrom Rack

We helped the neighbors break in their pool tonight! I have no idea what the temperature was outside... all I know is I was wearing a sweatshirt. #kidsdontcare #freezingcold

In this family... We do second chances. We do grace. We do real. We do prayers. We do mistakes. We do I’m sorrys. We do loud really well. We do hugs. We do family. We do love. #perfectintrotowhoweare #halfadozenroses #entryway ***tap pic for sign source

One year ago today, we officially became #halfadozenroses! Even though she’s felt like ours since we came home from the Philippines in July 2016... making it official 10 months later will always be a day we will never forget! #thefinalrose #nellanotes #adoption

Would it really be National Siblings Day without a good ole brotherly throw down at the neighbors house where one kid came home crying his eyes out because his brother kicked him in the man parts and then called him a cry baby? I think not. Maybe I should be thankful I was an only child?!? Because siblings y’all. Intense. #brothersaiditwasanaccident #itsalllies #bestfriendsandenemies #nationalsiblingday

Y’all know I’ve been racking my brain trying to figure out Sloane’s Power Ranger themed bedroom, right?!?! I added the display shelf last week with the cute little figurines and you guys wanna know his response??? “I don’t really care because I realized power rangers are fake. They are made in China. “
#motherhood #whereyouneverwin

Today’s teaching was about worry and anxiety. Holy wow. Pretty sure this is my biggest obstacle in life. Worry. All the time. So many take aways, but the one that stuck with me the most had to do with being a good enough mom. I’m always worrying if I’m doing enough or even doing it right... half the time I know I’m not. And then this line... “You can not mess up your kids more than Christ can redeem them.” Thank the Lord. Because y’all, I’m messing it up on the daily. They WILL need redeemed. #wedoourbest #goddoestherest

There’s no such thing as a lazy Saturday morning around here. He’s being bouncing off the walls (literally) since 6:30AM. #sendfountaincoke

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