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MANDY ROSE  Wife & mama to 4. Blogger + Podcaster. Decorator. Marriage advocate @marriagemore. ❤️'s: Jesus, gallery walls, adoption, fountain cokes & organizing.

"MOM!!! This shark is eating me!!" If only they made shark blankets sorta like straitjackets. #heneverstaysstill #ever #sharkweek

The word is out and I'm feeling all the relief. WE. ARE. MOVING. It still feels crazy to say that. One way to save on your own big move is to make each dollar you spend work for you just by using the GM BuyPower Card. Learn more by checking out my latest blog at the link in my bio! I’m also sharing more about our move and how I’m trying to stay sane while getting everything done. #ad #halfadozenroses #rosesmovetonashville #holdme

I don't even know what to say about this day... it's been one of those days where just about everything that could go wrong? Went wrong. I feel like we are being attacked by the enemy right now... and ugh, I hate when I allow it to get me down. Even though I wanted to go to bed at about 6PM (or maybe even 3PM if I'm being honest)... my husband insisted we go on a golf cart ride and then play a family whiffle ball game (huge eye roll - I told you, feeling angry). I was pretty certain if there was something to get me out of the funk? If wouldn't involve any kind of sport. I begrudgingly went, with a frown on my face and resentment in my heart. And wouldn't ya know it? Family whiffle ball CAN lift your spirits. Holy cow.... I am horrible at whiffle ball (yes, still) and it's kind of hilarious. I'm not saying it's all unicorns now, but a little forced whiffle ball surprisingly made me smile. Sometimes I'm too quick to throw in the towel and wish for tomorrow... just glad these boys pushed me a little tonight. Not sure where y'all are at in your lives, but man, if you have dark days... here's a little proof that light can shine even in the dark. #halfadozenroses #notalwaysroses

The moment Parker met his best friend... C.G. Who knew they'd still be cuddle buddies ten years later?!?! And how the heck we haven't lost this special monkey after a decade is literally a dang miracle. I still love that he can't sleep without Curious George. Don't tell his friends. #justkiddingheapprovedthispost #parkerandcg #bffgoals @stevenjacobross

Somehow this child is still smiling even after skipping her nap today. I put her in her bed 4x and she kept climbing out, walking to the living room and saying "boo giiiis" (boo guys)... she thinks it's funny. Me? Not so much. Ok maybe a little, but daddy has been gone for 2 days... I live for nap time. Go to sleep smiley head. #nevergonnahappen #nosignoftired #lordhelpme #gethomedaddy #mommymissesyou #nellnotes

My husband asked me if I would hurt him if he took Parker to Wrigley Field for a Cubs vs Cards game for his birthday. Originally I hated the idea of not spending his 10th birthday with him, but I knew it would be a dream gift if he spent his day in Chicago watching his favorite team play. Soooo, I got over myself and told @jjeffrose to go for it! They ended up in the first row behind the Cards dugout and Parker got 3 balls signed by 5 different players. It's safe to say he had a pretty stellar birthday. We have been on FaceTime numerous times and he's been showing off his signed balls (that sounds inappropriate but you know what I mean). They've had such a good time on their daddy-son trip... I'm grateful my hubs takes time to do special things with our boys like this. #birthdayboy #tommypham #cubsvscards #wrigleyfield

The boy who first made us parents... turns double digits today. I can hardly believe it's been 10 amazing years since he changed our life for the better. Happy birthday to our 10 year old (Oh my gawwwd, TEN!), Parker Rose! #birthdayboy #wewereallbabies

Still one of my favorite pictures... mainly because it so perfectly describes what Janella has done for our family. She rescued us. Honestly, @jjeffrose and I were talking the other night about the fact that we don't know where we would be without her joyful soul. She came into our lives at a time when the word "joy" was very far from our vocabulary. I hope one day I can properly explain to her how God used her to restore hope in our home. She may think she needs us, but we need her way more. Thank you @juliepaisleyphotography for capturing some of our first family photos as #halfadozenroses. #forevercherished #adoption #rescued #juliepaisleyphotography

When you take away the cookies she was sneaking. She put on the falcon goggles to try to be incognito. #didntworkout #busted #nellnotes

A pool full of my favorite baseball players! End of the year #bucsbaseball party was a success minus the fact that nearly my entire house is in a box! We ordered pizza and ate on paper plates... just another reminder that parties are about the people not the decorations. #lovethesefamilies #onemorethingtomiss

Another day at Lowes buying more packing tape. I'm too frugal to buy it in bulk because I don't want to pack any left over. 😂 Nella walks straight to the tape aisle like she's been there a million times. Because she has. 😂 Also, I haven't bought new workout shoes in over a year (which is a long time for me), bought these black & white ones and asked my hubby what he thought... His response, "I'll just say... your shoes reflect your mood lately." Welllll then. #tellmehowyoureallyfeel #marriageisfun @marriagemore

Had to say peace out to Darby the dog... as much as I love @jjeffrose for buying me a giant stuffed animal when we were dating in college... I've also been secretly cursing him because this thing took up half a closet. I wanted Darby to make the move to Nashville with us.... but when your limited on space in a rental house? Priorities peeps. Plus, a certain kid woke up in the middle of the night and mistakenly thought Darby was a toilet. Needless to say... Darby truly smelled like a dog. Even after I tried my best to rid him of the urine. Why is it so hard to get rid of things that drive you batty yet have such meaning. Gahhh. #storyofmylife #purgeandcry #rosesmovetonashville

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