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MANDY ROSE  Wife & mama to 4. Blogger + Podcaster. Decorator. Marriage advocate @marriagemore. ❤️'s: Jesus, gallery walls, adoption, fountain cokes & organizing.

Oh you said no, mom? That's fine, I'll just climb and get all the forbidden things when you're not looking. Like TV remotes, lotion, the keys to your car and alllll the sharpies you hid. And by the way, if you're missing anything? It's because the trash can is my new go-to for anything I'm done holding. Might want to check it for your keys if you don't want to be stranded at home tomorrow. #secretthoughtsofnella #nellanotes #toddlerlife

I was going through old bins of stuff and found this decision maker from back in the day. It was sooooo like the young college version of me to believe this was a good way to make decisions?!?! 😂 As if this dang $9.99 gadget had any insight into my future. Ha! It's a good thing I know better now. Can you imagine if I still thought this method was reliable... Like, hey metal spin thingy, shall we have baby #5? Should we move to the North Pole? Or what about start a catering business even though I can't cook? I mean, clearly there's a wayyyy better decision maker for our lives right?!?! It ain't called the "by chance" decision maker sold on Amazon for less than 10 bucks. #itsjesus #hehastheanswers #ifweseekhim #iwasonceverylost #forobviousreasons

I've been trying to get my butt back to working out and it's a struggle y'all. Ever since Nella has been home I have made every excuse in the book why I didn't have time or energy to workout. This morning was just another morning where I had an excuse... but luckily my hubs encouraged me to join him for a living room workout. It may have involved using children as weights rather than dumb bells but we got it done. Boom. Now to attempt to make this a routine! #momlife #workoutstruggles

Still love these vintage letters my husband found for our entryway! He got them from @baycitycargo (totally not sponsored by the way). 😂#hometour #entryway #vintageletters

We've been working on a secret project for what seems like F-O-R-E-V-E-R. I hate secrets. Like triple hate them. I can't wait to share with you guys... but just know this... the boys do not disappoint when it comes to comedy. Lord they can be funny. #halfadozenroses

We've been showering this sweet girl with "love you's" from the day we brought her home. I thought she may never say it back. She learned "top dat" (stop that), "mine", "tinky poopy" and many more funny ones... but "love you" still never came out of her mouth. Until now. And y'all, she just walks around (or runs from me - see video 😂) saying "wuv you mooom" like she means it with all her heart. I can't even describe to you how insanely joyful this makes me. Love you Nella! #nellanotes #alsosassy

Her daddy has a hard time saying no to that smile... soooooo, popsicles for breakfast it is. #youonlyliveonce OR #yolo #astheyoungkidswouldsay #nellanotes #daddysgirl

Our Easter family photo was obviously successful. I can't wait till these boys are married with kids and they complain about not being able to get ONE good normal family picture. Payback is coming boys. #halfadozenroses #nooneisnormal #perfectisoverrated

I would just like to note that we survived the Easter egg hunt without anyone losing their crap over who got the most eggs. If you have siblings... or multiple children? You know this is worth claiming victory over. #thatisall #therealvictoryisjesus #halfadozenroses

Her Easter basket was almost as big as her. But seriously, I love doing "firsts" with her. #firsteaster #halfadozenroses

She was quite the dugout distraction today. 😬 #nellanotes

We've already cheered on brother #1 at baseball this morning.... currently cheering on brother #2 at soccer and then headed back to the field for 3 more baseball games! Welcome to having brothers. She seems to be enjoying it so far. She was making the boys in the dugout laugh earlier and she LOVED being center of attention. She's like "Pssst, what game boys?!?! I'm the main show around here!" #divachild #nellanotes #centeroftheuniverse

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