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MANDY ROSE  Wife & mama to 4. Blogger + Podcaster. Decorator. Marriage advocate @marriagemore. ❤️'s: Jesus, gallery walls, adoption, fountain cokes & organizing.


I've been wanting to walk through this house BEFORE I even knew it was going to be part of the #nashparadeofhomes and.... TODAY my dreams came true. Not only because I got to walk through SIX ridiculously gorgeous homes, but also because @mrsparanjape, the interior designer who designed this beauty, messaged me on Insta and I got to tell her how obsessed I am with her. Haha! Well, not her (that's creepy), but her style! I was actually using the bathroom when I got her message and Jeff walked by and said, "Are you pooping or something?" To which I replied, "No! I'm talking to my hero!" Haha! No really though, she's a design genius and I got so many fantastic ideas for built-ins, trim work and paint colors for our new house! I'm still confused about this thing called a "parade of homes"... in Illinois our parades consisted of bands, beauty queens and political trucks. In Tennessee, they parade houses. I like it. #paradeofhomes #nashvilletn #witherspoonbrentwood #witherspoon

Just in case you didn't realize I'm newly obsessed with Insta stories... Sloane Rose makes his big debut tonight. I have no idea where he gets his energy. I'm all like, are you tired yet? And he said to me, exact words, "Dats a negative momma Rose." He's ready to start his YouTube channel and film 57 videos tonight. And just for the record he's trying to say "Dan" not the other d word, but ya know... his brain moves faster than his mouth. He lacks personality, obviously. #heneedshisownshow #youtubestar #inthemaking #awesomelife #thisismybabysister #shesalwayssocute #hekillsme #danisayoutuber

It's the first time I've been able to get her to... 1. Wear shoes that have shoestrings and 2. Wear shoes that are the color black. Thanks @ashleyrimini for passing these down to us! #nellanotes #shoelove #cutestfeetever

Posing in her soon-to-be room! #nellanotes #adoption #diva #newhouseofrose

I love this man, to the core of my soul. But when he's sick... Jesus has to step in and remind me about that love. Can I just say... the #manflu is a whole bunch of drama. When I first started puking, he said, "How were you feeling because I think I'm getting sick?" I was thinking in my head..."Oh geez, here we go, he can't even let me be sick. He has to one up me." 😂 I really thought he may just be nauseous from hearing me vomit. Buuuut, turns out he truly had the flu bug too. Of course, then I felt bad for thinking he was bluffing. Until this morning when I had to wake up and pack everyone up... while he acted like the Lord just granted him his final hours. Men and sickness... why Jesus. I still feel like death, but my duties go on. But a man? A man will milk every minute. Here's to hoping he feels better tomorrow because word, I can't. #prayforme #marriageishard #menaredivas @marriagemore

It's been an interesting 24 hours to say the least. Our new future neighbors who are building across the street from us in Nashville just so happen to be vacationing in 30A as well and we met up at the beach so the kids could play. All was good until dinner and one second I was fine and the next second I was puking. Followed by Jeff who started puking about an hour later. Luckily our nanny is with us and she legit saved us by completely taking over and caring for the kids. We were both miserable all night long, but I think the puking part has ended. Now for the 7 hour drive home. Lord Jesus, I forgot what it's like to be this sick. Fingers crossed our new friends don't get this bug... we will forever be the worst new neighbors in history. I'm also praying the kids don't start puking in the car. #rosesfallbreak #halfadozenroses #30a #seaside

She's been wearing her goggles to keep the sand out of her eyes... I kinda love her ways. #nellanotes #rosesfallbreak

We built the biggest sandcastle on the beach yesterday. Everyone that walked by complimented how awesome it was. But today, my husband's goal in life is to build a bigger one. Lol! #rosesfallbreak #jeffrosegoesbig

I never get tired of seeing her with her "da-ee". #heartmelted #rosesfallbreak #daddyandme #30a

For those of you asking me where we are staying... I literally still haven't figured out the name of the beach. 😂 It's near Seaside... but there are so many areas down here that all run together... I'm confused. Lol! We are closer to Rosemary Beach.... I think. Don't quote me on that. Wherever we are, its blissful and I will eventually find out and report back. Because you need to be here. #rosesfallbreak #halfadozenroses #30a #seaside #santarosabeach

I got my hair wet in the ocean... AFTER I washed it for the first time in 3 days. I'm sorry, but if you don't find that to be deserving of a trophy, we can't be friends. 😂 😂Ocean > hair. #wehadaball #rosesfallbreak #30a #theocean #these3 #hadtorewashit #worthit

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